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Sega Forever - Launch Trailer

Devices: Android & iDevices

Sega Forever is a free and growing classic games collection of nearly every Sega game ever released from every console era – Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and more. Save your game progress, online leaderboards, offline play, & more games released every month. 

The current list of Sega games available now for free:

Sonic the Hedgehog - Google Play || iTunes

Altered Beast  - Google Play || iTunes

Phantasy Star 2 - Google Play || iTunes

Kid Chameleon - Google Play || iTunes

Comix Zone - Google Play || iTunes

Crazy TaxiGoogle Play || iTunes

I’m gonna do a Happy Friday post, and then I’m probably gonna nope out of Tumblr for a while until the initial post-ep furor dies down, because … yeah.

- There is enough sugar to fuel an entire school of hyperactive children here this morning. Donuts, plus an entire sheet cake for someone’s retirement. And I think there are still cookies somewhere. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee.

- Planning a character for a new D&D game based in Tal’dorei when the guide comes out. :D

- I got a good start on my new crochet shawl at crafting last night. It’s not perfect, but I’ve never made a shawl before, and I refuse to frog it for a sixth time to start over. So on we go!

- My ankles and feet no longer hurt as much as they did on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I can walk the six blocks to work without wanting to cry. That’s a definite improvement.

- Hozier’s “Arsonist’s Lullabye” is a happy place right now. Such a good song.

Happy Friday, Tumblr. The world is kinda shit this week, but do what you can in resistance, and then take care of yourself. You deserve it.


mollie: soooo, finally decided to hang out with us, huh? what made you change your mind??

zia: [glares] oh, so you don’t remember telling me that the only way you’ll agree to work on this project with me is to meet you here after class??? great, guess i can leave then-

mollie: shut up!!!!! i’m just fucking with you… why are you so uptight, don’t be a buzzkill

zia: whatever.. what did you want, anyways?

mollie: uh… to hang out? we figured we should try to include you now, considering all of your lil cheer friends are probably gonna ditch you now that you’re bad [winks]

zia: [groans] can you just tell me when and where we are working on this stupid project so i can fucking leave?

mollie: uhh.. later friday night i’m free? and we can’t do it at my place, so its gotta be yours!! but only on one condition!!

zia: [rolls eyes] and whats that?

mollie: you hang out with us!!!!!!!! 

zia: whatever, only for an hour though because i have.. uh.. plans later

anonymous asked:

Picture this: all the trainees come together and watch a Seoul Fashion Week show where Hyunbin will be the first to walk and he'll be super surprised but he's got his game face on; Kenta has a solo fanmeeting in Japan and all the trainees are in line for the meet & greet and he's like "so that's why majority of the audience sounded male"; and just everyone seeing each other during their free time and just adkja;kdfja; sorry I'M JUST HAVING FEELS BEC OF FRIDAY AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHO TO TALK TO

EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS PERFECT- i’ve now accepted this as my religion. thank you for sharing this even if i responded 100 years late. I hope you’re doing okay after last friday~ Feel free to send me a private message if you ever need to talk bc im really really slow at answering asks sometimes ekrjkelwrj


General Use Sigils

So sigils are a HUGE part of my magic.  Between them and herbs, they make up most of my craft.  I’ll be doing a big post of what sigils are and how to make them tomorrow, but wanted to share with you guys some I made recently.  These were created using Nordic Runes (though with some liberties for design).  I hope you enjoy.



For pride month I made Steven Universe pride posters!
Me and my friends are going to use them as signs for Tel Aviv Pride Parade on Friday, but feel free to use them as you wish, with proper credit!!!*

I think this show is very important in terms of queer representation and the methods of explaining queer experience. That is why I made these. I want to raise awareness in my country and queer community of this show and its messages. 

* Please don’t claim to have made them and if you repost: link to my Tumblr: or Instagram @BL1ND_G1NG3R

zoe: hey, ev, are you free on friday? at like 8 pm?

evan: yes??

zoe, to jared: what about you?

jared: yeah, i’m free too.

zoe: great! because i’m not! you two go without me… enjoy your date!

jared: did she just-?

evan: she did.

Free! Cast: Things I've actually heard College Students say
  • Nagisa: Look how pretty my notes are!!! Too bad I'll never study them.
  • Nitori: I might look fine in class but I'm dying inside.
  • Rei: I've never seen Frozen and at this point I'm afraid too.
  • Haru: When the professor shows up Im just gonna get up, make eye contact and leave.
  • Gou: Shut the fuck up and eat your shitty Frosted Flakes.
  • Momo: Is it acceptable to throw myself out this window after the exam?
  • Nagisa: I need more gay people in my life I'm suffocating in straights.
  • Haru: I think I'm gonna sleep outside and let the snow bury me until I die.
  • Rin: Why the fuck would I pay $5 for a grilled cheese? Oh wait they're delivering them? Buy 3.
  • Makoto: I feel like a child but I look like an adult and I think it throws people off.
  • Momo: Yo look at this dog! I want this dog. This dog is a straight g.
  • Nagisa: I got super drunk and told everyone I was a lesbian.
  • Rin: I've only done anal twice okay!!!!!!
  • Gou: Instead of studying art we should make art with our bodies!!
Wingman Alya
  • Alya: Hey are you free on Friday? Around 8 pm?
  • Marinette: Yes?
  • Alya: And you?
  • Adrien: Yes I am.
  • Alya: Great, I can't go so you guys go on without me. Enjoy your date! *walks off*
  • Adrien: Did she just..?

Reyna: Hey, are you free on Friday? Like, around 7 pm on Friday?

Will:  Yes?

Reyna:  What about you?

Nico:  Yes, I am.

Reyna:  Great! Because I’m not. You two go on without me. Enjoy your date.

Nico:  Did she just-