fricking hands

Y'all……bellarke held hands. Like, legitimately. Not to grab something or to get their attention. They just…….held hands. To comfort each other. What kind of soft unplatonic–

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clubspooky  asked:

i was falling asleep and thought of this and immediately had to ask lmao but like do shiro and keith ever decide to renew their vows once the little kiddos are a little older (9-12 age range) and can then be a part of their ceremony?? if they do, who does what? who is the ring bearer, the flower girl/boy? how do the kids react to this? thanks for this wonderful au!!


[The Voltron Family] Shiro and Keith were in bed. They were watching tv so it was quiet aside from the sounds coming from the screen. The show was CSI, it was one of their faves and it only aired at night. 

Keith: *adjusts himself on the headboard* Noooo. That’s impossible. It wouldn’t even get through the skull. *turns to Shiro* Right? 
Shiro: *smiles fondly at Keith* 
Keith: *frowns* I’m right, right? You’re the one with the medical degree here.
Shiro: *smiles even more* Right.
Keith: *nods* *turns back to the tv* Wrong guess there, sweetheart. *is talking about one of the characters*

Shiro was hardly paying attention to the case in the show because he was too damn busy being amused at Keith reacting to the show. The more he looked at Keith, the more he loved him. It was ridiculous. How much more love could he even have for Keith? Warmth spread across his chest and he felt himself smiling so wide looking at his husband at 1am on a Friday night.

Shiro: *breathlessly* Keith, marry me.
Keith: *turns to Shiro* We’re already married. *rolls eyes* *turns back to the screen* *points to the screen again* Oh come on—
Shiro: *tugs Keith’s arm* I know, but. *bites lips while in thought*
Keith: *abruptly stops* *looks at Shiro again* Are you—
Shiro: *smiles even wider* We have three kids now and they’re old enough to attend our wedding.
Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: Keith, will you marry me again?
Keith: *smiles and leans in to give Shiro a kiss* Yes. I’d marry you 50 times if you ask me 50 times.
Shiro: *chuckles* Wow, I didn’t know you like me that much. Why you so obsess with me?
Keith: *rolls eyes* Shut up. *tackles Shiro in bed forgetting about the show*
Shiro: *tries to push Keith away* YOU KNOW I’M TICKLISH!!! *laughs*

The following morning they tell the kids their plan.

Hunk: *gasp* *covers mouth with hands* You’re getting married again?!
Lance: *tilts head* You’re allowed to do that?
Pidge: *giggles* This is so exciting! Where are you getting married?
Keith: *looks at Shiro* *beams at the kids* Japan.

After a few months of planning, they were finally at the airport on their way to Japan. They were boarding the plane and Keith and Shiro were placing their carry on bags in the compartments.

Lance: *turns to the stewardess* My Daddies are getting married again, did you know that?
Stewardess: *smiles* Really? 
Lance: Yep! *points at Shiro and Keith talking and deciding where to put their other bags* That’s them! 
Stewardess: *looks at Shiro and Keith* That’s wonderful.
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, can I have my iPod please?
Shiro: Of course, sweetheart. *turns to Keith* Where’s did we put her bag?
Keith: *points at Lance’s direction* I think over there. *looks at Pidge* Hang on, let me get it for you, cupcake. Anything else you need?
Pidge: *shakes head* That’s all, Daddy Keith.
Keith: *nods* Alright. *makes his way to Lance’s side* Excuse me, darling, let me just— *raises hand to get Pidge’s bag*
Lance: Daddy Keith, I told the lady stewardess about you getting married to Daddy Shiro again.
Pilot: *roams around* Someone’s getting married? Who?
Lance: My Daddies! *points at Keith and Shiro*
Keith: *mortified* Lance, keep quie—
Pilot: *smiles fondly* I’d like everyone’s attention please. 
Keith: Oh my god. Please no—
Pilot: We have passengers on board who are getting married. 
Everyone: *whistles* *claps*
Shiro: *makes his way to Keith* Oh? Who else is getting married?
Keith: *covers his face* *whispers* It’s us.
Pilot: Is this the lucky man? *pats Shiro* *chuckles* *places hand on Shiro and Keith’s shoulders* Congratulations to these two wonderful men! 
Everyone: *congratulates and claps*
Hunk: *giggles* *joins everyone else*
Shiro: *chuckles* Thank you, everyone! I can’t wait to marry my husband—again. *gives Keith a kiss on the cheek*
Keith: I just wanted to give Pidge her iPod why did it come to this?

The wedding was amazing. Pidge and Lance were flower girl and flower boy, while Hunk was the ring bearer. Everyone cried but no one cried harder than Shiro that night. Their “honeymoon” was spent with the kids in their honeymoon room and they marathoned shows until everyone was sleepy.

Shiro: *sleeping Pidge by his side* *turns to Keith* I think this is the best wedding and honeymoon we’ve ever had.
Keith: *has Hunk and Lance by his side sleeping* *whispers* You think so?
Shiro: *chuckles softly* Yeah. 
Keith: *raises eyebrows* Even if we didn’t—
Shiro: I’m not after that, Keith. You know that. That’s why I proposed we have the kids with us cause I know that would make you feel at ease and not feel pressured.
Keith: *smiles* Awww, how considerate of you. Still doesn’t excuse you for accidentally kicking my shin a while ago though!
Shiro: *gasp* THAT WAS LANCE!!!
Keith: Excuses, Takashi! Don’t blame this on your son.  
Shiro: *gapes* *in disbelief*
Keith: *turns silent* But yeah, this is the best so far.
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* *smirks* So far?
Keith: What? You still need to propose to me 49 more times remember?
Shiro: *laughs* Of course. How could I ever forget about that?


kihyun wanted to know what 760,000 is in eng and wonho was there staring at him the whole time and holding hands, kiho is so extra stop it!

my recent VoG experiences:

You’ve just won another brand new Corrective Measure! You stare bleakly at your vault filled with stacks upon stacks of Corrective Measures, occupying every possible space at impossible angles. Today’s brand new gun is transmatted in and as you see it’s bulk pressing against the others, taking the last bit of vault that had still been yours to fill, you feel tears hot upon your cheeks. Congratulations on your prize!

mikeybound  asked:

This may be taking things too far, but has Keith ever offered Shiro an open relationship?

I’ve been staring at this ask for way too long that I’ve come to a conclusion that no, Keith didn’t offer Shiro an open relationship. OTL

Keith may be insecure that he can’t give Shiro what he wants, when he wants. He knows what he lacks to the point he even thought about maybe he should change. Maybe he should give in to what his husbands wants. But that’s not who he is and it makes him feel uncomfortable and Shiro knows that.

Shiro: Keith… uh, what on earth are you doing? *raises an eyebrow*
Keith: Uh… do you. Idk. Feel like…? 
Shiro: *finally gets the idea* *sighs* Keith, stop. 
Keith: *frowns* Do you… not want to? 
Shiro: It’s not that I don’t want but it seems like you’re forcing yourself. And you know that if we do this, it has to be okay for both of us. And right now, clearly, it isn’t mutual.
Keith: *leans back on the headboard* *closes his eyes* *sighs in relief* Oh god. Bless. Bless you. Forever. Bless you, Takashi. Jesus Christ.
Shiro: *chuckles* Wow. Going religious on me.
Keith: *chuckles* *looks at Shiro fondly* Check this out. *takes Shiro’s hand and places it on his chest* 
Shiro: Oh my god. Your heart is racing.
Keith: *laughs* Yeah. I was so bloody nervous. 
Shiro: Nervous that I’d say yes? *smirks*
Keith: A bit, yeah. *chuckles* I didn’t get to think past that. I was hoping you’d say no to be honest. *removes Shiro’s hand*
Shiro: Then why did you offer? *amused*
Keith: Just thought I’d… *waves hand in the air aimlessly* put it out there.
Shiro: I knew something was off. *smiles* I was like “Is this real life? Is this fantasy? Last time I checked my husband’s all ‘I don’t need it. Takashi. But if you do, just hit me up and we’ll discuss and schedule.’ Schedule, Keith. We schedule things like this. *pokes Keith*
Keith: *laughs* We do, don’t we? Is that weird? I don’t think most married couples make it so formal to even book a schedule.
Shiro: *hums* But we’re not most married couples though. Plus, we gotta be considerate of the time and place and if we have any engagements the following day. I say we’re the better couple. They should follow us.
Keith: *hits Shiro playfully* Don’t make fun of me. *smiles*
Shiro: *grabs Keith’s hand and interlaces theirs* I’m not, sweetheart. Please, don’t ever force yourself, okay? I love you and I don’t give a damn if we’re not as “active” as other couples are in certain areas. Besides, I told you, right? I knew what I was getting into when I proposed to you. So don’t worry about it. I’m not going to leave just because we don’t always throw our pants on the floor. *chuckles* I’m not that stupid. We have kids and we go out of the country often, I say we’re pretty much occupied with other things. Other important things. *wiggles eyebrows*
Keith: Fricking sap. *squeezes Shiro’s hand*

Shiro is Keith’s first love and his one true love. He’d rather have Shiro leave him than share him with someone else who could do better than him. It’s going to eat him up that Shiro could be happy along with someone else, as if a reminder that being Shiro’s husband… he isn’t enough, that Shiro needs an additional one to fill the things Keith can’t. And honestly, that’s just awful. 

So, yeah. That’s a no. XD I was just supposed to answer but the drabble just wrote itself. oops XD

chanyeol + piercings

((pcy is a fine fine man))

“Can you please come here so I can see you in the light and confirm that you’re indeed not a serial killer?

The man chuckles, his voice deep, the grumble through his chest deeper.

He’s gorgeous, tall and lean, his legs bowed, hair flaming red and a pretty, pretty face.

“We good? No serial killer feels?” he asks, grinning.

“God, I’m so grateful to the lord almighty for getting me a good looking lay after years, you mock sniffle and he laughs.

“You’ve been picking up the wrong people then,” he smirks and you approach him coyly.

“Your name, Ma’am?” he asks and his eyes turn playful and innocent.

“(y/n), yours?”

“Chanyeol,” he grins, showing you his pearly teeth.

“Can I kiss you?” you ask for a show of politeness.

“Sure, unless you want to do something else?” he raises a brow and you take the chance to pounce on him. Both of you fall into a heated interlock of lips, your hands come to wrap around his neck and help you to reach closer and his wrap around your waist hastily.

His tongue rubs against yours teasingly at first and then traps yours, trying to get you to feel the object embedded onto the flesh of his tongue.

“Fuck!” you swear when your hips stutter against his, feeling the warm metal rub against your tongue.

“That hot, huh?” he pulls back and says, watching your wide blown out eyes and shaking legs. He teasingly drops his tongue and wags it at you like a thirsty dog and you moan unrestrainedly at spotting the piercing on his tongue.

“Fuck,” you rub your legs together to create useless friction at the thought of him eating you out with that.

“Come here,” he pulls you and pushes you into the bedroom and onto the bed.

“Jesus fuck,” you moan when he pulls your clothes off, positions himself between your legs and licks.

“Ahhhhh…ngh!” you hiss when you feel the metal against your clit and it’s hot hot hot hot too hot in the room and the veins in your neck strain to not snap as he kisses you down there, giving you firm licks and finally stopping and sucking hard,

“Fuck, Chanyeol…!” you scream, your legs unconsciously tightening around his head and locking it in a vice grip. He just chuckles and uses his rough hands to push your legs apart, holding them firmly by your inner thighs. The friction of his hands there only serves to heighten your pleasure.

“Oh my god…!” he pushes his tongue into you and you practically lose it when you feel the metal inside you.

“I won’t get an infection right?” you manage to ask him because yes, you’re the kind of person to ask dumb questions like that when you’re with a stranger with a piercing on his tongue and eating you out like it’s the last thing he’ll do on this planet spinning. You expect him to be turned off but you’re answered with a chuckle,

“No, it’ll be okay, I disinfect my piercings a lot,” he says.

“Uhhh…wait,” you realize the meaning of his statement.

“Mmh?” he asks, getting up and situating himself comfortably on the bed, still holding your legs apart.

“…piercings? Plural?” you ask him, your face morphing into an incredulous and taken aback expression.

“Um, you’ll see,” is all he says, smirking and reaching over to kiss you.

You grab onto his shirt, pulling it up and out of the way, making his hair stand up comically. You laugh, he laughs and you reach over to play with his red hair.

“I like this color,” you say, pushing him back, reaching down to palm the front of his pants and Chanyeol moans, his deep voice pleasing your ears.

“Ngh,” his hips buck up to create friction against your hands and you gift him by pulling his skinny jeans off, albeit a little difficultly because his stick legs seem to fit perfectly in them.

You continue palming him over his underwear and he takes the chance to take off the rest of your clothes leaving only your bra on. Not paying attention to the feeling of thick metal under his underwear.

“Fuck, your bra is cute,” he laughs and you try to control your laughter.

“Really? I bought this like six years back,” you shrug.

“Wow, your boobs haven’t grown like, at all?”

“Seriously, now that I think of it, that’s weird, maybe it hasn’t,” you stop rubbing and slyly sit on him instead, gyrating your hips to make up for your hand.

“Fricking hell,” his hands fly to your hips, holding them as you fuck onto his clothed dick. He growls and wrestles you backwards, and you squeak, thumping onto the bed as he pulls his underwear off.

“Holy mother!” you squeal when you spot it. The dude has a dick piercing. It’s an ampallang and it quite literally scares you as you wonder what that’ll do inside you. You must’ve made a weird face because Chanyeol says,

“Uh. We can stop if you want, I will understand if you’re uncomfortable with this,” he says pulling back and putting some distance between you both.

“It’s fine, it’s just that, I’ve never really slept with someone who has piercings on their fucking wee wee,” and Chanyeol laughs at your colorful wording.

“I’ll talk you through it, it’s a very pleasurable experience, besides, I’ll be wearing a condom anyway,” he says.

“Why not, YOLO,” you shrug and he reaches over to his jeans, pulling a condom out of his pocket and sliding it on carefully.

“Is that strawberry flavored?” you ask him, raising your eyebrows.

“Yup, I think you should take some pills in the morning though, who knows when God goes ‘oh yes, the hairline cracks shall emerge in the rubber, now’” he grins. He gives you a signal and slides into you slowly. You hiss when he finally bottoms out. It doesn’t hurt but it feels a little weird.

“Like your dick has tiny arms or something, they’re gonna wave their arms when you fuck me,” you explain when he asks and he bursts out laughing.

“Ah, fuck, that feels good,” you groan when he begins fucking into you, rapidly building speed.

He moans and grabs a hold of the bedpost behind your head and thrusts into you strongly, making the entire bed slap against the drywall.

 “Fuck, fuck…” he says, pushing into you further and you clench impossibly tight around him, sucking him in.

“Ah-! Chanyeol, I can’t-!” you moan when he hits your sweet spot and you see stars, coming.

It takes a few more thrusts and he’s done, pulling out of you and groaning, emptying himself into the condom and jacking himself off through his orgasm.

“Well. How was sex with a pierced dick?” he asks you, when you’re both tucked under the covers, spent.

“Eh, 8.95/10.”

“Pretty good for me, I’m easily pleased,” he shrugs.

“Maybe if you stay around longer, I’d give you something higher,” you smirk.

“Wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.”

“Good, I was planning on trying to give a pierced dick a blow.”

“Fuck,” Chanyeol groans.

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