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Grimoire Challenge - Week 1


Monday: Preparing your grimoire

  • Include your name and the date
  • Create a dedication to put into your grimoire. Dedicate it to whatever or whomever you praise.
  • Write it out and put it into your grimoire. Make sure to ask for protection as well.
  • Create a color magick chart. Correspond ink colors with your intention when writing in your grimoire.
  • Draw sigils that bring protection to your grimoire and wards off unwanted eyes. 
  • Chart out or make a timeline of your witchcraft so far, make it easy to expand and add onto. Include any events that helped shape your path.

Tuesday: Start of the year journal prompts

  • Define your path.
  • When did you begin your path?
  • How has it changed over time (more specifically how has it changed since last year?)
  • What makes witchcraft YOUR path?
  • What does being a witch mean to you?
  • What do you hope to achieve and and learn through witchcraft?
  • How has time affected your beliefs?
  • How did you come across witchcraft?
  • What made you want to practise witchcraft?
  • What do you hope to achieve by doing the 2017 grimoire challenge?
  • Is there anything you fear while following this path?
  • What type of entities do you believe in?
  • Who are your patron Gods and Goddesses, if any?
  • In what ways do you hope to grow?

Wednesday: Goal Setting

  • Set a goal you want to complete by the end of the month.
  • Set five goals you want to complete by the end of the year.
  • What are your witchcraft related life goals?

Thursday: Chosen tools of your craft

  • What is the one tool you use immensely in your craft that you could not practice without? Why? What are its correspondences, properties, uses?
  • List the main tools used in your practice.
  • Do you work with crystals? Bones? Herbs? How do you use them? Why do you use them? What kind or role do they play in your craft? 

Friday: Types of Witches

  • Are you a solitary practitioner or do you practice with a coven? Why do you choose the solitary path or vice versa?
  • Do you use a label?
  • If so, what kind of witch do you label yourself as?
  • If not, what are your reasons for not using a label?
  • Do you agree with the use of labels? Are they used too freely, with not enough thought put into them?
  • Is there a certain witchcraft path that you may not agree with? What is it that you do not agree with?
  • Do some research on it, gather enough knowledge for you to understand their practise. Once you gather enough of an understanding do an entry on it. Make sure to include your opinions before and after you did your research.

Saturday: Full Moon

  • There is a full moon on Saturday, February 11th.
  • Do you have anything planned for the full moon?
  • What is your favorite activity to do during the full moon?
  • Do you perform rituals? Cleanse crystals? Cast spells?
  • Do you have any full moon traditions?
  • Create a correspondence between full moon and the months. Does a certain month influence the moon’s magick?
  • Create a list of 2017′s full moons.

Sunday: February Magick Calendar

  • Draw out the February calendar in your grimoire. Include any important magickal dates such as the full moons, sabbats, retrogrades, eclipses, and any other important magickal workings. Use this to organize when you want to practice magick or meet with your coven.

If you post your progress make sure to use the tag  #moonlight grimoire challenge so I can reblog it here. Good Luck!

Moonlight Grimoire Challenge


Some very sweet mason jar gift ideas.

I made a few of these for my cousins last Christmas. If you enjoy crafts, candles & want a unique homemade gift that doesn’t take too long to make, these are really nice. Happy it’s finally Friday. Have a great weekend everyone. ~Wildlife Gift Shop

Five+ on Thursday because it’s my Friday

We are leaving town tonight to take a weekend road trip that will include two college tours and a concert which the Oldest got tickets to for her birthday. I feel like I’ve spent half of my fall on the road, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m happiest when I’m traveling. *cue up the Willie Nelson*

The trip will not include the Duo, because I need all of our focus to be on the Oldest, not on herding cats. They’re spending the weekend with my in-laws and I’m sure they’ll be spoiled and impossible by Sunday afternoon.

These two schools are 5 hours and 8 hours away from home, and while that makes my stomach absolutely drop, I keep telling myself “Don’t get in her way. What would you have been able to do if someone hadn’t gotten in YOUR way?” If either of these schools are truly what she wants, we will do what we can to make it happen, and I will most likely self medicate all the way through her first semester.

Maybe the time in the car will get one of my Christmas knitting projects out of the way. I’d really like to be done with something. I can’t work on the Husband’s gift with him sitting right there, though, so it will probably end up being the scarf for my father in law.

The Duo requested new hats for Christmas, too. I’ll probably crochet those, just because of speed, but their requests were very specific and will require a trip to buy more yarn. Maybe I can find a cool yarn shop on the trip.

Y'all take it easy… I’ll be out after today until probably Sunday or Monday. Don’t blow up what’s left of this shithole platform while I’m gone.

*catchy title with the number five in it*

1. I’m getting my hair all chopped off tomorrow. Not like Eleven-style buzzed, just a “shake things up” sort of major cut. Perhaps some strategically censored pics will briefly post. Don’t get your hopes up for my face, because you know that is not happening.

2. I have several gifts bought and I think I need to start wrapping. That makes me strangely excited. In fact, the thought of doing several holiday related things makes me excited. Am I… becoming a Christmas person?!?!? *sigh* I seriously don’t know who I am anymore.

3. *insert neurotic writer blurb here.* Send me some good vibes if you’ve got them. I’m jumping off a metaphorical cliff in that arena. (vague point is vague for reasons)

4. I’d get a lot more planning and crafting done if these assholes I work with didn’t keep bringing me actual work to do. They act like they’re paying me or something. (But seriously people: I’m falling very, very behind on the holiday knitting.)

5. On the flip side of the busy season in my department is the fact that we got our holiday bonus and a catered lunch today from our doctors. I’ll take it. I can be temporarily pacified with a full belly and a little extra cash. However, the incessant Christmas music they have been blaring from the impromptu hot cocoa station someone set up in the hall outside of my lab is wearing on me. Maybe don’t sign me up to be an elf just yet.