Okay, so I’ve been in this site for almost 2 years, and I’ve never done this. I follow way too many blogs since I created this blog, and all of you (follow me or not) mean a lot to me, but since they’re too much, I picked the ones I reblog the most from, or people that has talked to me, helped me, and taken me as someone active in their blogs. You all mean to me, and I love you all and I wish I could give all of you a hug.
So, all these blogs are the best ones, some of you follow me, some of you don’t, but it’s okay. I follow you since the beginning, or just before this follow forever happened, I love you anyway. Merry christmas.
I hope you’re all having a nice year, and holidays, and remember you can find in me someone to talk. I always wanna have friends, so be welcome to my blog/askbox/life.

A-D: areyouafraidofthedarkboozeyboozeykaibryn-and-her-sinsbvlletschemicalsnowmanschemicaluprisingchristmasalertchubby-gerardcockzerocrackowensdeathsmellsdeathspelllsdemolotion-lover

E-H: elephanteakettleemosquadevilieroex-bomb-ombfat-frankfeelrevengefrankieroisunderyourbedfrankierosdickfrickgerardfrickinfrank, fronk-lerogedardgerardwvygetmcrbackguitariero

I-K: icaroswingierobuprofenierosantaierosyierothasierotica

L-Q: mcr-savedmempreqmychemicaldoodlemy-chemical-zombienopemcrnotieropaxamgayspourlevenin

R-T: ratatetrevengefrankiesantaierosapierosexuality

U-Z: went-zmasxmasssuxxogrrdyoustilluncool

Sorry if I forgot some blogs, it’s not in purpose. Let me know, and I’ll add it. I love you all!

Merry christmas and a happy new year! XO