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Deadlifts (225/155)
Handstand Pushups

Scaled: #115, HSPU negative with pushup
Time: 14:41
Feelings: shoulders have been murdered and im dying and coach insisted that i go with the negatives instead of a strict press

Still gonna go squat lateeeeer and do some overhead walking lunges because i hate myself

Friday, I’m in love... with your writing! (Week 6 -Smut Edition)

Week 6 is here and since today happen to be February 10… aka Smut Appreciation Day I decided to do somethig special with this… I’m really sorry if you don’t read smut!!! 


And now I’m here to present you with my favorite smut pieces, in no particular order *rubs hands pervertedly*

1- Enchanted Encounters by @impala-dreamer 

The reader’s cursed during a hunt and Dean decides he’s the best one to take care of her while Sam tries to get rid of the curse. This one can be a tiny bit triggering but just a little bit.  

2- I Don’t Wanna Hear it by @daughterofthebrowncoats 

I won’t ever get tired of recomendate this one, threesome, Dom!Sam x Sub!Reader x Dom!Dean, the back seat of the impala, dp, just dialogue. 

3- Slip of the Tongue by @kittenofdoomage  

Dean has no filters and has to say absolutely everything that comes to mind… 

4- A Rough Ride by @ilostmyshoe-79 

Thigh riding or whatevs it’s called… Um, yeah. That’s - gulp - That’s it. 

5- Always Willing to Help - Alternative to: Nothing id Workinng by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog 

The reader can’t find it in herself to do something and Dean lends a helping hand. 

6- Tense by @manawhaat 

I’m letting Dean rest to go take care of Daddy Winchester, he’s all stressed out and tense and I’m gonna help him relax.

There you go week 6, Smut Edition in honor of Smut Day Appreciation, I’m really sorry if you don’t read smut!!

Remember to tag me in all of your SPN related works or if you feel like spreading the love, you can always recomend me some fellow writer so I can fall in love with them as well! Now go READ the works of these marvelous writers, and REMEMBER TO ALWAYS LEAVE FEEDBACK!!

Feedback is the best way to show our love!

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i guess i’ll have to learn to be delicate (with your heart)

Fluff Friday: November 18 “Big & Little”

Not particularly shippy. Featuring: Sakura and Kakashi, with guest appearances by Naruto, Sai, Yamato, Tsunade and Shizune. Would nod vaguely at canon if they were to pass in the street.

This is de-aged fic. Neither Sakura nor chibi!Kakashi are particularly thrilled, but Naruto thinks it’s hilarious.

Sakura’s just coming up on the end of a long, long hospital shift when she hears the commotion in the lobby. She pauses, letting her attention stray from the medical chart she’s updating to trying to decipher the noise two floors down, but the distance muffles everything to only the dull rise and flow of voices. She cocks her head, listening to no avail.

“Haruno-sensei?” the chūnin perched on the bed dares prompt.

She frowns and shakes her head, turning back to her patient. If she’s needed, Shizune will send one of the nurses to fetch her. Until then, she has work to finish.

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Friday, I’m in love... with your writing! (Week 3)

Wow, 3rd week in a row!!


My first crush of the week, is this gorgeous lady. She’s an unbelievably wonderful writer, that often complains about being a bit wordy. And I have to say, she’s not only wordy, not a complain, but also worthy of our devout admiration!

Now I want you to go to @kayteonline‘s blog and follow her immediately, if you aren’t already.

Her entire MASTERLIST is fascinating but I’m here only to present you 3 of my favorite stories. 

No Babies in Baby! - To Be Alone With You *Smut*

A two parts miniseries (over 13k words length. Wordy, yes, but sooooo worthy!) Dean x Y/N become parents, and although parenthood can be a bed of roses sometimes, it also brings A LOT of sexual frustrations along the way and it’s captured perfectly in this amazing story.

A Hairy Situation

So not what I had in mind when I read the title. Super fluffy, Sam x Reader (College AU? not sure). 

Last but not least Bela Donna series (In progress)

Sinfull Nightmare - Born To Be Wild- Million Dollar Man *Mild Smut - masturbation*

Dean meets you in a dream, and can’t get you out off his head ever since. What would happen when he sees you in real life? Also, Bela Talbot, that’s a warning because I know she’s gonna ruin everything. 

So, there you go, just 3. But can always go check her full MASTERLIST if you go follow @kayteonline 

For my second crush of the week I’m gonna intruduce you all to Laura, aka @just-another-busy-fangirl I haven’t really talk that much to her, but I can tell she’s super sweet! 

This is the first series I read from hers, and I have to say you will probably die from the sexual tension between Y/N and Sam Winchester.

Neighbors (AU) The Apartment - Night Out, Or In?  -  Awkward *Mild smut - masturbation*

Moving in to a new apartment can be stressfull, so what would happen when you find out the wall you share with your new super hot neighbor it’s extemely thin… What is it with me and male masturbation lately?


Dean x Reader, Titanic inspired AU, I must say this one caught me by surprise, not the ending I was expecting, this was perfect in comprison with the one I had in my mind! 


Sam x Reader, phone sex, masturbation Again? I just can’t help myself, and sort of fluffy ending, leading to what I’m imaining will be the hottest sex of your life.

This girl has an incredible selection of a wide variety of ships as well of plenty of reader inserts for you to enjoy. You just need to click the follow box when you enter her blog @just-another-busy-fangirl and then accede to her MASTERLIST

The you have them, week 3 crushes. Remember to tag me in all of your SPN related works or if you feel like spreading the love, you can always recomend me some fellow writer so I can fall in love with them! Now go READ the works of these marvelous writers, and REMEMBER TO ALWAYS LEAVE FEEDBACK!!

Tagging a bunch of people below the cut because I really want this to become a thing.

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anonymous asked:

OMG!1 last night me and my crush were at a party and we are pretty close and it was getting boring so he's like "you wanna get out of here" FUCKING cheesy I know so it was like late and we got the bus home and I rested my head on his shoulder and he couldn't go home cause he told his parents he was staying at his friends who lives near me so instead he just came to mine and snuck into my room and i fucking woke up next to my crush I'm almost in tears ffs it's been amazing

if your life isn’t a john hughes movies then idk like wow i’m so happy for you and lowkey jealous but mostly happy!

thank you for sharing!

Ereri: Fluff Fridays - The Gym

eren-schwarzenjaeger how about….

modern au where Eren and Levi go to same gym.  they seem to be on the same workout schedule - 5 a.m., sharp.

Levi likes how passionate Eren is with all of his clients. At first he tells himself his little infatuation is just something to pass the time. It’s boring running on the treadmill, and all the televisions ever play are cooking and reality shows, neither of which interest him in the slightest.

Eren teaches him things, he reasons, and it is partly true.  His training method consists of the perfect mix of tough love and ass kicking that earns him respect among the members, and Levi has stolen a few of his favorite moves.  But it’s really Eren’s unwavering optimism that attracts Levi, makes him feel hot and sweaty for entirely different reasons.  It’s contagious and dangerous, and after a few weeks Levi can’t easily explain away his silent admiration.  

Not when he’s been caught grinning stupidly at the taller man’s antics from across the room, the combination of sweating and smiling a telltale sign of his interest - why else would he look so happy on the treadmill?  But Levi is too shy to say anything, too nervous and hopeless when it comes to dating to even think he could have a chance with someone so fundamentally nice.  

But the thought of seeing Eren every morning makes waking up at 5 a.m. a little more bearable.  And a for awhile, that’s enough. 

Everything changes when Eren unexpectedly stops showing up. That first week at the gym is confusing, lonely.  Levi keeps glancing at the door waiting to see Eren push through with his loud exuberance, but by the 10th day he knows he isn’t coming.

After walking by the front desk five times in half an hour on the 11th day, he gathers the courage to approach the friendly looking receptionist in braids.  "Can I help you?“ she smiles.

"Yeah, I wanted to learn more about your personal training programs.”  It’s the first thing Levi thinks to ask.

After a few more questions, all of which Levi is embarrassingly unprepared to answer, he learns that Eren has switched his training schedule to the evenings - 8 p.m. to be exact.  

That night, Levi doesn’t question it when he finds himself at the gym’s parking lot for the second time that day, 7:59 lighting up his dash in green letters almost the same shade as Eren’s eyes.

Eren’s there, off to the side, and the sight of his tight black t-shirt stretching across the muscles of his back after so many days sends a surge of heat through his body.  But as Levi warms up on the treadmill, he feels suddenly nervous at the thought of Eren noticing him.  Is it weird?  Will Eren think him a stalker?

When he’s moved up to a brisk jog, Eren turns around and their eyes make perfect contact, green burning into grey.  Eren seems to loose his thought, pausing his conversation with his client and going completely still, his full attention focused on Levi.  It’s maddening and frightening, and Levi considers running right out the front door without a backwards glance.  

And then Eren smiles, a brilliant, beautiful smile that says everything Levi could have hoped for, and more.  Levi finds himself smiling back, and he thinks that maybe, just maybe, his little gym crush hadn’t been so one-sided after all.   


Friday, I’m in love... With your writing! (Week 7)


I’m gonna go straigh to the point today… 

Okay, first crush *drum -I have no idea why I haven’t added this woman and her blog already- roll* @chelsea072498 

Please go follow her, she’s celebrating her 800 follower milestone with personalized drabbles (OCs) so yea, request one of those too! 

And now, my recs:

Skinny Dippin’ series 

Supposedly a 3 parter, Dean x Reader smut series, but where would Chelsea be without the angst? Oh, this isn’t a critique I loooove her angst! So hot though!

Bad Company *MUST READ!* 

Dean x Reader/ Dean x Lisa, jealousy, murder, torture,gore, depression, suicide, ANGST sort of, if you’re like me, this kinda has a happy ending… kinda. But not at all. TRIGGERS! 

Mr. Smith Will See You Now *Smut*

Best Dean Smith x Reader Au I ever read so far. Smut and fluff, NO ANGST! lol

And that’s 3, I’m gonna make an exeption and add a 4th, the thig is I still haven’t read this one I so want to though! Fallen Grace 

Also, go check @chelsea072498 MASTERLIST and read everything you can find there, trust me, you won’t regret it!!

And now, for the second crush… I present you @cleverdame, Gorgiana like Gorgiana Darcy, or George, has some amazing stories in her MASTERLIST 

My favorite being:

Moonlight *Smut*

A/B/O dynamics Werewolf!Alpha!Sam x Werewolf!Omega!Reader, mating, knotting, breeding kink. Fluff

Imagine Dean gets you drunk and then gets you pregnant. *Smutish*

This is why you alway have to carry a condom with you, Dean’s so sweet though.

First Time *Smut* 

Sam x Reader, first time having sex, ever. This one’s so sweet and sexy and I wish my first time was like this!!

Oh and big brother Dean… Yeah, I’ll go for him too. 

Now, go follow @cleverdame and ejoy her stories as much as I did and will continue doing.

There you go, Week 7!

Remember to tag me in all of your SPN related works or if you feel like spreading the love, you can always recomend me some fellow writer so I can fall in love with them as well! Now go READ the works of these marvelous writers, and REMEMBER TO ALWAYS LEAVE FEEDBACK!!

Feedback is the best way to show our love!

Tagging a bunch of people below the cut because I really want this to become a thing.

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lady-crushes-friday  asked:

You should make a fanfic with Yellow Diamond! I´m kinda ship Yellow D with Peridot. (You should read Yellow Textbooks by The Scent Of Rain). I feel like you would portray her perfectly.

HIIII FRIEND!!!  Thank you so much for your kind words!  I really like the idea of this ship, so I saved this ask for a bit until I could offer you a tiny bit of like…brainstorming, kinda?  Another friend has requested some Peridot/Yellow Diamond from me so something a bit more substantial is in the works, as well!  This is just kinda…a quick scene setting for what I think their dynamic might be.

And you know, come to think of it, Peridot was really, really…what was the word for it? Happy.  She was happy.  With her new life here on Earth.  She was pleased that she had helped to save it from imminent destruction.  Even if that meant…

Sometimes, when it was nighttime and there wasn’t much to do, and Lapis was off brooding on the roof or something, and she didn’t quite feel like rewatching Camp Pining Hearts right this second, Peridot lay back, closed her vision spheres, and allowed her mind to wander.  Sometimes she thought of pleasant things, like the way the farm was growing and expanding, or the way Lapis had slowly started to see her as a friend.

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