friday bird

Hey folks, Paul here for FEATHERED FRIDAY! Last weekend Meg posted this beautiful chicken in response to a question from @crystalparrot​. The chicken reminded me of Kirby, and I was inspired to make this GIF.

(Time note: as of this posting, it’s early AM Saturday EST. When Thursday’s post was late, I blamed the internet… but this time, totally my fault. I had a fun night at the beach though!)

Have a good weekend!

- Paul

Science Fact Friday: Salt Glands

Some people have noticed that this is a pretty efficient process and have asked if we can develop a technology based on this to improve our own desalination efforts…buuut I haven’t been able to find anyone who has actually looked into it further. If you find any info, I’d love to hear it!

Hey folks, Paul here with… Feathered Friday? Motion Monday? Whatever it is, it’s late–I missed a couple posts lately, and now it’s almost 2am Tuesday.

Good news is, this past weekend I…

  • Got back to the gym for the first time in weeks
  • Gave platelets at the Red Cross for the first time in months
  • Caught up on some grading… with more to do tonight!

So! Times are busy, but I’m holding my own. Now back to work I go!


New Music Friday!

It’s been a while since i did this, but this is all the cool music that came out this week!:

  • Lorde released a remixed version of her song Homemade Dynamite featuring SZA, Khalid, and Post Malone. Khalid and Lorde are my babies and i was so happy with this remix! It’s something i didn’t know i needed.
  • My other babies Hippo Campus just released their EP warm glow. Every time i listen to them, they always remind me of summer and i love it.
  • If you’re ready for more music with a chill vibe for fall/winter, Angus & Julia stone just released their album Snow. I really like it, let me know what you guys think!
  • Echosmith also released their single Dear World. I believe they are going to put out their EP soon and then release their album next year I am excited!

Here are some other things that came out this week!:

That’s it for this week guys! On sunday i’m going to see Bleachers live in concert and i’m beyond excited. If you want to see videos and picture of that concert follow me on Snapchat @mileenasaysheyy! Let me know anything i missed and what your favorites from this week were!

Similar toxic effects are seen in the Variable Pitohui and the Rusty Pitohui, but not to the extent of the Hooded Pitohui. There are also several species of non-toxic pitohui that have evolved to mimic the coloration of the Hooded Pitohui in an attempt to confuse predators.

I’ve done a previous Sci Fact on tetrodotoxin - click here for that!