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tired of people forgetting Linda Park? well this is your lucky week from April 3rd to April 9th, it’s Linda Park week! a lot of people in fandom forget or just refuse to acknowledge Linda Jasmine Park so this is a week to highlight her and bring more attention towards her.

Day 1:  Monday, April 3rd - favorite Linda scenes 
Day 2: Tuesday, April 4th - favorite quote or a quote that you associate her with, because she doesn’t have much, well screentime.
Day 3:  Wednesday, April 5th - Linda + colors (colors, colors, coLORS)
Day 4: Thursday, April 6th - favorite Linda friendship, or friendships that have potential (can be AU/canon)
Day 5: Friday, April 7th - favorite Linda relationship (AU/canon/anything
Day 6: Saturday, April 8thAU/Alternative Universe (a universe where she stays after 2A, a universe with her in season 3?)   
Day 7: Sunday, April 9th - free day (anything you like!)

we’ll* be tracking #lindaparkedit / #lindaparkweek / #lindaparkgifs and feel free to tag me [#lindaspark] and @wallyiris [#wallyris] co-creator of the week!

*all gifsets and edits will be reblogged and found on @lindaparkgifs

**also you are not limited to the show; have fun with the different versions of Linda, from the comics to dcau to dctv.

New Disney Channel Series “Andi Mack”

Grandma is mad. Her grown daughter, Bex, who got pregnant as a teenager, just blazed back into town and let a big secret slip. Grandma had raised 13-year-old Andi to believe that Bex was her older sister. Well, the truth is a tad more complicated.

Meanwhile, Andi’s school life is only a little less fraught. A boy is coming to terms with his sexuality. And Andi has her own budding love life to consider.

Andi Mack premieres on friday April 7th but the first 2 episodes are out via Disney’s digital platforms now. (x)

Nothing spells ‘class’ like drinking wine straight from the bottle and planning the adventures of the next weeks 


Remember how I told you about the school shooting set to happen on October 7th? Here’s an update.

This Instagram account has been following people at my school. Apparently the people will be dressing up as clowns and shooting up the school. They’re saying EVERYONE has to come to school on the 7th (This Friday). To make things creepier, there have been clown sightings all around our town. Teachers are ordered to lock their doors this whole week.

Also, the original threat was towards Wenatchee High School but rumors have been spreading that it was a distraction. Since police are surrounding Wenatchee High School, they will be distracted trying to keep them safe and the clowns are actually going to shoot up my school (Eastmont High School).

I don’t know…it all seems kind of eerie to me. I’m afraid of clowns, and this is giving me serious anxiety.

I’ll keep you updated when I find out more.

Christine Darden, NASA "human computer," to speak at VCU

Friday, April 7th 2017, at 4:15pm, in Room 1107 of VCU’s Academic Learning Commons (1000 Floyd Avenue, Richmond VA), Christine Darden, one of the aeronautical engineers who inspired Margot Lee Shetterly’s book “Hidden Figures: the Story of the African-American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race,” will speak at VCU.

Free, open to the public. The venue is wheelchair accessible with accessible bathrooms.

And we have your daily themes!  In case you can’t read them clearly above here they are:

Day 1 - Monday April 3rd: Why I love them/the moment they became my otp

Day 2 - Tuesday April 4th : Favorite badass partners moment or episode

Day 3 - Wednesday April 5th: Favorite quote (can be something they said in the show or any other one)

Day 4 - Thursday April 6th: Favorite thing about them (ex. protectiveness, banter,  etc.) 

Day 5 - Friday April 7th: Favorite Case

Day 6 - Saturday April 8th: Favorite ‘Yes Ress, we know you love Liz’ moment

Day 8 - Sunday April 9th: Free choice or AU day

You have plenty of time to get ready!  We will remind you as the dates get closer and if you have any questions our ask box is open!  Remember to use the tag #KeenlerWeekS4

anonymous asked:

Hey can give us idea of Normani schedule for the upcoming month?

Hey to you too. These are the tentative dates that I know of. She may or may not have additional charitable events or interviews thrown in there somewhere.

Today March 9th: Charity Bowling event

Friday March 17th: Houston Rodeo

Saturday March 18th: Guatemala

Monday March 20th: premiere of DTWS

Tuesday March 22nd: DWTS results show

Thursday March 23rd: Okinawa, Japan

Saturday March 25th: Tokyo, Japan

Sunday March 26th: Kobe, Japan

Monday March 27th: DWTS week 2

Tuesday March 28th: DWTS results

Friday March 31st: Hong Kong

Saturday April 1st: Taipei, Taiwan

Monday April 3rd: DWTS week 3

Tuesday April 4th: DWTS results

Wednesday April 5th: Manila, Philippines

Friday April 7th: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Saturday April 8th: Singapore, Singapore

Monday April 10th: DWTS week 4

Tuesday April 11th: DWTS results

and every other Monday and Tuesday thereafter for DWTS

Basically she’ll be extremely busy especially when you factor in time to practice and time to rehearse….

#Emmerdale #Robron Pyschic Spoilers for April-June 2017

And here is my first posts as I delve into the Robron phenomenon with my predictions for what will take place in Emmerdale. Again, this is for fun and meant to be entertaining. I am in NO why affiliated to ITV, Emmerdale, McCains, or any soap magazine. These opinions are mine and mine alone. Where available, I will include references to previous episodes to support my hypothosis.

Since SoapLife already beat me to the punch line for the first week of April, I’ve included the actual spoilers below…and an analysis of what I think may happen.

Soaplife (Week 14)

Wednesday April 5th

Robert and Rebecca are awkward around each other ahead of Aaron’s release.

Thursday April 6th

Aaron’s prison release sees him reveal just how hard life inside was…But will he find out the truth about Robert?

Friday April 7th

Rebecca and Victoria’s friendly chat leaves Robert unnerved.

–This reads to me that the Event That Shall Not Be Named is still a best kept secret only known to Robert, Rebecca, Chas, and Paddy. (See my previous psychic spoiler for the episode to air 20-Mar-2017).

–Rebecca is no longer seething about her involvement with the Event That Shall Not Be Named. She still feels hurt and betrayed by Robert, but because she made a connection with Liv in episodes which already aired, she sets this aside to be a “friend” to Robert. Although I don’t think they can translate it to screen just yet, she still loves Robert and has continued hopes for a relationship with him.

–Robert feels guilty for The Event That Shall Not Be Named and doesn’t want anyone to find out about it. He fears because of his guilt and continued attraction toward Rebecca, his dark secret might be revealed. 

–Aaron doesn’t find out about the Event That Shall Not Be Named in week 14, but as with the psychic spoilers for episode to air 20-Mar-2017, he is suspicious because Chas & Robert have tension and are keeping something from him.

–Aaron opens up about the psychological and physical abuse he endured inside to Robert and Chas. The teaser implies past tense about Aaron being released which I hadn’t pegged to happen until week 15 or 16. I would think that since Aaron promised Chas & Robert on 20-Mar-2017 that he is no longer taking drugs, his confession will be from a hospital bed because Jason & co will have one last round of torture necessitating Aaron being released & hospitalized. Jason & co will be exacting revenge on Aaron because he refuses to be a mailman to pay for his previous habit.

–Aaron’s hospitalization and admission of torture will cement the resolve in Chas to keep Robert’s “Dirty Little Secret” for the sake of Aaron’s mental well-being

–Rebecca & VIc’s friendly chat is about Robert’s upcoming birthday. Because the Event That Shall Not Be Named has not been made common knowledge, it doesn’t matter which character approaches which, but my psychic abilities tell me it is Vic. I say this because the April 5 teaser regarding the lovebirds from Hades’ awkwardness, Rebecca doesn’t want to endanger any chance she might have to reunite with her man.

–Robert is unnerved because he wants Rebecca away from him and anyone else that could figure out about The Event That Shall Not Be Named. This is classic Robert behaviour which we witnessed with how he treated Aaron during the affair. Robert will say something similar to Rebecca that he had said to Aaron. Robert “I can’t have you near Chrissie” rings a bell.

–I original had Aaron being released during week 15 or 16, but changed course because of the wording from SoapLife.

So, that is the analysis & hypothesis for week 14…here is what I think will happen in the weeks there after, again this is purely conjecture and for fun. Some of this is based on previously seen story arcs while some is based on rumours seen on Twitter…

–Robert’s birthday will be a joint celebration which will coincide with the Mill being ready to be moved into.

–Aaron’s suspicious and doubts will continue to grow that Chas and Robert are keeping something from him. They will both continue to deny anything is wrong, using excuses about the Mill etc.

–Aaron will find out inadvertantly about The Event That Shall Not Be Named during Robert’s birthday on April 22. He will punch Robert in the middle of the village (outside the Woolpack or the Mill) with Rebecca present. He will tell him he hates him and that “We’re Done!”

–Instead of the three of our previously happy little family spending their first night in the Mill together, it will be Aaron alone sitting in the corner of his and Robert’s bedroom breaking down. End Credits/Music que on Aaron’s tear streaked face.

–Robert’s path toward self-destruction will not be complete, he will turn to Rebecca who will now have her chance for the Happily Ever After she has dream of with Robert.

–Aaron remembering how Spice helped dull the physical and emotional pain will turn to other elicit drugs (Heroine rings a bell…recent storyline about Harriet, Moira, Jai talking about Holly and the interview about a local support group). This will be a joint self-harm & drug abuse story. They’ve introduced the concept of self harm with the March 16 & 17 episodes with both Robert & Chas laying the groundwork as it relates to Aaron’s drug use.

–Aaron’s continued path of destruction with drug use will leave Liv feeling left to her own devices. She will attempt to persevere, but will struggle because Chas will have already left

–With Robert & Aaron being officially over, he will begin a relationship with Rebecca much to the other White’s objections. He will continue to secretly pine for his soulmate, Aaron. This leaves Rebecca feeling threatened but tries to put a brave face on…she doesn’t want the “I told you so’s” from her family.

–Robert will have sussed out about Aaron’s drug use. This will be his “IN” to help his one true love. He will abandon what he has with Rebecca to finally sort out Aaron. Robert & Aaron will be “locked in” the Mill, while Aaron goes through withdraws.

–As the withdraw story unfolds, the two will have the ever important heartfelt discussion where they are honest with each other about their individual trials & tribulations of Aaron’s incarceration. Robert will finally admit to Aaron everything he went through (his emotions, actions, etc) while Aaron was away from him. 

–Robert & Aaron reunite, admitting that they need each other to keep themselves grounded. Individually and alone, neither is strong enough to fight their individual demons. See below for probable dialogue:

Robert & Aaron: “But, you know.” “I know.”

Aaron: “I can’t do this without you.”

Robert: “I told you…I wanted messed up with you, and I still mean it. I love you Aaron. You’re enough.”

Throughout this discussion with platitudes, we will see Aaron attempt to blame himself for “pushing Robert into Rebecca’s nether regions”

–Aaron will be seen admitting his drug use at the previously established local drug support group. This is the first step in Aaron getting the help he needs.

Please check back for other posts related to opinions, analysis, and assumptions on what will take place in the village.

I will be adding a post later today, which will be a character analysis of Robert (Who I still adore) which I hope will explain the progression I see for his & Rebecca being involved. 

Mental Break and Poetry Night Updates

Will probably be mentally absent for a little while. As if I hadn’t talked about my job enough, it’s picking up, then I’m moving to the island (after which my job gets even more hectic) at the end of next month so there is a lot to focus on.

Even if I had to drop my art event this time around, Poetry Night will still be a go next month. It’ll take place on Friday, April 7th! Super excited!

I’m looking for a co-host for May’s Poetry Night! If you’re interested in giving a helping hand, let me know!

Hi everyone!

So mugglebornheadcanon is back, and once again recruiting for mods. I know, I’m as excited as you hopefully are.

If you’d like to be a mod, please send in an application - no more than two hundred words, telling me why you want the position, what skills you would bring to the position, and an estimation of the time commitment you could provide, as well as any ideas for the future of the blog you might have. I know that this might seem too intense, but I’m really looking for people who are committed to this - last time, we got about three hundred applications, but don’t let that put you off!! I would definitely urge you to apply, but bear in mind that there will probably be quite a lot of competition for the positions, so make your applications as good as you can :)

It doesn’t matter if you’re inexperienced, as the key thing I’m looking for here is enthusiasm.

Please send in your applications by Friday 7th November to , and if you have any questions feel free to message me either here or on my individual blog, @somewhatsapphic.

To all those who apply, I look forward to reading your applications, and to those who don’t, my very sincere thanks for sticking with both me and the blog over the past few months.




New York. Sterling Place and 7th Avenue, Friday, December 16, 1960.

A DC-8 and a Super Constellation collided over Staten Island, the Connie disintegrating and falling onto Miller FIeld, Staten Island. The Jet, presumably attempting an emergency landing at Laguardia, only made it as far as Park Slope. It was the worst air disaster until 1969, and a key motivation for the development of the air traffic control system we use today.

“Companion” is some new illustration work inspired by one of my favorite games, Journey, and is available at the UPCOMING Pixel Hearts Group Show! 12" x 12" on birchwood. 30 limited edition prints will also be available on the Gallery 1988 website (more info to follow).

GALLERY 1988 West - Opening reception, Friday Feb 5th! 7-9pm (on display til the 20th!) , 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

Follow to see artwork as it’s updated before the show!