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bts reacts to getting a handjob...? x

Jungkook: A small, sharp breath escaped his lips as you gripped the base of his leaking cock. Slowly pumping him, he’d whine and whimper constantly for you to speed up
He liked when you denied his orgasms and put them off for as long as possible. He’d moan as you unexpectedly picked up the pace, a sharp intake followed by a louder moan as his eyes fall shut
He’s curse under his breath begging you to let him cum

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Jimin: His cock would twitch in anticipation as you lightly blew over his tip, his member dripping with arousal.
He’d compliment and praise you, calling you little pet names like ‘princess’ and ‘babygirl’
He liked watching your movements through lidded eyes, seeing your hand wrapped so nicely around him. He’d be a loud moaner, moaning as you picked up the pace and whine when you teased him
He loved his other body parts being played with especially his nipples, pinching them and pumping him fast gets him moaning like a porn star

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Taehyung: He liked handjobs but preferred blowjobs although when he was needy, he wouldn’t mind at all. His eyes filled with nothing but lust, wanting your touch where he needed it the most.
He'd whimper and buck his hips desperately into your hand, searching for more friction when you teased him. He’d throw his head back moaning in pure ecstasy when you sped up your movements, sucking and licking his balls and tensed highs. He’d be lost in pleasure, groaning as his eyes squeezed shut
He'd pant your name breathlessly telling you how pretty you look with your hand wrapped around his cock

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Namjoon: He loved handjobs in public, the thrill of getting caught turns him on but the thought of you jacking him off, makes him harder
Anywhere from bathrooms, under tables to inside changing rooms, he loved it
He wouldn’t be a loud moaner but he’d whisper compliments as his breath hitches, he’d groan softly and throw his head back in pleasure, occasionally moaning louder when you pump him faster

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Jhope: “Ahh fuck, just like that baby” he’d mumbles breathlessly, his chest rising and falling with each pant as your fingers wrap tight around his wet member, slick with pre-cum. Pumping him fast, he moans loudly and bucks his hips, his head thrown back.
He’d be a loud-ish moaner, sometimes grunting and groaning. He’d whine your name so desperately when you teased him, your fingers loosening as you slow the pace to a cruel one.
He’d beg for you to speed up and make him cum his delicious, white seed

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Jin: He preferred handjobs in the bedroom rather than in public, on sofa’s or under tables. He didn’t find the risk of someone walking in so appealing.
He’d be a quiet moaner with the loud occasional groan as you pressed your thumb over his red tip, rubbing softly against it as you slid your hand back down his length.
He’d whisper and moan your name under his breath telling you how good your making him feel. He’d groan softly as you nipped the skin on his inner, muscular thighs. He loved when he felt your wet tongue press against his balls as you played around with them teasingly.
His breath hitches as his moans become louder signalling he’s close. He’d bite down on his plumb lip, his eyes screwed shut and his mouth agape.

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Suga: He wouldn’t be a loud moaner but his breathing would become shaky and audible as heat bolted down to his lower regions
He’d moan lowly, almost a growl - laced with lust as your thumb skilfully smeared pre-cum up and down his hard shaft
His breath would hitch as you gripped the base of his cock and started to move, cursing under his breath- his adam’s apple bobbing in his throat as he swallowed, holding back pleasure-filled groans

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Payback Pt.2

A/N: Sorry, if it’s not amazing. It’s 1:30 in the morning and I just finished it. Teen Wolf Tuesday tomorrow, so I’ll be posting a new OC story Wednesday.

Request: i forgot to add this but it was a request by several people.

I composed myself before leaving the small room. It’d been about five minute since Theo had left leaving me there to reflect. Even with the memory fresh in my mind, I still couldn’t understand what happen. Well, I mean I know what happened, but I wasn’t sure why. Theo had the opportunity to do whatever he wanted with me. Torture me, kidnap me, even kill me. But instead, he’d chosen to fuck me. I couldn’t lie and say I hadn’t enjoyed it. As I walked out of the room and roamed the unfamiliar passages of the piped line tunnels, I could feel the presence of his lips on mine. I closed my eyes and remembered how he felt inside of me, my walls tightening around his length. My core wet with arousal, and then it made sense.

“Oh my god.” I said my eyes flying open. This was his pay back. This is what he wanted. He wanted me to think about him after he was gone, to fantasize about him.

‘Oh, he’s good.’ I thought. ‘But I’m better.” I plotted me plans for revenge as I made my way out. I reached a large metal fence door that lead outside. I pushed it open, and to my dismay saw Malia and Liam had left me. I didn’t blame them though, they probably figured I’d left them. Unfortunately, Malia had driven us there, so I was stranded. I pulled out my phone, annoyed that they hadn’t at least called me, but I quickly found out why. My phone had died, and I wasn’t sure how long it had even been dead. I sighed dreading the walk home, but before I began my long journey I saw a large black pickup truck parked off to the side. I change my course to investigate it. I recognized it instantly once I was close. It was Theo’s!

‘He must’ve not left yet.’ I thought. I peered into the tinted window and saw the keys in the ignition. I chuckled shaking my head.

“Stupid boy.” I muttered to myself. I walked to the drivers side and pulled open the door. I heaved myself in the large vehicle and quietly shut the door behind me. I always thought Theo was daft but could he be daft enough to leave his precious car vulnerable and unattended. I didn’t second guess it. I twisted the keys, and the truck roared loudly. I knew I’d be caught if I didn’t get the hell out, so I slammed on the gas and peeled off. I giggled crazily as I zoomed away from the scene. I’d just stole Theo’s car!

Oh my god. I’d just stolen Theo’s car!

Stealing was still a crime, and my revenge would be short lived if I was arrested for grand theft. I decided to ditch it somewhere in the woods, somewhere it’d take him a while to find.

I finally found the perfect spot on a hill over looking the town. I got out of the truck, keys in hand, a smile big on my face. I threw the keys somewhere in the woods and turned to leave. I listen to the keys fly through the air, but was stumped when I didn’t hear them come back down. I looked back in the direction I threw them, squinting trying to see what hindered them from falling. I heard his devilish laugh before I saw him. Theo walked through the thick forest his keys in his hand.

‘Shit.’ I whispered under my breathe I was frozen in my spot.

“Nice try.“ He mocked. “No really. This was a cute stunt.”

“I…I uh needed a…a ride home.” I fumbled over my words. He came towards me until he was standing right in front of me.

“If you needed a ride Princess, you just need to ask.”

I gulped hard, trying to swallow my fear.

“S-stop calling me t-that.”

He chuckled. “Is that what you want me to do?” He grabbed my waist sternly pushing his hips into mine. “Or do you want me to give you a ride?” He rolled his hips against mine and I bit back a moan. Trying to regain control, I cleared my throat and pushed him away from me.

“I’m going home Theo! You got your stupid truck back, so leave me alone.” I spat turning from him and walking away. He grabbed my wrist whirling me around to face him.

“Leave you alone?” He said anger in his voice. “You stole my truck!” I ripped my hand from his grip.

“Only after you-” I stopped mid sentence knowing that if I admitted what he did. He’d win.

“Only after I what? Fucked your brains out?” He was getting cocky. I couldn’t let that happen, a blow to his ego should bring him down a notch.

“I mean it was alright.” I shrugged. The anger that was perviously in his voice was now on his face.

“Alright?” He repeated in disbelief. “I’ll show you alright.” He grabbed my wrist again and dragged me, only half unwillingly, to the black pickup. He opened the bed of the truck and lifted me onto it, so I was sitting on the edge of the door. He wedged his body in between my legs and placed his hands on my waist. He smirked cunningly at me, and leaned his face in closer to mine. I wanted him to kiss me, my head was screaming for him to plant his warm lips on mine. For them to line my body with kisses. He ghosted over my lips with his teasing me. He was doing it again, his game. His payback. He loved watching me beg for him, and I loved that he made me.

Oh god.

Did I just admit that? He moved his hands from my waist slowly down to my thighs creating goosebumps along the exposed skin. Our faces were still so close, and we were breathing each other’s air. Even his breath was intoxicating. As if I had no control, I started to connect our lips but stopped just as they brushed each other. I was playing a losing game but I had to at least try.

“Come on, Princess.” He breathed. I licked my lips and shook my head. He put his hands on the button of my jeans. “Kiss me.” He coaxed unbuttoning them in one swift motion. I shook my head again, I could feel his hard erection on my thigh weakening my will to resist. He unzipped them next, achingly slow and slipped his index finger past my panties reaching my clit. I couldn’t take it anymore and wrapped my arms around his neck tangling my fingers in his hair. He chuckled. “Kiss. Me. NOW!” He commanded softly. Finally I pressed my lips to his hard and he began moving his fingers in a circular motion. I moaned into his mouth giving him the opportunity to stick his tongue in. He moved his fingers faster as the kissing got sloppier. Our tongues wrestled each other for dominance. The fire in my belly pooled threatening to spill into pleasure. He pulled his lips away from mine and landed them on my neck kissing down to the nape.

“You gonna come Princess?” He asked between kisses.

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Ask me.” He demanded biting my neck lightly. My edge was close, but I didn’t know what he wanted.

“Ask me if you can come!” He said as if reading my mind.

“Please Theo can I come?” I almost begged.

“Please who?” He question pulling back to look at me.

“Theo!’ I moaned out again knowing any second I could come. He pulled his fingers from clit and I whined at the loss of friction.

“You wanna come?” He teased.

“Yes! I said through gritted teeth.

“Then you ask Daddy if you can come.” He said gesturing to himself.

“Daddy?” I scoffed cocking an eyebrow. Theo didn’t like being mocked and put both hands at the collar of my shirt, ripping it in two. I gasped and looked down at my clad bra torso. He pulled the cups down under my breast and they spilled out. He wrapped his mouth around my right nipple and nibbled on it lightly, a groan slipping through my lips. I wanted, no, needed him to be inside of me.

“Daddy.” I moaned. He pulled back and switch breasts.

“There you go, Princess.” He sucked and nibbled on the sensitive nub, making me whine with pleasure. He smiled again, obviously satisfied things were going his way.

“My turn.” He said stepping back from me. His famous smirk stayed on his face as he unbuckled his pants. I reached out touching my hands over his bulge and was rewarded with a growl. He pulled my hand up to his button and made me undo it and his zipper. He pushed his pants and boxers down to his knees and I grabbed his stiff member with my hand pumping it a few times. He threw back his head letting out a full moan. I scooted off the truck and on the my knees to the leaf and stick littered forest ground. He grabbed my hair in a makeshift ponytail and pushed my head onto his member. It passed through my lips and to the back of my throat. He slid his cock in and out of my mouth, grunts and growls escaping from him.

“You’re mouth feels so good.” He groaned. “Maybe I’ll just fuck these pretty lips, and not you.” I let out a small whimper sending vibrations around him. He chucked and pulled out of my mouth with a ‘pop’.

“Take those off and get back up there.” He nodded to the bed of the truck. I obeyed him pushing my shorts down and just I went to do the same with my panties, he stopped me.

“Keep those. You look sexy in them.” I felt a pulse in my core from the compliment. I hopped back on the truck as he pulled out a condom, ripped open the foil packet, and he pushed the latex around his dick. He positioned himself back between my legs, and teased my bundle of nerves with his tip. I tilted my head back.

“Please Daddy! Please?” I begged. He moved my panties aside so he could push himself inside me. I groaned wildly when he entered me, he grabbed my hips thrusting in and out of me slowly. He felt better inside me then I remembered and I clenched my walls around him.

"Fuck you’re tight.” He moaned. I gripped the edge of the truck as his thrusts quickened, the truck moving in sync with his movements. Once again the familiar sensation in my core bubbled. “Faster.” I almost screamed.

“Say it!” He growled at me.

“Please Daddy. Faster.” He obliged pounding into me, perfectly hitting my g-spot.

“I’m going to-” I stopped myself knowing I’d have to ask to do what was only a few thrusts away.

“Daddy? Can I come?” I pleaded.

“Yes, come for me.” The words pushed me over my edge and I finally reached me toe curling orgasm. I let out an animalistic moan, the sound must have been just what Theo needed to come because he did seconds later. He rode out his orgasm, before crashing on top of me. Both our breathing was temporarily labored. As soon as they settled, he did something unexpected. He kissed me. Light, and sweetly. He pulled out, and took off the condom throwing it somewhere unseen. I pulled my shorts up and glanced over at Theo who was staring at me as he dressed.

“You know if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were enjoying yourself more than I was.” I smiled.

“Well, you should know better.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and looked down trying to figure out how I was going to go anywhere with my shirt in two pieces. Theo took his shirt off, walking over to hand it to me. I smiled at him and pulled it over my head. He looked me over in his shirt and smirked.

“Still need a ride home?”

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I need a anon x Suga smut based on Blood Sweat Tears😭😭😭😩😩

A/N: I’m sweating….

Reversing Roles

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pairing : yoongi x female reader 

genre : smut

warnings : blindfolding, slight thigh riding, strong language, orgasm denial, oral (giving)

word count : 1084

“Yoongi, can we try something new tonight?”

Yoongi looked startled. He turned the t.v. down and turned to look at you as you fiddled nervously with your hands before shoving them in your lap. You’d been thinking about trying something new for some time now but finally, finally you had a reason to ask your long time boyfriend about it.

“Sure baby. What did you… have in mind exactly?” Yoongi asked, gently grabbing your chin and forcing you to look him in the eyes.

You blushed, feeling the heat between your legs grow as you thought about what you wanted to do to him.

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Build Up: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Emily Prentiss x Female Reader

Warnings: SMUT

Requested by: Anonymous

“ Can you write a fic where Emily and her wife has sex in her office after the reader spent the day sexually teasing her? Thanks.💜💕”

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A/N: This got a little more domEmily than I intended…

Leaving for work before Emily was hard to do, she was so dedicated. She and the team had flown in late the night before, so she had given herself and the BAU the morning off. Watching her sleep was a peaceful start to your day, but when she rolled over the lace of her nightgown pinched her breasts in such a way. You had to, they were right there and beautiful, but you resisted. Em needed her sleep.

As you finished your morning routine, Emily dozed on. You left a little note by the fresh pot of coffee you made and headed in for a long day of spin classes and your regular trainee appointments.

I could barely keep my hands off of you this morning. You’re lucky I am a nice wife and let you sleep.

Texting Emily in between classes was habit, teasing her was a new endeavor. You cringed at how pushy you sounded, but prayed the tech gods would grant mystery to your words and somehow they would be sexy. Emily’s reply pointed to your requested blessings.

How do you think I felt walking in on you last night? I should make you wear something to bed once in a while. This sleeping nude is very distracting.

The speed of her reply jump started your confidence, but you knew how to keep her waiting. You texted a kissing emoji and continued to the next studio. Emily would have to wait for a solid retaliation.

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morning sex with taehyung pls~?thanks

We had two of these, so here’s the answer to both :) sorry it took so long!

You awoke slowly, feeling a slight warmth on your face fromthe light filtering in through the blinds. You heard V breathing softly behind you. Contented, you snuggled back against his chest. He sighed gently in his sleep, tightening his grip around your stomach.

“Tae,” you murmured. He grunted a little bit, nuzzling your shoulder with his cheek and adjusting his hold on your torso. You thought he was still asleep until one of his hands snaked up your shirt.

“Taehyung,” you scolded with a sleepy giggle. He kissed the back of your neck in quick, goofy motions, and you could feel him smiling. His kisses made you wiggle a little; then you felt his hardness pressing against your rear. The feeling sent tingles down your stomach.

V’s kisses became softer and more sensual. He tugged on your shirt suggestively, and you arched your back to give him consent. He continued to pull up your shirt, stopping when he uncovered your breasts. His other hand toyed with the hem of your underwear.

You tilted your head back, allowing him access to the side of your neck. He bit you a little, and it made you gasp and snap completely awake. You could almost hear him smirk with satisfaction. He tweaked one of your nipples as he brushed your sweet spot above your underwear. You bit your lip and moaned softly. You ground your behind against him, urging him to go faster. He complied quickly, pulling your underwear down and off.

V teased your lower lips and reveled in their wetness. You whined and pushed against him, wishing he’d give you some sort of friction.

“Don’t tease me,” you pleaded. You rocked your hips toward his fingers to no avail.

“Tell me what you want,” he breathed. He ran his nose tauntingly down the edge of your ear. You whined again, wiggling in an attempt to adjust his fingers. It didn’t work, and he nipped your earlobe as punishment.

“I said tell me, [F/N].”

You bit your lip again, hesitating for a moment.

“I… I want you inside me,” you almost squeaked.

“Good girl,” he purred. He finally started circling your clit gently; you sighed in relief and pleasure. He pulled his own underwear down behind you. He lifted your leg, opening the apex of your legs to him. He used his length to tease your slit, and feeling his thrusts behind you turned you on more. Bracing his other hand on your hip, he commanded you one more time:

“Touch yourself.”

Your fingers found your throbbing clit and started circling almost greedily. Without warning, V entered you, making you gasp again and moan heavily. He slammed into you at a fast pace. You felt like you were almost shouting with each pump, and your core tightened hard.

“Tae…! Tae, I’m—” you were cut off by a gasp as you came heavily around him. Your body was still shuddering as he stiffened behind you.

“[F/N]…” he moaned as he finished. He relaxed and pulled out of you, holding you close for a few moments while you both caught your breath.

You stood shortly after that, doing everything in your power to hide that it was rather difficult for you to stand.


“You’re so mean,” you pouted. “It’s the morning, and you’re already ordering me around like that…”

“Aw, Jagi,” V giggled, standing to meet you. He started to hug you, but you pushed him away in faux drama.

“No, I need to shower,” you huffed jokingly.

“I’ll make it up to you,” he promised, following you to the bathroom.

“And how are you going to do that?” You turned to look at him with a smirk on your face. He cupped your chin and licked his lips slowly with a sexy half-smile.

“I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

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Oh my can you write a short story on how Noctis gets overly jealous and posessive with their s/o? Also your anon button is off :(

((Here you go! Anon is now turned on for sure, lol. Thanks, hun, and hope this works! Gender-neutral S/O, and pretty tame, but I can always change that if people want. ^_^))

The worn, velvet-flocked wallpaper feels cool against your back when you find yourself thrust up against it, and he’s right there, breathing you in with an intensity in those stormy-blue depths that leaves you breathless.

“Did you like that, having all those eyes on you tonight?” Noctis murmurs, and it’s not cold…never that, but that intensity, just that little bit of danger, holds tight to every syllable. He’s smirking, and you can feel it rather than see it, the curved angle of his lips just shy of your own. So soft, even as he continues gripping you hard, fingers giving a final squeeze of your arms before dragging down to snag you by the wrists. He doesn’t give you a chance to answer.

“I bet you did,” he goes on, and this time you can’t help but shiver at the subtle graze of his teeth against your jaw. He’s dipping his head, just lightly tracing a searing line along your neck on the cusp of parted lips, even as his grasp tightens and fff-…he’s suddenly got your wrists pinned tightly, held firm above your head against the motel wall.  

“I bet…” the prince nibbles lightly at the juncture of your shoulder and neck before angling his gaze to peer up at you once more through his piecey, dark fringe. “You liked it even more than you let on…”

Another squeeze of his fingers, and he moves in impossibly close, with a press of his thigh parting your own. He’s getting hard and you can feel it as he grinds his hips against yours, and you’re met with a note of rich, dark laughter, only a little more than a sigh of amusement, when you can’t help but let out a strangled gasp.

Maybe you did enjoy putting on a little show for all those onlookers. The night out to that club had been thick with the promise of mischief from the get-go. And you’d taken it for all its worth as you’d occupied the dance floor, much to the booze-flavoured delight of countless strangers… all the while knowing- revelling in- your prince’s eyes on you, narrow and tinged with a certain kind of greed, from the booth overhead.

“You loved it when they all wanted to dance with you, put their hands on you… all with me right there watching, huh?” His body is so warm against you, so tantalizingly close that if you hadn’t already been feeling it, you most certainly are now. You can’t help but squirm against him- or maybe you’re doing this on purpose too, loving how his jaw tightens just a little when you rock your hips as best you can, savouring even that little bit of friction.

“You little tease-” Noctis smirks anew, but then his velvety tone is interrupted by a low hiss as another tilt of your hips, thighs pressing snug against the one lodged between them, grants him another taste. You’re grinning wildly as you think you sense the briefest hesitation in him, his grip just a little lax for a fraction of a second before-

It’s like he’s all around you, flashing and crackling ethereal blue like starlight, and when you can breathe again, when the twinkling particles settle and only the barest, heady arcane scent lingers, you find yourself nestled flat on your back.

Noctis devours the sight of you pinned to the mattress beneath him, and his expression toes the line between smug victory and raw hunger. His hands are bare in an instant, possessive palms dragging greedily down your sides to slip beneath your hips. And then he has you where he wants you, legs spread around him and fingers curled into the bedding, nodding desperately because oh yes, this is exactly what you wanted.

A pleasant shiver runs through you all over again, even before he’s tugging at your zipper and pushing up your shirt, and long before his weight is on you, those lips of his brushing soft and just a little bit predatory against the shell of your ear.

“Who do you belong to?”

You have never been more his. 


Wet Dreams *Part One*

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I’ll be away for a little bit but I really wanted to get this up there before I go. I’ll have the rest of the boys’ up later!

Harry: It was the middle of the night and you were wide awake. You started to doze off at first but then Harry’s hand hit you in the face and you’ve been up ever since. He, however, was out cold, sleeping like a baby on your chest. You were just about to get up when he started wiggling around in the bed. You were about to push him off of you when he moved and you felt that he was hard against your leg. He groaned in his sleep from the pressure and started grinding his hips. “Baby…..that feels…so good” he mumbled. It took a lot not to laugh but you couldn’t help it. The sound of you giggling woke him up and he sleepily rubbed his eyes, looking up at you. “Nice dream, huh?” you teased him. He grinned and in one fluid motion, he was straddling your body. “I’ll tell you what’s not nice” he whispered in your ear in a sexy, raspy voice. His hips started grinding into your crotch, looking for friction. “How you were teasing me in my dream.”

Niall: You came down stairs after taking a shower, expecting to see your boyfriend watching his derby game on the couch. Guess he got tired though because his head was leaning back and light snores were leaving his lips. You snuck up behind him and wrapped your arms around his neck. You tried kissing his cheek and along his jaw to wake him up, but he started moaning in his sleep. “Mmm, yeah baby…” he groaned, your eyes widening when you saw the bulge in his sweatpants. “Darlin, you feel so good.” You decided to get a little cheeky and leaned over so you could palm him through his sweats. His hips, instantly, bucked into your hand. After a minute or so, he was fully hard so you made your way in front of him and pulled his pants down. He groaned louder, feeling you sink down onto him. You started moaning loudly which snapped him out of his slumber. “You should ride me awake more often, baby.”