fricking keyboard

It’s a miRACLE I was able to kinda remember the date for this before asking, since I absolutely suck without reminders and had to dig back in my old pictures to find a doodle I made around then for you last year- buT THIS IS FOR M’ LOVELY FRIENDO @sesescorner’S BIRTHDAY

I seriously gotta say how frickin proud of you I am for overcoming (and continUING TO OVERCOME) all the things that you have since I’ve gotten to meet you ;;__;; Plus its awesome you’ve got some projects of your own that you can get your head invested in and give you something fun to work on. :,D I’ve felt really honored n’ happy getting to call you my friend, and I can firmly say that’s been for at leaST A YEARISH OR MORE NOW >:,,,D

You’ve helped me overcome a painfully huge amount of my own social anxiety in a lotta ways you dont (and already do) know about :,,> and it has been sO much fun whenever our timezones/schedules line up that we’ve been able to play games together or brainstorm, or even just chat ;;v;; alSO making up characters with other peeps has been something I’ve always wanted to do for ages, so getting to mess with ideas for Gekko n’ Pari has been fun as heck, and I’m excited to see wherever it is any new goobers we make end up going.

You’re a phenomenal artist with all sorts of adorable characters and fun ideas, and just a beautiful n’ awesome person in general; I can’t wait to see where you go in the future. :,,,D

I love ya lots dude, here’s to hopefully many more years of bein’ friends with each other <333 N’ I hope the rest of your day’s a really nice one~