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Today I outed myself to my entire Spanish class. This is slightly nightmare territory and makes me feel shaky and uncomfortable, but at the same time, like, fuck these people, I know none of them, I will probably not see any of them again after this semester is over, and if any of them are unkind to me my girlfriend can probably kill them with a sword.

So I have been getting more and more confident about casually mentioning my various mental stuff and meds to students and let me tell you it is worth it. There are a handful of students that just LIGHT UP when I mention having similar issues to them.

I had a long discussion Friday with a student about ADHD and the intersection with anxiety and crashing at the end of the day from meds and the frustration of people not getting that you’re using a “good-off” activity to recharge. He was just so pumped to talk about it with me and compare notes!

And even students that don’t (apparently) have mental stuff got invested in discussing problems with motivation and organization and concentration and etc, all “oh, I do that!”

It is so damn rewarding


What is it?

the Emo fanfic book club is a group of people on this hellsite who read fanfic about the ships of the “emo trinity”. This includes Ryden, Brallon, Frerard, Petekey, Peterick, Joetrick, jondon and others. No incest/anything featuring incest will be chosen.

How does it work?

Each Saturday, I will select a rfic with @patrickstumph or take recs from whoever is interested. Each Friday night, we will discuss the fic via ask. If you want to reccomend/suggest a fic, please link to it in the ask. I will not accept messages from this blog.

General Rules

I’d love for this to be a safe place for everyone who wants it to feel welcome. Therefore, absolutely none of the following will be tolerated:

  • Transphobia
  • Racism (antisemitism and Islamophobia are included here)
  •  Sexism
  •  Abilism
  • Homophobia
  • Incest

Other stuff:

I am a full time student, therefore I may not be able to keep up with things i haven’t read. At the end of every month, I will make a masterpost of most recsIve been sent.

I will tag anything you want me to, just ask! be specific!!!!!!!

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11 members from the Tsukiuta. Stage cast will be featured in a segment for this week’s Tsukipro ch. broadcast! Catch them on “Just Before the Curtain Rises on Yumemigusa: The Uchitama* Roundtable Discussion” ”this Friday, Oct. 21, on TOKYO MX.

Featured cast members:

  • Kiyama Ryuu (Shiwasu Kakeru)
  • Menjo Kentaro (Mutsuki Hajime)
  • Yokoo Lui (Kisaragi Koi)
  • Nakada Hiroki (Yayoi Haru)
  • Yamazaki Taiki (Uduki Arata)
  • Jounin Tatsuki (Satsuki Aoi)
  • Sato Yuusaku (Minaduki Rui)
  • Doi Kazumi (Fuduki Kai)
  • Washio Shuuto (as Haduki You)
  • Sasa Tsubasa (Kannaduki Iku)
  • Tomotsune Yuuki (Shimotsuki Shun)

*uchitama (内魂) - literally “inner soul”, more or less an inside joke where the cast members refer to their (real) selves, rather than the characters they portray

SCP Foundation AU where everything is the same but the MTFs ride bicycles

“You have been detected as a sapient force. You are now in the custody of the SCP Foundation, and are henceforth now the property of the SCP Foundation, for all legal, metaphorical, and physical reasons, until custody, which may remain indefinitely, is lifted. You do not have the right to a trial, to a phone call, or to any request or right that may otherwise be given to you in a public setting. You have the right to remain silent until prompted.” *Gently places handcuffed Reality Bender into red flier wagon* *Rides away*

*Mobile task force gasping for breath while pedaling uphill* *GOC drives past in car*

CONTAINMENT BREACH, EVERYONE LOAD UP AND ROLL OUT *45-person-long bicycle rides out of garage*

*GOC at the containment site, guns out, looking around* where are they *little bike bell sounds in the distance* bing bing

*Lightly places SCP 682 in handlebar basket*

*Chaos Insurgency member gets in car and puts the petal to the metal* *Mob of fully-armed and clothed guards desperately pedaling after*

GOC MTFs: *Super buff* Chaos insurgency MTFs: *Super Buff* SCP MTFs: *Skinny aerodynamic guys with incredibly well-toned thighs*

*MTF on underground containment mission in a dark area* *are given away by bright orange reflectors* 

Kohei Horikoshi Pre-Anime Interview

May I ask you what you really felt when you first heard that your work was going to be animated?

I was really surprised. I remember it was decided when the serialization wasn’t even a year old, so I felt kind of lost all of the sudden. Then I hurriedly started telling my friends and family the news about my work getting animated, and they were all happy for me, which is the moment that I finally had the realization that went something like “ah, this is great, I’m getting an anime”.

When and where did you hear about the news of the anime announcement?

I don’t remember it quite clearly now, I think it was when Vol 3 was about to come out. My editor mentioned it when he was talking about some other stuff. (Laughs) Every Friday we have a discussion, and I remember my editor was talking about the rankings when he said “Oh yeah, there’s news about the anime.”

What were the circumstances that gave birth to My Hero Academia?

My second series was axed really quickly after such a short time of serialization, and I was pretty depressed about things. I didn’t have the energy left to create new things in the manga medium, but I still needed to come up with one fast. So, I decided to add happy things and happy events that I had drawn in my previous works into this new series. Before, I was really happy drawing the one shot My Hero, so I wanted to make that the foundation and create something new from it. The stage my new series and My Hero is the same, so I decided to add a lot of the elements that have appeared in my previous works into it as well. From a certain point of view, this series is actually the accumulation of all my works from when I first started drawing.

When you’re drawing My Hero Academia, what are some things that you watch out for?

This series is the story of Izuku and All Might, and I plan to make their story the main focus of the plot line, and the “vertical axis” that runs through the main story. It’s actually not a really glorious story at all, as All Might grows weaker every day and Izuku gets injured every now and then. Even the victories in the story for the protagonists aren’t won straightforward and simple. If I keep drawing the story involving these two characters, I feel like the story would get darker and darker as time goes on. My own personality has the tendency to compel me to keep delving deeper and deeper into that. To avoid making the story too dark, I set up a “horizontal axis” to intersect the main story’s “vertical axis”, which is the “fun part”, also known as the Quirks to the heroes of the story, or side character characteristics. With the “horizontal axis”, it sort of mellows out the darker aspects of the “vertical axis”, so “enjoying the horizontal axis” is something that I insist upon, which is something that I watch out for. If I can make myself happier while drawing, then the story would seem that much brighter.

Is All Might the character in My Hero Academia that you like the most?

It would be wrong of me to say that I “like him the most”, as All Might is an absolute within this series, so there is no choice for me as I have to like him. His words are all very cautious, so I have to go over them repeatedly to decide his lines, which costs a lot of effort. So even though I like this character, as I draw him I need to keep reminding myself that “this is important!”. On the opposite end, Bakugou is somebody that I can relax to draw. I really like Otomo Katsuhiro sensei’s, Akira, and within this series there is a character called Tetsuo who, even though he’s a kid, is really strong. And he uses his power like a kid too. I really like that, so I decided to create a character like that in My Hero Academia, which is why mentally speaking, Bakugou is still like a child, though he has a really strong power. His way of fighting is also jumping and flying around, and when he actually fights he hollers and shouts. I’m really happy when I draw characters like that. However Bakugou’s words are all really rude, which might make readers feel unpleasant, though personally I like him.

From the start of the series until now, which parts of the story do you personally enjoy?

I enjoy them all actually. I really melded my feelings into the characters when drawing Izuku and Bakugou’s battle training. Also I needed to get a strong hold on the reader’s heart, as that part was the climax of that arc, so I really tried my best, which is something that I really like about it. I got a lot of positive reviews for that part too, which gave me some reassurance. Including this reassurance, this is probably one of the parts that made the most impression on me.

Indeed, that scene included some of the heavier aspects of Izuku and Bakugou’s relationship. And on the other side, Iida and Ochako were cheerfully having a conversation, which was a lot of fun to read. Is this the “vertical axis” and “horizontal axis” relationship you were talking about?

If there were only Izuku and Bakugou there, then sometimes things might turn out really scary, and Iida and Ochako can mediate their relationship by being their, slowly finding a balance point… that’s what I was thinking when I drew the scene. I’m touched that you’re able to see this.

Sensei, if you were to discover your own “Quirk”, what quirk do you think would be right for you?

I thought about that one already, and that is the “no need for sleep” Quirk. (laughs)

That’s very much like the style of a mangaka. (laughs)

I often fall asleep without meaning to. And once I fall asleep, I can’t wake up… If I were to use this quirk then I would use it normally, and this quirk might make people not feel tired at all.

What manga and anime did you enjoy as a child?

A manga that I enjoy is definitely Dragon Ball, and when I was young I always kept reading Dragon Ball. I kept reading the same volume. I think it was the place a little bit before the android, Cell, started the Cell Games? I don’t know why, but I kept rereading this volume. In terms of anime, there were a lot of anime that were on TV at 6 PM. I really liked Mashin Hero Wataru, rewatched that many times. I also dressed up as Zurugibe Shibaraku, which is a character from that show.

Do you have any influences from Dragon Ball?

My impression that strong characters are packed with muscles is probably because of Dragon Ball’s influence. I really like the body shape of Goku when he goes Super Saiyan, which might be where All Might’s concept came from.

A lot of people say that My Hero Academia is similar to American comics. Have you always enjoyed heroes from American comics?

Yeah. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was super impressive, and after watching that I started reading American comics from time to time and watching American hero movies. What I learned from them is that, American onomatopoeia and character lines are formatted differently from manga, which is something that i will keep in mind. When I read them I would notice : “Oh, so the sound effect of that fight is added here” . Other than that there are the darkness of the color black and the use of shades. Such as the balance of using full black, which I noticed when flipping through comics “Ah, so coloring this place black would have this kind of effect on the scene”. Even though I haven’t fully grasped the technique yet, I am still learning while I am working on my series.

So, Sensei, what heroes do you like?

Probably have to be Goku and Spiderman. To me, when mentioning heroes, these two are the ones that I think of. In Goku’s case, it’s the reassurance that everything is going to be fine he brings when arriving. Such as, on Namek, Goku was getting healed, and his friends are all beaten badly. When Goku finally recovered and walked out of the healing machine, that reassurance right there is what I’m talking about. Something like “Ah, everything is going to be fine”. When I first read it and saw it was really Goku who had arrived, I continued reading thinking the thought “gonna win”. (laughs) That reassurance is something that all of the other characters don’t have. I thought about it afterwards, and even though there are a variety of heroes, the hero model that is built up in my mind is built around the concept that the hero is somebody that brings reassurance. That’s why I think a hero to me is somebody that helps and brings reassurance to others. In Spiderman’s case the first experience I had with this character was the movie, in which there were a lot of scenes with him rescuing people, which I felt that was really cool. The moment he “saves somebody” is really awesome. Well, In Goku’s case it’s because he likes fighting that he fights so that’s a bit different. (laughs) You can say that Spider-Man and Goku are two different aspects of being a hero. Also, I recently watched the Anpanman movie. Anpanman is really cool, and even when Kabao kun was beaten badly by Baikinman’s robot henchmen, when Anpanman arrives everything was okay. After Anpanman arrived, everybody’s expression was something like “you’re finally here”. Everybody’s mood shifted to become more positive when only Anpanman arrived. That’s probably what it means to be a hero. Of course everybody has a different view on what it means to be a hero, and some people might say “heroes aren’t supposed to be like that”, though to me that’s what being a hero means, and that’s the aspect of heroism that I want to illustrate in My Hero Academia.

Next are some questions about the anime. Midoriya Izuku’s CV is Yamashita Daiki, who also did the radio drama before. What were your impressions on hearing his voice?

Actually, I never really thought much about Izuku’s voice, and when I heard it in the radio drama, I sort of naturally accepted it as: “Ah, so Izuku has that kind of voice”, so it’s hard for me to imagine somebody else other than Yamashita san doing Izuku’s voice.

You mentioned earlier that you really enjoy drawing Bakugou. What do you think of the voice of his CV, Okamoto Nobuhiko?

Ah, if it’s Katsuki, then his voice really captures the feeling the character. Like I said before, Katsuki is like Tetsuo from Akira, giving off characteristics of an antagonist, so he’s really like a child, like a little kid…And Okamoto san’s voice (even though me saying this won’t sound good to Okamoto san) is like a child, the very naughty type. The way he speaks also gives off a very middle schooler type feeling. (laughs) Okamoto san really brings out Katsuki’s characteristics, so this character belongs to Okamoto san and nobody else. Really fitting.

How about Uraraka Ochako’s CV, Sakura Ayane, and Iida Tenya’s CV, Ishikawa Kaito?

Sakura Ayane san’s Uraraka Ochako, is really cute. I’m really looking forward to her voice when she fights. About Ishikawa Kaito san’s Iida, I actually have some things that I’m not sure about myself about Iida’s character, and only after listening to his voice was I able to make a decision.

What about All Might’s CV, Miyake Kenta san?

When I heard Miyake san’s voice for All Might, It gave off a feeling that All Might is talking to Izuku while crouching down so that their eye levels are the same. All Might isn’t towering above, and after thinking about it over again it really is that way. Only heard a little of Miyake san’s All Might, and I feel that he’s got a good handle of this feeling, so I like Miyake san’s All Might.

What were your feelings when you saw for your very first time the animated My Hero Academia?

When I saw the PV last year, I felt something like “this is awesome!”. I can only say something normal people can say: “The characters are really moving”. I was working when I watched the PV with my editor. Naturally I started grinning. Because I didn’t want to be seen doing that by my editor, I kept my hand covered over my mouth. (laughs) Getting an anime is a dream I’ve always had for many years, and I’m really happy.

What do you expect the most from the anime?

Definitely the action parts. Like how the characters will move. I’ve received comments like “the action parts are really hard to understand” for this series, and only the anime can really show the outrageous action parts easily and effectively, so I hope the anime crew is able to do a really good job, I’m looking forward to it.

Action is Bone’s forte.

That’s right. That’s why I’m really looking forward to it…(laughs)

And last of all, please give a message for all of your readers.

Getting my work animated is really something way too extravagant for me, so I will keep on working hard so that I won’t be left behind in the dust by it, that’s how much I’m looking forward to the anime… My Hero Academia’s anime will probably become something really awesome, so for the original series, I won’t lose to the anime, will do my best to draw amazing stories with all my effort. Thank you all for your support!

good night

{for alrightpotter , because ellie is beautiful and lovely and v kind and a precious soul that must be protected at all costs}

James Potter is asleep in the Gryffindor common room.

Lily has crept through the porthole entrance late on that Friday night, after a discussion with Professor Slughorn that took far longer than Lily had anticipated – now it was late, she is tired, and she can still catch a whiff of that lingering crystallised pineapple smell. 

With the intention of barreling straight into her four-poster bed (for it has been a long week) Lily heads straight towards the entrance to the girls’ dormitory – before getting a view of the boy lying in front of the fire.

It is James – she can tell by his hair. And his glasses. And his long, splayed legs - but that’s besides the point. He is breathing deeply, slowly, evenly – he looks far more peaceful than he has for weeks, ever since his father’s death. His chest rises and falls, his long lashes casting a shadow over his cheekbones.
Lily circles back in front of him, making sure that her footsteps are soft and feather-light.

His face is pressed into a cushion on the sofa, his glasses askew and his lips parted slightly. 

He looks so – he looks like the real James Potter, how he looks without anyone around him, how he looks when he’s in private, when he’s not putting up a front for anyone else. This is James Potter, and the notion brings Lily to draw closer to kneel in front of him and watch.

Lily, this is weird. You are watching your friend sleep. That is classified as Weird Behaviour.

But he is so entrancing, and Lily raises a finger and traces it softly down James’ face. His eyelids flutter, and his lips turn up slightly.

Lily, this is beyond weird. Please leave before this gets any more mental.

He moves slightly, pressing his face further into the cushion, making a soft, pleased sound in the back of his throat.

Lily, as the voice of reason, I demand you listen to me

Lily, this is your subconscious! Listen to me, goddamnit!

This time, Lily lifts her hand slowly, and runs it through his gorgeous, messy hair – Oh Merlin, his hair is so nice – and before she can think better of it – because Lily is often impulsive – presses her own lips to his.

Oh, his lips. They’re slightly chapped but warm, and it’s a sensation that Lily is completely unfamiliar with, but it gives her a pleasant shiver, right down her spine.

Lily backs away now – Merlin, she just kissed one of her closest, unconscious friends – Dear God, he’ll be so mad at her right now – and she stumbles, almost falling right into the flickering flames – but instead of being burnt to death, she tumbles to the floor in a heap – Lily-style.


And it’s like all her nightmares have come true.

James has lifted his head, staring at her with a curious expression on his handsome features, his voice deep and gravelly from waking. His eyes look slightly foggy - how long had he been sleeping, anyway? He must have been so tired - and why wouldn’t he be? With the death of his parents in quick succession, and the amount of work and duties piled on top of him - he must be ready to keel over.

‘I’m sorry for waking you,’ Lily babbles, struggling to her feet and brushing her skirt. She shuts her eyes for a moment, just to collect herself. Opens them. ‘I’m going up now…’ and she gestures vaguely towards the girls’ dorm, and finds herself apologising again. ‘I am really sorry – you’ve been working so hard this week, please go back to sleep – I was never here-’ and as she speaks, she trips over her own foot and lands on the carpet again.

For the love of Merlin-

But James doesn’t laugh. Of course he doesn’t. He’s James bloody Potter – gloriously perfect through all his faults. Lily peers up at him through her mess of hair - he just looks bemused, his face blank.

‘Lily – maybe I was dreaming, but did you – kiss me?’ His voice falters, and Lily’s heart breaks at the confusion evident in his voice. 

‘Oh – um that – yeah, I did – sorry – uh, well, good night-’ and before she can say or do anything more embarrassing, she hurries up to her dorm, blushing furiously and cursing her very existence, leaving James sitting upright on the couch, shell-shocked.

He presses his fingers to his lips, and gives a short, surprised, ecstatic laugh at the beautiful miracle that is Lily Evans.

Friday: Artist Michael Rakowitz discusses his temporary, transportable homeless shelter paraSITE, which uses the outtake duct of a building’s heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system for its form and source of heat. The project is currently featured in the exhibition Endless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture through March 6. No registration required, free with admission! 

[Michael Rakowitz. paraSITE homeless shelter. 1997. The Museum of Modern Art, New York]


Can Emma Stone Play An “Asian” Character?

This week’s episode of Feminist Fridays discusses Asian representation and whitewashing in Hollywood, as well as the appropriation of Hawaiian culture.

Friday Discussion - Your Reputation Precedes You

Friday Discussion!

How much should a player’s actions carry throughout a campaign?

I tend to run and play games in a way that will leave a lasting impression on the world, both on tabletop and in video games. For example, I would rather have a game that remembers my exploits rather than simply allows me to remember them. 

I take this a few steps further when concerning long-form tabletop, in that I want my players to have accomplished something by the end of their journey, regardless of whether or not the adventure as a whole has ended. 

In that, I regard this to be both the good deeds and the bad deeds. If a group of players slays a dragon, they better know that they’ll be known for dragon-slaying for the rest of the game. Alternatively, if they torch an orphanage, that news will also spread.

The question then becomes one of longevity. If a player performs new and more grandiose adventures every X sessions, which exploits remain remembered and which are dropped to the sideline?

Taking The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for a bad example, the player is consistently changing and shaping the world, but guards will steal ask the Archmage Dragonborn Dragonslayer Vampire-Werewolf if someone has stolen their sweet roll. 

I believe that tracking renown is as important as tracking money or experience, and a billion times more important than tracking weight.

However, is there a point where this becomes too much? Is there ever a point where a player, or group of players, can reach diminishing returns on “Look how cool you are based on what you’ve done!”, where it would become just another sidelined narrative rather than an important and weighted congratulations?