frida kahlo earrings

I love you like…

I love you like Pablo Neruda
As he once said
“I love you like this because I don’t know any other way to love”

I love you like a broken vase
And I know the kids in my art class will tease me for that metaphor but
You’re the flowers lying in my remains

I love you like Frida Kahlo
Because I only paint self portraits
And lately, baby
All I’ve been painting is you

I love you like crises love me
And I love you because you know that means
I’ll never leave you alone


anonymous asked:

Your hand earrings, allusion to the earrings given to Frida Kahlo by Picasso?

i actually had no idea frida kahlo wore hand earrings and people have been asking me about it recently - i just looked it up! wow!