Tom Holland x Reader

Friday Night Smut

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Warning: smut, language

Word count: 1086

Summary: Tom overheard you telling a friend that he was vanilla and so he decides to change your mind.

  • Okay I’m gonna start and say that my in box is filthy now. Lol lots of power play requests. Dom/sub. So I’m going to combine a few because they are super similar. There was multiple of dom!Tom using a toy on younestly? Mood. There is a second part that I will post tonight will be sub!Tom.

You made the mistake of Tom hearing you say that he was vanilla to your friend on the phone. He didn’t say anything that day. Instead he waited until that evening and pulled out your toy that you thought he didn’t know about. A simple vibrator that you used on your clit when he was gone for work.

Tom waited until you had both eaten dinner and were watching tv in bed. He leaned over and kissed your cheek. You smiled and kissed him softly. His hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you close.

“What has gotten into you, tiger?” You asked.

“Just want you,” he said looking at you like prey. He placed his lips on yours and slipped his tongue in your mouth. His kiss was rough and demanding. His hands roamed your back and Tom broke the kiss to pull your top off. He tossed it across the room.

“Tom,” you protested.

“Come here,” he said pulling you on his lap. His lips found your neck and he nipped at the sensitive skin. Your protest died in a moan. He kneaded your breast. You pulled at his shirt and he stopped you.

“Not today, love,” Tom said. He softly pushed you on your back. You looked on in confusion. Tom pulled out a bandana from his bedside table. “Is this okay?”

Your heart pounded. You really wanted to try being tied up but Tom seemed too sweet for that. You didn’t trust your voice so you simply nodded. Tom smirked and you felt so wet and nervous. Why was he smiling like that?

He softly tied your hands together above your head. He ran a hand down your arm and pinched your nipple softly. You gasped. He pulled your pants down and off. This was a different Tom. His eyes gleamed and he just looked like trouble.

He climbed off the bed and you leaned up took at him. Tom went straight to your drawer where you hid the toy you used when he was gone. He pulled it out.

“How do you- how… babe?” You asked shocked. Tom stalked over to the bed.

“I’ve known about this for a long time, darling. You aren’t that slick. But you are wet. Do you like this, love?” Tom asked. His voice. It had such confidence that you weren’t used to.

“Y-yeah,” you moan as he ran a finger along your slit. Tom watched your face as he slipped a finger in you. You closed your eyes as he thrust the finger in you as his thumb rubbed your clit.

“I want to see you cum from this,” he waved the toy around. You nodded. Tom slid the device between your legs and up to your lips but not in. You panted as he turned the vibration on. He circled around your clit but never giving you what you really wanted.

He pushed the toy partially inside you and your hips jumped to ride it. You softly moaned. Tom removed the device and danced around your clit again. You could tell he was doing this on purpose and by this time you were throbbing.

“Tom, touch my clit. I want to cum,” you begged. Tom thought your hands above your head held your breast up perfectly. He bent and kissed your nipple. You groaned as the vibrator was pulled away from your body.

“Tom, please. I need to cum.”

He sat up and you could see the glint in his eyes as he placed the device on your clit. Your hips jumped and you moaned loudly. You soon felt your body tighten and you came. Your hips bounced and you moaned.

Tom pulled the toy away but instead pushed 2 fingers inside you. You saw stars. Your heart pounded and it was too much but at the same time exactly what you wanted. He bent and kissed your clit.

You moaned loudly at the hypersensitive feeling. He kissed it again and you began panting. His tongue lapped the poor bud. Tom’s fingers never stopping inside you.

You felt your body tighten again and you couldn’t believe you were close again. Tom wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked. You whimpered as you came for the second time.

He pulled his fingers out and climbed up to your face. He kissed you softly and you tasted your own wetness. Tom ran a hand across your body.

“You okay love?” He asked

“Yeah, I’m great.”

“Good, I’m not done. I want you to cum on my cock,” he said nibbling your earlobe.

“I don’t know if I-”

“That’s why we have this friend,” Tom said grabbing the vibrator. He pulled his pants down and you could see he was painfully hard. He pumped himself a few times before climbed down to line up with your core. He sunk in.

He had never felt you so wet. He began moving. Your hypersensitive pussy felt every little movement. Tom grabbed the vibrator and slowly turned it on. He placed it on your nipple.

You began panting. The illusion of being tied up never felt so amazing. He slowly ran it down your body. Your hips jumped as he touched your clit with it again.

You felt almost overwhelmed but in such a good way. He roughly thrust deep in you. You softly wrapped your legs around his waist. The vibrator never left your clit.

Soon you could tell Tom was close. His breath grew ragged and his speed faltered. But your own release came on you quickly. You moaned and gasped before whining his name as your pussy clenched around his cock.

Tom groaned, sped up, and came with a moan. He pulled the vibrator away and turned it off. He pulled out and laid down beside you.

“What was that? Not that I’m complaining. That was-that was amazing,” you said. Tom could tell. Your skin practically glowed and you looked fucked out.

“I guess you can’t tell your girlfriends that I’m vanilla anymore,” he said with cocky smile.

“You heard that?” You said with your eyes wide as your rolled over towards him.

“Yeah. I wasn’t a fan.”

“I’m sorry, tiger,” you said softly.

“Love, it’s okay. I just you know what’s up,” he said patting your bottom and winking.

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Friday Night Smut

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Makeup Will Cover It

Tom Holland x Reader

Friday Night Smut

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Warning: smut, language

Word count: 925

Summary: Tom can’t have any marks for work.

It wasn’t your fault. He looked so good. I mean, he had a makeup artist for a reason, right?

That evening, Tom was going to a small event. It was dress casual so he was wearing sharp jeans and a white button down. His hair was slicked back and he had his expensive cologne on.

“You look great,” you said kissing his cheek. Tom smiled and looked up from his phone.

“You look very lovely. Are you ready to go?” Tom said innocently placing his hand on the small of your back. He didn’t know that you were climbing the walls and it was an instant turn on. Not being an appropriate time or place, you ignore it.

Throughout dinner Tom was a sweet and attentive partner. He properly introduced you to people. He steered you both away from really boring and annoying people without appearing rude.

But you were dying. Every time he would do things innocently you became more frustrated. Tom softly grasped your knee as he laughed at a joke. You bit your lip to stay quiet. His soft brushes against your skin made you feel afire. You even stared at his crotch for a second when he stood up before you. You couldn’t wait until you got back to the hotel.

“Love? Are you listening?” Tom asked.


“Are you ready to go? It’s getting late,” Tom said expectantly.

“Oh, yeah, of course.”

You both said your good byes and walked to the parking garage. The ride to the hotel was fairly quiet because you didn’t want to jump him before you got back. But the elevator was fair game.

You waited for the door to close and it to be only the two of you. You grabbed his face and ran your tongue along his bottom lip. He opened his mouth in shock and you sucked his bottom lip in your mouth and nibbled it.

Tom groaned and grabbed you gently around the waist. You roughly gripped his face and stuck your tongue in his mouth. His hands moved down to grab your ass through the thin material. His hips pressed into you. Tom pulled out of the kiss.

“What’s gotten into you, darling?”

“I want you,” you said needily as the elevator opened. Tom let you go and you both quickly walked to your room. He quickly opened the door and you threw your bag to the couch before attacking him again. You kissed down his throat and sucked a dark hickie on his neck.

“Love, don’t be so rough. There can’t be any marks for work,” Tom gasped. He was loving what you were doing. You nodded.

The pair of you walked towards a doorway to find the bed. Instead you feel your thighs pressed against a cold counter. You had moved to the bathroom. Tom pushed you up on the counter and rubbed his hips against yours again. This time you could feel his arousal. Tom bunched your dress up your hips and you unzipped his pants.

He pulled the dress over your head and attacked your bare breasts. You rutted your hips against him as he licked and nipped at your nipples, holding one in hand as he teased the other. You reached down and palmed him through his boxers before pulling him out of the hole in the fabric.

Tom hooked his fingers on the band of your underwear and pulled them down your legs. Without bothering to pull all of his clothing off, he lined up to your heat and quickly sunk in. Your back leaned back on your elbows to touch the cool mirror. Tom enjoyed the view.

He grabbed your knees and pulled them up to your chest. The angle change caused you to whine. “Tommy, more. Yeah, yeah, shit Yeah.”

He continues thrusting for a few minutes before taking your legs and straightening them out and then pulling them together in front of you both; your feet close to your head and your ankles rested on his shoulders. Tom watched as his cock slid in and out of your pussy.

You moaned loudly as he sped up. You didn’t care who could hear you. You were getting really good dick. You laid your back on the mirror and roughly gripped and scrapped at his back.

“Oh God, princess. Are you close?” Tom groaned.

“Yea, fuck, yea. Like that. I like… yea fuck me like that,” you cursed. Your whole body felt alive and you had never been wetter. You dug your hands in the flesh of his hip as you came.

Tom whined and sped up. He began groaning before finding his release. He stood panting for a minute before putting your legs down and pulling out.

“That was… something,” he said.

“Yeah. Uh.. we should do that again,” You said shyly.

“I can’t believe I had sex fully fucking dressed. I’m literally still fully buttoned,” Tom laughed unbuttoned his shirt. You laughed.

“There was no time. I need a shower. Do you want to join?” You asked pulling his clothing off and starting the water.

“Sure I’ll-”

“Babe, you are all marked up,” You said. Tom quickly looked in the mirror. He not only had a large dark hickie on the side of his neck. He also had small scratches all over his back and what looked like the beginnings of small bruises on his hips where you had grabbed him.

“I have work tomorrow. The crew is going to take the mick out of me for sure,” he sighed softly and then smiled while glaring at you.

“There’s makeup.”

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Warning: smut, language maybe

Word count: 929

Summary: uhh…Bucky wears sweatpants?

You introduced Bucky to sweatpants. He loved the soft black material instantly and any time he was in the tower he was wearing a pair. He loved being comfortable. He had gone years without it.

But when Bucky came out of the shower into his room slightly damp with water dropping from his hair and grey sweatpants on, you were very distracted. He was oblivious to your stare. You were tempted to blow off cleaning the rest of the afternoon, but no you needed the job.

Bucky relaxed in his room as you cleaned the rest of the floor. It usually took a few hours to clean everything but Sam and Nat had been gone the past few days so you skipped their rooms and finished early. You hurried to Bucky’s room to surprise him when you were surprised instead.

You opened the door to see Bucky laying in bed with his sweatpants pushed low on his highs. Bucky’s lips were parted and his eyes pushed closed. A light shine of sweat was on his brow and his hair had fallen in his eyes. His cock was in his hand and he was slowly stroking himself.

You froze for a second before quietly coming inn the room. You tip toed to the bed and lightly ran a hand up his thigh. Bucky almost jumped from his skin.

“Oh shit,” he said trying to cover his cock. “I wasn’t… you were working…”

“It’s fine, Buck. Do you want me to help you out,” You asked running your hand high on his thigh. He nodded.

You climbed between his legs and pulled his hands covering his cock away gently. Bucky gazed at you intensely. You bent and kissed his stomach that was exposed from his shirt riding up. Bucky jumped slightly.

You kissed both hips before leaning over his cock. You lightly blew on the tip and he twitched. You grasped his cock by the base and slowly moved your hand up and down. Bucky sighed.

You licked a strip up the back and Bucky whined. You kitten licked the tip and he began panting.

“Doll, you’re teasing me,” he groaned. You took the tip of his cock in your mouth and swirled it with your tongue. Then you took him deep in your mouth. Bucky panted loudly. He gripped the sheets as you alternated between taking him deeply and swirling the tip.

You began bobbing up and down while hollowing your cheeks. You started out shallow and slowly taking him deeper on each bob. His pants turned to whines as you touched the back of your throat and the base of his cock. Your eyes watered and Bucky twisted the sheets in his hands as he resisted the urge to fuck your mouth.

“I’m close,” he groaned. “I’m going cum,” Bucky warned. You could feel his cock twitch as he got close. So you took him deep in your mouth and lightly stroked his testicle with your hand. Bucky’s hips bucked up in your mouth and you swallowed around him.

He thrusted up one last time and you felt him cum down your throat. He groaned and gasped through his orgasm. You kept him in your mouth until he stopped twitching. You slowly pulled off of his cock and kissed the tip before climbing up beside Bucky.

“You owe me one,” you said kissing his cheek.

“I’ll pay you back now,” he said gently pushing you on your back. His hands pushed your shirt over your head. Bucky kissed you neck before leaning over you. He took a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. You moaned and grabbed hid hair. His tongue roughly lapped the sensitive bud.

His hands pushed down your pants and he reached between your legs and lightly ran a finger through your slit. Your hips jumped as his pushed a finger in you. Bucky kissed down your body. His metal hand lightly thumbed your nipple and the cold metal on your burning skin felt delicious.

He kissed your clit before licking between your lips. You opened your legs wider to give him better access. He pushed another finger in you and your back arched off the bed. You panted deeply as he licked around your slit.

He finally wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked. You moaned loudly as he released it and went back to licking.

“Please…” you whined as his fingers curled up as they thrust. “Go back.”

“Mm mm,” he vibrated against your clit before sucking and licking it aggressively. Your legs wrapped around his head as he repeated the motion. You were moaning loudly by this time.

“God, you aren’t playing,” you groaned. He looked up at you with mischievous eyes.

“Doll, I want you screaming my name when I’m through,” Bucky said against your pussy. He then went back to attacking your clit. You grabbed his hair and whined his name as you felt the coil in your core snap and you rode his face through your high.

You let go of his hair and Bucky crawled up the bed beside you. He laid on his back and pulled you on his chest and the blankets around you both. Bucky petted your hair and watched you breath. He thought your face was so soft and beautiful with swollen lips and hooded eyes after sex. You had finally gotten used to his ways of watching. Its hard to drop his training.

“You look good in grey sweats, babe,” you whispered.

“Thanks, they are Steve’s.”

“I didn’t need to know that.”

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Friday Night Smut

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