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Peter Parker to Tony "I wish you where my dad"

Tom Holland as Peter

“Pete!” Tony snapped and the kid stopped instantly, one foot out the door.

“Uh, yes Mr Stark?”

“Are you coming back tonight?” Tony asked and Peter shook his head.

“Sleepover with a friend. Cramming for a math final.”

“An actual sleep over? Or one that involves you fighting crime in spandex?” Tony said suspiciously.

“Honestly.” Peter raised his hands. “Sleepover. Cramming for a final. That’s it.”

“Leave the suit.” Tony demanded.


“Leave it!”

“Alright.” Peter sighed and pulled the suit out of his bag, laying it carefully on the table.

“That’s better. Now here.” Tony dug around in his wallet. “Here’s some money for some pizza for you kids. If I find out you used it to buy alcohol there’s going to be a problem. This is an access code for FRIDAY–” he handed him a card. “If you have math questions and don’t want to get ahold of a teacher. I will be awake most of the night, but even if I’m not, you can still call me if you need a ride anywhere and—-hey!”

Tony startled when Peter took a few steps forward and wrapped his arms around his waist in a fierce hug.

“Wish you were my dad.” Peter mumbled. “Wish you were family not just an Avenger I get to work with sometimes.”

Tony patted Peters back carefully. “What do you mean, wish we were family? Course we’re family kiddo.”

“Yeah?” Peter asked, sniffling, and Tony swallowed back the emotion in his throat before answering.

“Of course. But if you call me Daddio I’m gonna take back every cool thing I’ve ever given you and drop you in the river.”

“That’s fair.” Peter laughed and finally let go, backing up again.

“Money for pizza.” Tony held out a few bills with a fond smile. “Good luck studying.”

“Thanks.” Peter smiled one more time and waved, heading out the door.

“That was easily the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Tony flinched when Happy spoke behind him. “Any chance you didn’t see all of that?”

“Oh, I saw it all.” Happy assured him. “Pete’s a good kid”.

“Yeah.” Tony watched Pete jog down the street, then looked over at where the Spider-Man suit should have still been sitting, but had obviously been snatched. “That’s my boy.”

best “new-to-me” films: may 2017
  1. rebels of the neon god (1992, dir. tsai ming-liang)
  2. a brighter summer day (1991, dir. edward yang)
  3. mekong hotel (2012, dir. apichatpong weerasethakul)
  4. goodbye, dragon inn (2003, dir. tsai ming-liang)
  5. friday (1995, dir. f. gary gray)

honorable mentions:

  • oki’s movie (2010, dir. hong sang-soo)
  • silent light (2007, dir. carlos reygadas)
  • my beautiful laundrette (1985, dir. stephen frears)
  • code unknown (2000, dir. michael haneke)
  • viola (2002, dir. matías piñeiro)

short films:

  • ashes (2012, dir. apichatpong weerasethakul)
  • gasman (1997, dir. lynne ramsay)
  • sink & rise (2003, dir. bong joon-ho)
  • vapour (2015, dir. apichatpong weerasethakul)

favorite new releases:

  • lovesong (dir. so yong kim)
  • the lure (dir. agnieszka smoczynska)
  • alien: covenant (dir. ridley scott)
  • buster’s mal heart (dir. sarah adina smith)
Fair Game - Smut

Originally posted by dylanholyhellobrien

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stuart Twombly/Reader
Words: 4,833
AN: FINALLY! In celebration of the end of Stuart week, here’s my contribution! Thanks to Kenz and Hay for putting this on, it’s been fun writing about my favorite nerd. @rememberstilinski @sarcasticallystilinski 

You settled in front of the makeup mirror in the back room of the club, opening up your bag and rummaging around for your eyeliner. You smiled at the girl next to you, turning back and fixing your cat eye, puckering your lips as you applied your lipstick.

You’d only been working at this strip club for a few weeks, the money more than enough to help you pay your student loans and bills. You hadn’t told anyone what you’d been doing for work, and it wasn’t because you were ashamed. You knew that people wouldn’t understand, or think you were some kind of slut or something.

Your biggest fear was running into someone you knew, and although you grew up and went to high school far away, everyone came to LA at some point, so it wasn’t far fetched that you might give a lap dance to someone who was in your junior year chemistry class. The last thing you needed was for someone that you knew outside of the place to judge you.

So what were the odds of you being assigned a customer who was exactly that? Stuart Twombly was peering up at you, slightly dazed as his black rimmed glasses sat skewed on his face, a beer clutched tightly in his fist. His brown eyes lit up in recognition, and you shook your head slightly to stop him when he opened his mouth.

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Hacked (Tim Drake x Reader)

Thank you @fellowintrovert for allowing me to use your Tim Drake dealing with a hacker head-cannon.

You manage to hack the batcomputer and help the batfamily. In order to meet you, they set up a competition and offer the winner job.

Word count:1222

You get home and begin to work on decoding the signal that is tagging off of Wayne Industries. It’s not new. Just subtle and has access to EVERYTHING. Maybe Mr. Wayne would hire you if you cut it off, or maybe it is from Batman.  If it is Batman could easily get in and send them some help. Maybe learn who they are and see if they can crack your personal coding fire walls.

You easily separate the signal that piggybacks the Wayne Industries security and find it is labels “Bat-security” making it quite obvious who it belonged to. Really original Batman…

After about an hour, and two cups of coffee, at keying away you get the password, Batword, to the feed which causes security camera feeds from all across Gotham to pop up on the edges of the screen and a window in the center with the bat symbol and a password box in the center. After trying the Batword password on this screen you pull up a new command prompt and tap away at the keyboard.

Another hour later, and another cup of coffee, you manage to not only get into the base files on the main system but open a chat box to a computer that is online. The files that you open, one by one tell you who is who (secret identities, past details, birthdays, allergies, and so forth). Before sending a message you turn on your personal firewall, glance at the video feed from the computer that you can watch all parts of, and get a devious plan.

How infuriating would it be to spend hours decoding a password, that will only allow him to message me back, and have it be his name.  


You key this in as the password and smile. Perfect. Now time to send him a message.

“Who would’ve thought the Wayne’s would be the Batfamily!? - :-)”  You type and quickly send.

The look on his face is totally worth it.

The next week you send him messages about others in Gotham. Then one day you send “Do you talk to the Kent’s much because I got to say their undercover thing kind of sucks. - :-)” This is just to prove you have full access to their database.

“I spent a whole week on that single code… the password was my name. How insulting.” You receive the message from him rather suddenly.

“Insulting? I could have major feelings towards you.” You retort.

“Well I hope you don’t.”

“Man, it must be all the coffee. Seven cups right? You look dead tired” You send a text. The look on his face is priceless. The shock and horror as he looks directly at his camera means he knows you can see him.

“Why are you doing this?” He asks, resuming his more chill and tired expression.

“Hmmm. Just wanted to test my skills, Batman has the best security in the hacker world.” You send back.  This is partly true, and it was fun.

“We will find you and put you to jail.” He threatens. WOW. Putting in jail because I know who they are? Not even asking how you managed this. But you did hack them. Kind of rude. Time for a distraction!

Not even ten minutes later you have a full map of Jokers weapons and arms deals.

“Cool! But here’s a map of where the Joker’s weapons are at, he’s not too good at hiding his footsteps on cyberspace” You send the message then the map.

“How do I know if this is legitimate.” He replies quickly. No love loss here.

“Because I’m trying to make you not follow my tracks, gotta throw someone under the bus. See you soon - :-)” You send a message then sign off so you can go to class. The weekend has ended.

The classes are all easy to you, but you need the degree to get a decent job for any company. The week goes by and in the afternoons you send Tim messages. Seems to you that he and the rest of the family appreciates your help, but Tim is annoyed by your existence. He’s discovered you have multiple IP Addresses all in Gotham and even asked which one is yous.  But no hints are given from you. Not even a code name.

That Friday the professor comes in and says he has exciting news. Strange because this is the most boring man ever.

“Mr. Wayne has announced that his company is holding a competition for who can break his code the fast. Whoever wins gets a top spot in his IT Department.” The professor announces. He then adds, “This is going to the three top colleges in Gotham.”

A competition. Really?

I could win something like that so easily. And I will. Talk about easy job grabbing. And they more then likely know it will be.

When home you message Tim, “A competition? Really? You know that I will win.”

“That’s the point.” He messages back.

“Don’t favor! If you wanted to know who I was you could’ve just asked.” You say teasingly. He has asked, and you just toyed with him. He’s fun to tease. What can you say.

“I think I tried that already.” Is the short response he gives to you.

“Oh yeah, huh. Well, see ya tomorrow.” I send and sign off.

The next morning you put on the basic winged eyeliner, mascara, and lip balm then put on your “No Talkee Before Coffee” T-shirt, jeans, and vans.  You sit down and when the timer starts you begin tapping away. Same system as the batcomputer, so it was no surprise that it only took you an hour to win the competition.

When Tim got up to see who you really were you could see he was shocked. You watched him walk down your isle looking you up and down. You can’t help but to smirk small at him.  Doubt he expected it to be a girl his age with long (h/c) hair put up into a messy bun.

He gave a nervous gulp as he went up to shake your hand. You could see the gulp as he did it. You politely shook his hand and leaned closer. “Why do you look so nervous Red?“ You jokingly whispered into his ear.

"You… look… not what a worldwide hacker usually looks like.” He stutters out nervously.

You cocked an eyebrow and giggle. You really can’t be offended because the poor boy looks like he got hit by a train or something. He’s clearly starstruck. "What does that mean?” You ask playfully.

“It means that Tim thinks your hot.” Dick appears behind him and shakes your hand. He has a amused smirk and You giggle as Tim blushes. "Thanks for all the help.“ Dick then adds with a smile before giving Tim a pat on the back and slightly pushing him towards you.

You can’t help but to blush a little yourself now.

"Sooo, does the winner get a kiss from the famous Drake?” Dick jokes and looks at you both.

"What? No…. at least not here.” Tim stutters at first then recovers as he says this. You blush even more.

“So… I get a kiss instead of jail time..?” You tease softly and this makes Tim blush.

Looks like you got yourself two jobs and a new friend.

Master List


Fetus Ed playing Uni circa 2010. Voice is so beautiful. Babyface to the Nth degree. Sweet little blush on his cheek.

#FetusFriday feels are strong today.

Did someone say more flower crowns? Probably not but here you go anyway.


If you’re still clinging to summer, this might be the design for you! Soak in those last rays of sweet sunshine with a cut up layered crop top. As always, feel free to send me an ask if you would like to request alternate colors or skin tones.

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The Earth will Shake for Us

Thor x reader x Bruce Banner

Summary- You are from a place not dissimilar to Asgard, but instead of Norse gods, it is Greek gods. You are the child of Poseidon and Amphitrite. While Thor and Bruce are stuck in your realm the three of you get fall in love and get married.

Message- Here’s the next poly-one-shot! I might do a part 2 to this- maybe. I have like half of an idea for one, but I’m not 100% sure yet.  Sorry if it sucks.

Warning- hints at smut

Word Count- 1759

“Shall we retire for the night?” You say to your two new husbands.

“Aye.” Thor says as he downs his glass of wine. Then he takes both yours and Bruce’s hand. You take one last look at your wedding feast before the door shuts behind the three of you. You quickly make your way to the chambers the three of you will share.

“I am so happy the two of you fell from the sky.” You say before kissing them both deeply. Then Thor lifted you and tossed you onto the bed and then he crawles up your body leaving a trail of kisses as he makes his way to your mouth. Your tongues dance and the two of you tear each other’s clothes off. Eventually the two of your break apart and turn to see a fully clothed Bruce standing against the wall.

“Come, husband. Join us.” Thor says as he stretches his hand out for Bruce to take. But Bruce just blushes and shakes his head a little.

“I-I don’t want to hurt the two of you. What if the other guy makes an appearance?” Bruce asks. Then you and Thor get up off of the bed and walk toward Bruce.

“My darling, you are married to two gods. It should be us worrying about hurting you.” You say. Then you bit at his ear gently.

“Okay, but if I start to turn green…” Bruce starts.

“We will cease.” Thor finishes. Then Thor pulls Bruce’s face to his and you lean back so you can watch your husbands kiss one another.

“You are wearing far too many clothes.” You say as you begin tear off Bruce’s clothes.

“Shall we move this back to the bed?” Thor asks as him and Bruce break apart.

Later that night the three of you lay in your shared bed completely sated. The three of you are tangled together, all of you are quietly listening to each other breathing, and eventually you all fall asleep.

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Add x Eve Editions #19
  • DE : Hey CBS.
  • CBS : Hm?
  • DE : I love you, wanna go out with me?
  • CBS : Hmm...sure.
  • CN : (WTF!)