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Spotted outside 3.1 Phillip Lim in NYC: former FFI Natalie Joos. Love the idea of balancing a daring cropped top and a demure circle skirt. Plus the flare of the tank echoes wonderfully the skirt’s. I’m also crayyzay about the blue color theme happening here: cerulean, teal, navy aqua completed by ochre pumps! It keeps the monochromatic look far from monotone. Something I’ll definitely try this summer. .

Friday Fashion insider: Shiona Turini

Hello my sweet little rosebuds! Another Friday, another fashion inspiration!

She’s a huge inspiration of mine. An infectious smile, funny as hell (have you followed her on twitter?! Hilarious!!), she’s always incredibly well put together. Her name is Shiona Turini and she’s the Senior Accessories Editor at Teen Vogue  *drools over computer keyboard.

Sometimes a great career path isn’t a straight one, but one with many exciting curves and stops along the way. Here’s a look into her fabulous journey and how she rose through the ranks. The Hampton University graduate got her foot in the fashion door through her boss at a travel PR Agency in New York that introduced her to her sister who worked at Yves Saint Laurent. She interned there before becoming a PR assistant at the luxury brand, covering womens, mens and celebrity for almost 3 years: “I worked really long hours for free, but it was worth it” I believe her..

The Bermuda-born then made a stint at W magazine as an Accessories Market Editor before moving to TV. She is currently responsible for getting all of the shoes, bags and belts for every photo shoot in the magazine, giving the young readers the chance to ogle everything from Prada to Payless in her vibrant spreads.  To do that, she has to research all the best accessories on the “market” and build relationships with all of the fashion houses so that they can provide her with the items she needs (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) For each shoot, she basically oversees the entire accessories department and regularly meets with stylists who tell her their vision for the story, then she gets the proper accessories.

A typical day for Turini starts with market appointments, showroom visits, and product pulls. She says,“My job is like a constant treasure hunt – looking for the best pieces for each shoot while also making sure I’m always searching for something fresh and new.” In the evening, she heads out for previews or parties. Le sigh..  Her advice to up and comers? Do your homeworks!! Always stay in the know, and have a general cultural background: “Stylists reference movies, people, periods in time, fashion icons you have to have a good knowledge of fashion history and iconic moments.” She also counsels that you should balance an outgoing personality and a thick skin : Step out of your comfort zone, work hard, and be prepared to make sacrifices. It’s a really competitive, tough industry, but nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. You have to take risks and challenge yourself to make it here.[…] You need to be resilient and try not to take anything personally.“ In other words, KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS!!
A stellar career demands stellar style, so Shiona pumps up her everyday wardrobe with a few key must haves. She says, “[My mantra is] HEELS HEELS AND MORE HEELS. I’m a shoe girl, always have been. I truly don’t think you can ever have too many pairs of shoes".

She geniusly mixes colors, patterns, and proportions. She is adorned in the best accessories from the runway as well as new designers and dresses with a feminine touch that is offset with a downtown relatable edge. She also loves a high waist.

In conclusion, she says, “Stay strong! If you are confident that fashion is for you, stick with it. Make good contacts and great impressions and something amazing will happen for you. Also, be prepared for the demanding nature of this business. It is easy to be distracted by the glitz and glamour of fashion, but it’s no joke. Everyone works really hard to get to where they are, so don’t underestimate the lengths it takes to land a “dream job.”  Learn everything you can and always be willing to work very hard no matter what.” PREACH!!

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Friday Fashion insider: Yasmin Sewell

It’s Fridaaayy! You know what it means! Not just the beginning of the week-end; it means I get to present you lovelies with another fashion insider inspiration of mine!  

Yasmin Sewell is a fashion director at Moda Operandi, a retail consultant, a creative advisor for fashion brands and a trend forecaster.

Known internationally for her sharp eye and ability to spot future stars of fashion, Sewell has appeared on numerous best-dressed lists worldwide. She’s been at the forefront of fashion since she moved to London from her native Australia at the age of 20.

Sewell has always harboured a love of fashion. “My first memory is my mum. Not in a ‘borrow Mummy’s Chanel handbag’ way – that wasn’t my life at all. She went through a stage of making her own clothes, and they were fabulous: pink strapless gowns, lots of shoulder pads...”

When it comes to her signature look, you should always expect a tailored coat, usually accompanied by impeccably cut trousers. Some madcap eccentricity sneaks in via a loud print or poppy hue. Her fallback outfit consists of slouchy jeans, a vibrant-coloured printed T-shirt and a double-breasted blazer. 

Her greatest style influence? Katharine Hepburn: I’d wear every single piece of her wardrobe if I could, none of it would go to waste.

At 15, she was working in a small estate agency as a personal assistant, but she had other aspirations. “I wanted to work in a creative field, but a young girl from a corporate industry, people didn’t want to give me a chance.” 

Yasmin then became a Buying Director for style mecca Brown’s of London before starting her own fashion consultancy business.

Setting up her consulting firm in 2008, "she and her team work on projects including retail strategies for international stores, trend direction for fashion brands in all markets and creative direction for young designers.”

Thanks to her unique, forward-thinking and natural ability to predict what women will want to wear in six months time. Working largely on instinct, Sewell makes a point to supporting young emerging talents in the fashion industry. Her skill is backed up by her track record so far through her work with the British Fashion Council, helping launch brands such as Rick Owens in to the UK, along with Acne, Christopher Kane and Pierre Hardy". 


You can follow Yasmin on Twitter @yasminsewell & check out her contributing posts to

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Friday Fashion insider: Giovanna Battaglia

Happy Funday lovelies!!  

Giovanna Battaglia= my sartorial hero 

My first encounter with her was on The Sartorialist a couple of years ago and I though she had such a great sense of style. She knows what works for her and she has such a quirky, yet classic approach to fashion.

She is L'Uomo Vogue ’s fashion editor and a freelance stylist but she is best known for being Dolce & Gabbana’s former model & muse as well as a fierce fashion risk taker. She masters the art of combining colors and patterns like no other. Having an unrestricted access to the most amazing clothes and accessories in the world makes it much easier to compose her myth doesn’t hurt, either.

Her go-designers & favorite brands include YSL, Alaïa, Lanvin, Marni, Miu Miu, Balenciaga and of course, D&G.

At times she may be seen wearing a bright bold color, but she often keeps her palette in the grey and black hues. 

What I love most about her is that she is no stranger to repeating outfits, which makes her all the way more appealing to the rest of us fashionistas! A different choice of shoes or a different blouse, yet this subtle change creates a totally different look. We rarely get to see that in the fashion industry.

Like yours truly, the Italian born, New York resident hardly ever embarks on flashy trends. She interprets them in her own terms but she is far from being a fashion victim. Her work is definitely a testament to her style.

Those who follow her Twitter know that Battaglia works hard, nights and weekends, giving life to spectacular fashion editorials for Condé Nast’s Italian titles. Vogue Pelle and Vogue Gioiello, two of  She recently collaborated on a fabulous campaign for luxurious italian brand JO NO FUI 

Fashion Director, Vogue Gioiello & Vogue Pelle and freelance stylist.  There’s nothing that Giovanna wears that I wouldn’t die to own, wear or somehow reproduce from my closet.




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Friday Fashion insider: Ilaria Norsa

Ilaria Norsa is a 25 year old Italian stylist. Born and raised in Milan, Norsa is Pig Magazine’s senior Fashion Editor. 

Elegant with an infectious magnetism, Norsa is an inspiration not only for her charm but her spirit – she is a fighter above all. She survived, with no aftereffects, a brain hemorrhage two years ago, leaving her with half of her body paralyzed for months. Now that the quintessence of fierceness!

Today, Norsa is a talent on the cusp of a bright future. Like yours truly, she loves vintage clothes and has an impressive archive vault.It contains special pieces found in markets all over the world; some inherited from her grandma, some raided into her mom’s closet .

She knew at a very early age she wanted to do something that revolved around fashion. During college she interned for a few months at Harper’s Bazaar New York followed by some short courses at Central Saint Martins.

Her advise to those trying to make it as stylists: NETWORK! “Attend as much events & parties as you can. Make friends and connections. Be out there! And proper cultural background doesn’t hurt either”. PREACH! 

You shouldn’t really aim for high positions in the biggest companies right away either. She started in the biz as styling assistant. Thanks to Pig, a small mag that’s really opened and willing to takes some risks, she had the opportunity to grow, learn & showcase her talent.

When styling (or for her own wardrobe), she turns to her go-to designers including Valentino, Azzedine Alaia, Givenchy, Prada, Isabel Marant & Ferragamo **green with envy

Very much the polished milanese woman, expect to see her in wonderful tailored neutrals.

Eclectic to say the least, but always on point.

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Friday Fashion insider: Taylor Tomasi Hill

Another Friday, another fashion inspiration. This week’s selection is **update former** US Marie-Claire magazine’s Style and Accessories Director and now Artistic Director for retail site Moda Operandi Taylor Tomasi Hill.

I noticed her avant-garde style on numerious street style blogs. A staple at Fashion Weeks, this ginger-haired fashionista masterfully mixes comfy but oh-so-chic sweaters and jumpers in unusual colors and silhouettes with bold, pilled-up cuffs and bracelets. 

The self-proclaimed “clothing chameleon" never shies away from chunky necklaces and gorgeous scarves. And her arm candies are sooo envious: she’s often seen with shocking hued, eye-catching oversized clutches or her beloved Chanel 2.55 purse. The editor is rarely seen without her Norma Kamali cat eyes shades. She is an accessories editor, after all.

I fervently admire her layering skills as well: she likes to wear her large cowl-necked Rick Owens shearling coat beautifully finishes up her leather leggings, shirt and cardi combos. I absolutely love how she adds her own twist to designer duds, She keeps her style fresh by mixing feminine pieces with boyish, edgier items. Ms. Hill counts Proenza Schouler and Burberry among her favorite designers but still loves to slip into her Madewell destroyed jeans every now and then. She is also said to be Prabal Gurung’s muse. Lucky girl! 

I wanna be like her when I grow up! 

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Friday Fashion insider: Emmanuelle Art

Happy Friday Lovelies! In a new FFI post I present to you Emmanuelle Art. She has now become a household name since she took the reins as French Vogue’s editor-in-chief in February of this year. The former fashion director became Carine Roitfeld’s successor for the fashion bible. 

She’s known for her androgynous, laid-back, rock & roll aesthetic.

Her effortlessly chic look has made her a street style photogs’ favorite thanks to her sartorial trademark: loose buttoned-up shirt, structured leather perfecto or blazer, her slim-fit, low-slung cropped jeans and her Isabel Marant Poppy bow-embellished suede pumps. Refreshingly enough, a makeup-free face usually finishes off her signature outfits.

The daughter of a 1960s/‘70s Lanvin and Nina Ricci model mother, the fashion editrix started in the fashion biz as Elle magazine’s beauty coordinator at just 17. Two years later, she worked at 20 Ans (the French response today’s Teen Vogue) as a fashion journalist and became the glossy’s editor-in-chief. She then joined Paris Vogue in 2000 as their fashion editor where she became Roitfeld’s right hand woman before walking in her footsteps as FV’s head editor. Alt has not only styled some of French Vogue’s most memorable editorials, but also conducted ad campaigns, consulting and runway shows for Balmain, Giuseppe Zanotti and Balanciaga. Her styling usually reflects her personal style.


Interesting fact: Emmanuelle is the woman behind Michael Jackson’s epic Balmain wardrobe. She is a huge fan of his, so she sent him over spangled bandleader jacket samples from the fashion house for the King of Pop to wear on what would have been his final tour. 

I know mis Art has great things planned for Vogue. So far she had carried the torch so wonderfully.


Sources:, wikipedia,,, stylecaster

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Last week’s Friday Fashion Insider Hanneli Mustaparta for Danish Label InWear.

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Friday Fashion insider: Joe Zee

T.G.I.F.!! Happy Friday my little Roses!! This week has been cray-zayy!! Attending shows and events surrounding the city’s 11th Fashion & Design festival edition (more on that later!). I am happily exhausted!! Before I head off to day 3 of the FDFM, let’s talk about this week’s fashion insider inspiration. He’s a fellow Canuck (yay!), which pushes me all the way more to keep working harder to reach out for my dreams.

Stylist extraordinaire and All on the line tv series host Joe Zee is a mentor to me (even if he doesn’t know it!). His journey is so inspiring!

After moving to New York and graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, he started out in the industry at Allure then worked at W as an associate fashion editor for W and Details magazines before becoming Vital’s editor-in-chief. He now holds the positionof creative director at US Elle magazine. 

Truth be told, I rarely read the magazines’ editor’s letters, but I’m a diligent reader of Joe Zee’s periodic column in the glossy, Style A to Zee. I absolutely adore his giiirrl, I need to share this with you..approach.  

Mr.Zee has been the driving force behind brands like DKNY, H&M, Gap, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic, Celine, Elie Tahari and (ouh!) Chanel. The man is working like the rent is due!

His creativity and expertise lead the pop culture-obsessed to become one of the most the sought-after style sculptor, resulting in an inpressive list of actresses and musician such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlet Johansson.

Make sure to follow his thoughtful and funny words as well as his exciting daily go-abouts on twitter.

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