friday distractions

Girl Meets Hollyworld Teasers!

Sorry I didn’t get this out on Friday, I got distracted by Shawn Patrick Hunter’s wedding! Here goes:

What are best friends?

Maya may have committed a felony. Hey, Topanga! Just how good of a lawyer are you?

It’s career day at school. Yogi’s dad is a cop. Sarah’s dad the director is making a movie based on a script by his daughter.

The concept of stepping back because something/someone else is more authentic comes up BUT it doesn’t involve the kids or their ships.

That French actress? Yeah, she’s from Arkansas. Her accent is fake. (Paris doesn’t real, y'all.)

Farkle in an Elvis costume. Lucas done up James Dean-style. Zay smashing the fourth wall.

At one point an actress cannot continue with a bit because her real emotions get in the way.

Is Lucas an idiot? Zay doesn’t wanna say…

Some riffing on the concept of “pretty people saying pretty things” vs authenticity.

Katy delivers a monologue about letting the wrong man walk out so the right one could walk in.

We meet Katy’s former best friend. They’ve grown apart over the years. The girls are understandably horrified by this.

Riley doesn’t want anything to change. (Well that’s ominous…)

Cory about himself and Topanga: “We’re freaks!”

Got tagged by the @naryshkin (I really needed a Friday afternoon distraction with two weeks left before my defence, thanks!!!)

Nicknames: sass, sassy, sar, 

Star sign: aries

Height: My Swedish ID says 167 cm but my Canadian says 163 cm soooo I dunno like 165 cm??

Time right now: 13:45

Last thing I googled: "lägga ut bilder"

Favourite music artist: I also love ESC so I have many shiny heart favourites there but I guess my fav outside of that is the Tragically Hip

Song stuck in my head: The Wabuu theme song in Swedish

Last movie I watched: Room

Last TV show I watched: Always Sunny in Philadelphia (I have been marathoning it at work as I prepare for lectures)

What I am wearing right now: white sneakers, grey tights, place dress with white polka dots (I had taken off my “work hoodie” before I started filling this out so I am a little less gross right now.)

When I created my blog: I think I started this in 2010 or 2011 when I was a bit into my masters? 

What kind of stuff I post: Pictures of foxes, star wars/star trek stuff, random meme crap, Eurovision rantings, and mostly grad school rantings. This will document my journey more than Facebook because people are doucheholes on facebook. 

Hogwarts house: I can’t stand hp so I guess I am the shack behind the school. I could rant about why I don’t like it but that would make this quick activity get time consuming and long sooo.

Pokémon team: Gotta go with original Team Rocket here too.

Favourite colour: Red (or it’s best friend pink).

Average hours of sleep: I operate best on 7-8. I am very lazy with two hours more or less. 

Lucky number: 19

Favourite characters: Jedi knights or Star Fleet Captains. Pretty much all of them. 

Dream job: Diplomat would be wicked, but I am also leaning towards something in the book branch - like a proofreader or copy editor. 

tagging (ONLY if you would like to do it): @oni-queen @atthefloodgates @jacquesdemys @spotted-plant @dragonsandstatistics and anyone else who needs to do something to relax on this Friday

this week is really good my guys. i ate super healthy, got off of birth control (it was adding to my depression), cut all my hair, and my brother @clarkesquad is coming to gay it up with me in two days.

what a fantastic week off 10/10

Captain Sigrun Eide from the Known World’s space armada. Sigrun is supposed to be taking an official picture in full uniform just after getting her new rank as captain, but she keeps getting distracted by people off camera congratulating her.

So yeah, im designing uniforms for the sssspaceAU. I like the overall look of this one, but I’m not quite sure about the colors yet, so I’m keeping it white for now.

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook attacking you with little kisses when you wake up.
“You can stop now.”
“I’m not done.” *giggles*
*continues attacking you with little kisses*
I should be studying what am I doing?!! Oke oke I gtg study I can’t get distracted anymore! Ill be back on Friday!! Unless I get distracted again then idek. Scold me if I come back. Please and thank you. 😂❤