friday frolics

Friday Frolics

Anyone Up For A Burgess Break?

Give Me Team GB (Luke)!!!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Friday Frolics!

Sean Lamont, God of Rugby, Prepares To Chase The Egg For Scotland Sevens In Kilts At The Commonwealth Games In Glasgow.

Show Us The Lamont Family Baubles. Sean!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Friday Frolics: Plug That Prop

There’s Something Incredibly Sexy About Samson Lee. He Is What I Would Describe As A Fit-Fat, Stocky, And Powerful Ginger Bear.

Woof, Baby!

Rugby Rule #200: Don’t Get Kidnapped Before The Big Match!

Unfortunately, This Rucker Answered The Door Bell Before The Decisive Match, Thinking It Was The Delivery Guy! Little Did He Realize That A Large Amount Was Riding On His Team Losing That Day!

Boy, Is He Rucked!!

Follow The Rugby Rules, Baby!


Friday Frolics

Francois Pervis Takes A Turn As A World Champion!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Crazed Rooster! 

That’s What Happens To Mitchell Pearce, When Bulldogs Chase After Him!

Still, Mitch Has Plenty To Crow About!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Retro Friday!

Kevin Walter Is Now With The Tennessee Titans, Although An Injury Sidelined Him For The Season. He Played Most Of His Career With Houston. And, Hot Damn, Baby! Not Much Came between Him And His Skin-Tight Uniform!

Sexy as Hell, Baby!


Friday Frolics: Rory Kockott!

Now Playing in Top 14 For Castres Olympique, Rory Kockott Rocks My Boat! The South African Native Scrums Many Halves!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Friday Smugglers!

IMHO, South Africa Needs To Stop Skipping Leg Day. Great Britain Has Him Beat!

Nice Arse, Baby!

Bulge Bump!

Florent Manaudou And Fabien Gilot Get Close And Personal!

Love How The French Celebrate!

Sexy Comme L'Enfer Bébé!


Friday Frolics In Tights!

Port Adelaide's Matt White Frolics In Lycra…

Travis Cloke Kicks It In Spandex…

And Jamie Elliott Wants Too Know If His Arse Looks Okay In Tights…

To Decide That It’s Better If His Mate Kisses His Bum!!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Friday Frolics: Sliding To Sochi!

Bobsleigh Is One Of My Favorite Sports To Watch In The Winter. It’s A Thrill Watching A Two-Man Or A Four-Man Sled Whizz By You On An Iced Track At Breath-Taking Speeds!

Still More Thrilling Is Watching The Lycra-Clad Crew Push The Sled For Close To 50 Meters From A Standing Start On The Ice Track And Then Jump Into The Sled In Rhythm With Each Other! It’s Truly Artistry Of The Athlete In Execution!

These Sports Studs And Men In Tight Uniforms Are Fast, Fit, And Focused! There Are Several Teams To Watch In Sochi: Team USA, Team GB, Team Canada, And Team Germany. Another Favorite Is Team Australia Looking Mighty Fine In Their Tight Gold And Green Uniforms.

One Standout Is Bruce Tasker Of Team GB! He Is A Great Brakeman, And Is He Ever…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


The Fabulous Burgess Boys!

There Are Few Brothers Playing Rugby Who Have Both The Talent And Looks To Match Than The Four Burgess Boys! Now The Twins Are Mighty Fine, Big Brothers Sam And Luke Row The Boats Of Many A Lad! Chief Among Those Lads Is Random Studliness, Who Is One Bodaciously Beautiful Dude With An Equally Bodacious Tumblr! 

Here’s To You Random Studliness! Like The Burgess Boys, You Are…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


More Friday Frolics With Team GB!

Hot Damn, Baby! Cannot Get Enough Of Betty’s Men In Tight Uniforms!

Sliding To Sochi For Queen And Country!

Bring It On, Baby!


Guy Fridays!

Arizona Cardinals Rookie Tight End Troy Niklas Is Going To Tear Up The Grid Iron In Glendale, Much As He Did In South Bend!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!