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This is not PLL related but I remember you are doing psychology right? I am too, next year's my final year so it's around this time I decide what I want to specialize in and I am so interested in Social psych, I adore it. But I still have these thoughts of "what is it like being a therapist". Anyways, Ik it's only your first year but have you found any specific interests? :)

Firstly, I’m surprised you/anyone remembered that about me, given I mention it once in a blue moon! Good attention to detail hahaha

That’s so cool, what an exciting time! I wish I can fast track the next 7 years and get to your position haha

I get those thoughts too. It kind of daunts me. Being a therapist… what a frickn important job that is! It’s not like at McDonalds if you forget the sauce you can just pass it to the customer when they ask for it and everyone moves on with their day. This is someone’s mental state, and life you’re dealing with. Wording has to be on point, questions/answers have to be directly relevant/appropriate and you can’t just pull out a textbook mid-conversation and say “let me look up how best to help you!” so you really need to know your stuff backwards. I think about all this stuff and it scares me in a way! But I know that we’ll get training and we’ll be taught everything.

I’m liking developmental psych and learning at the moment. Since my degree also includes teaching, I’m kind of leaning towards teaching psych whilst also being the school psychologist. I doubt they’d pay me a double wage for doing two roles but I think that’d be a great combo. Again I’d need to become more confident in the therapist area because of the reasons I said (plus more) but the degree is 7 years.. I’ll get there!

Best of luck with everything, again, final year… what an exciting time!!