friday frolics

Friday Frolics

Anyone Up For A Burgess Break?

Give Me Team GB (Luke)!!!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Friday Frolics: Plug That Prop

There’s Something Incredibly Sexy About Samson Lee. He Is What I Would Describe As A Fit-Fat, Stocky, And Powerful Ginger Bear.

Woof, Baby!


Random Hot Cowboys

Boots, Stetsons, Rope, Roping, Trophy Buckles, Swagger, Independence, Tight Wranglers…

What’s Not To Like About Cowboys?

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Retro Friday!

Kevin Walter Is Now With The Tennessee Titans, Although An Injury Sidelined Him For The Season. He Played Most Of His Career With Houston. And, Hot Damn, Baby! Not Much Came between Him And His Skin-Tight Uniform!

Sexy as Hell, Baby!

Bulge Bump!

Florent Manaudou And Fabien Gilot Get Close And Personal!

Love How The French Celebrate!

Sexy Comme L'Enfer Bébé!

Friday’s Mystery Smugglers!

It Looks As If One Buster Hooked A Wing Man!

Rock Those Bodacious Bums, Baby!


Friday Frolics: Rory Kockott!

Now Playing in Top 14 For Castres Olympique, Rory Kockott Rocks My Boat! The South African Native Scrums Many Halves!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Friday Frolics: Sinny in Tights!

Kevin Sinfield Was Born To Wear Lycra!

Frak Yeah!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Crazed Rooster! 

That’s What Happens To Mitchell Pearce, When Bulldogs Chase After Him!

Still, Mitch Has Plenty To Crow About!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Friday’s Mystery Man!

Looking Pretty In Pink, This Lone Tackler Stretches The Fabric Of His Bodacious Briefs!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Friday Smugglers!

Tri Season Fast Approaches! With Rugby In Full Swing And International Play Coming Up, There’s No Time Like The Present To Start Smuggling!

Smuggle On, Dudes!


Friday Frolics: Christof Innerhofer!

What’s Not to Love About A Good-Looking Man In A Skin-Tight Uniform Hurdling Down A Mountain-Top At Heart-Stopping Speeds!

Italy’s Christof Innerhofer Is…

Sexy As Hell, Baby! 

 So I’m back from my trip to visit my college roommate. It was incredibly fun for many reasons, but one of the coolest things that happened there….

…was learning a new style of crochet from her 90-year-old Portuguese grandmother.

This woman was incredible. Sharp as a tack, and incredibly dexterous even now with her hook - a minuscule 1 mm, in comparison to my favorite 5 mm. Her house was full of incredibly elaborate lace towels and tablecloths - I found something new and incredibly impressive every time I turned around.

Although she spoke no English and I spoke no Portuguese, through patience and demonstration she taught me this simple pattern for a tiny towel edging. The yellow is hers, and the beige is mine. As you can see, I started out pretty wobbly, but by the end I was improving a lot.

It was really amazing learning from her, and I feel very lucky to have crocheted with a master :)