frickin lasers

Before Final Fantasy XV gets here in November 29th, and we find out whatever strange and unusual creation serves as the final boss, let us look back fondly on more than 20 years of ultimate opponents

FF1 - Dead knight sent back in time to become a demon with faces on his knees
FF2 - Newly appointed Emperor of Hell.  Also Heaven.  Multitasking
FF3 - Near omnipotent void spawn with frickin’ laser beams.
FF4 - Hate ghost of angry moon wizard
FF5 - Pissed off tree.  Then he becomes a REALLY PISSED OFF TREE
FF6 - Science experiment Joker turned angel
FF7 - Science experiment walking Oedipus complex turned angel
FF8 - A witch and her dog.  beast.  thing.  they’re close.
FF10 - Either your dad or glowing jesus tick, depending on your views.
FF10-2 - Planar destroying Mecha Godzilla
FF12 - Misotheist turned Mecha-Bahamut
FF13 - Big-ass God Sword
FF13-2 - Three Bahamuts
FF13-3 - God.  Literally God.

FF15 - It’ll probably have angel wings

The Beholder is the best idea Gary Gygax ever had and nobody can be assed to say why. I’ve seen people agonize over the Beholder, trying to improve on the overall model, and it’s never worked for me. Thing is, you can’t deliberately improve a monster until you have a working theory for why it worked in the first place, and I couldn’t have told you what makes Beholders good until like a couple of days ago.

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Emma and her adopted sister Noname (No-NOM-ay).
Noname is a cyborg girl with transforming insect limbs, frickin’ lasers, and a love for her big sister Emma.

I’ve always had the idea for Emma to have a little sister.
One who had a different set of abilities and acted as a bit of a foil to Emma.
Where as Emma is more chill and would rather use her powers for mundane stuff,
Noname would eagerly use her powers to help others and fight, though she does have a bit of a bloodlust. :P

  • Lance: I'm in a fantastic moooood
  • Keith: What was that?
  • Lance: A great cow pun B)
  • Hunk: No Lance, I think you meant an udder-ly great cow pun.
  • Lance: That sounds weird.
  • Pidge: You're a cow-herd if you think that pun was weird.
  • Shiro: Alright enough of the bad cow puns.... I'm getting some serious deja moo
  • Keith: What!
  • Pidge: You're crazy
  • Lance: No way
  • Hunk: Whoa
  • Allura: Paladins, please.... this isn't a laughing stock.

nenyakj  asked:

Dude.. your icon... Bucky on a velociraptor. He would be unstoppable!! Like sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads!!!

Haha! thanks 😂, that was my 21st birthday cake 😊

Shadowhunters S02E04: Day of Wrath

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it


  • Clary: What can i do to help? Jace: “You can stay away from me. No matter what happens, never come near me again.” O FUK where the shades at because this bitch just got burnt
  • “We’re done here” he said to his sister, who he wanted to touch like a girl who is definitely not his sister. Then he watched as a giant man with sewn shut eyes dragged her away, her protests echoing off the prison walls as he faded into the darkness of his cell, which was a metaphor for him retreating into the darkness of his soul–his demon soul that made him want to inappropriately touch his sister. That’s an excerpt from my fanfic “Dojo Valentine", tell ur friends they’ll def want 2 check it out it’s steamy
  • wow Raj really came out of no where and is already a frontrunner for my least favorite character 
  • “He’s locked up in the city of bones how do you think he’s doing?” the subtext of this is: MOM stop asking about the welfare of your son it makes me LASH OUT to cover up my DEEP DESIRE to touch his dick 

‘move to Idris with me’ 

the Clave is stepping up their torture game

the next step is to get some sharks to go with the frickin laser beams

  • Luke deciding to leave his pack behind at the drop of a hat. he really is like the worst pack leader possible, honestly worse than teen wolf. omg that just make me think what if Stiles was on this show? and all he did was constantly point out how uncomfortable it is when Jace and Clary stare at each other too long? I’m taking this one to the writers 

the many faces of women having to listen to Raj

  • “My mom wants me to go with her. We went through so much to get her back, but I just don’t know…” when ur loyalty to ur mom who you just rescued from being kidnapped is tested at the prospect of leaving your brother/dream man behind #Shadowhunterproblems
  • “No wonder Alec ditched you for a warlock” of course the demon is a sexist dick. or maybe that is just Raj and he’s not really possessed? besides the black eyes i really can’t tell tbh
  • Alec shooting Raj in the leg instead of the head is the first time he’s really disappointed me

ALdertree: “Do you love her the way a brother loves a sister?” Me: o SHIT Jace:

  • how the fuck does everyone know this falcon story
  • life in prison just because he doesn’t agree with the government? somebody make sure Trump never sees this show and gets any ideas
  • i know this is like a teen soap on freeform and all but Jace actually tried to commit suicide over the prospect of facing life in prison this shit is dark af
  • you guys im pretty sure no one can do anything on this show without Magnus’s help. seriously half the characters would be dead already if he wasn’t around 

‘what did i do’

I certainly hope it was ‘kill Raj’

oh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

now Clary doesn’t have to go to Idris i guess

“just watching my mom get murdered” “just watching myself murder Clary’s mom”


  • Camille is such an asshole how could Magnus ever love her even 200 years ago honestly
  • lol Valentine is mad Jace isn’t impressed with how hard it was for him to break into the prison to rescue him. I’m not sure if ‘perfect dad’ or ‘best dad’ is better here
  • Clary killing a smoke demon with a sword..for when the episode is over in 2 minutes and she’s already holding a sword

Clary needs to be consoled


lol Simon has to get what he can take

I have just discovered the most amazing thing ever, and it is awesome.

It is called Archie vs Predator.

From what I can tell, this is essetially one of those random crossovers that probably should’ve never even happened but still happened anyway. That or maybe some of the writers got high one night and asked whether or not Jughead would win in a fight against a Yautja.

Regardless, it is weird seeing Pop’s head getting blown off by a frickin laser beam and Sabrina the teenage witch getting stabbed and spine ripped.

But who cares? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Next we’re getting Archie vs SHARKNADO. And that’s being written by the guy who wrote Sharknado.

PS: Now that I think about it, 20th century Fox seems to be acceptable with Predator crossovers in just about anything today (Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat included), yet they still haven’t gotten around to making another Alien vs Predator game/movie. Also, Y U NO LOVE PROMETHEUS?

PPS (3/10/17): Now that we have a live-action Archie tv series, can we at least have this as a gag episode or something?

It’s a drill that shoots frickin’ laser beams 

by Michael Keller

And it was built by a company called Foro Energy with funding assistance from the Department of Energy’s advanced research projects agency, ARPA-E. The agency says the innovation makes drilling for petroleum and geothermal sources of energy faster and cheaper.

Foro engineers overcame major physical obstacles to make their high-powered lasers. They can now deliver laser energy through fiber optic cable over long distances because they figured out how to counter an effect called stimulated Brillouin scattering. This physics problem occurs when the electric field of a high-energy laser triggers vibrations in the fiber that interfere with the movement of photons. The vibrations cause the photons to scatter, often back in the direction from which they traveled. 

See the video below.

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SECRET SANTA! Rules: go on anon and tell the person what you like about them. once you get this you need to send this to one of your followers or tumblr crush. remember anon! I LOVE YOU FUNKO POPS THEY ARE SO CUTE I WANT ALL OF THEM THANK YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY

Crowley: Look, Mum!  It’s sharks with FRICKIN’ LASER BEAMS!  Mum, you’re not looking!

Rowena: I’m distracted, Fergus.

Crowley: CROWLEY!

Dean: Hey, CROWLEY!

Rowena: Oh, hello there!  Are you one of Fergus’s WEE FRIENDS?

Dean: Uh, I dunno about PEEING with him, and also we’re NOT friends.

Crowley: *sigh*

Rowena: I can’t help but notice you’re carryin’ the MARK of CANDY CANE.  Are you interested in WORRRRRLD domination, wee boy?

Dean: Dude, what’s your obsession with urination, anyway?

Cas: Hello, Dean.

Dean: Hey, Cas, what’s up?

Cas: I have a question regarding this CHRIS MOOSE present I got from Sam.

Dean: Yeah?

Cas: It has pictures of YOU AND I, Dean.

Dean: Yeah?

Cas: And in some of the pictures we’re…..


Dean: OK, this obviously warrants STUDY!  A lot of STUDY!  In my ROOM!  C'mon, Cas.

Cas: All rightie, Dean.

Sharks: Nom nom nomity nom!

Crowley: Hey, sharks, quit nomming  the MARK of CANDY CANE, will ya?

Rowena: *sigh*


I– just– don’t you think nukes are a bit extreme?
Extreme? What has gotten into you lately? There’s a castle with a frickin’ telescoping laser beam thing on it, the other guys do magic with their gunslinging T-Rex, and we harness the power of a volcano to do half our work while across the fence, our neighbors bake cookies. What happened that made it so only now our bombs give you pause?

into every Star Trek season, no matter how good, a holodeck episode must fall

you know, Siddig wouldn’t make a bad Bond, would he?

of course Garak has a black belt in Sarcastic Clapping, the cheeky shit

I’m still not happy about what they did to the theme song

good job, Eddington, you just blew up most of the main cast. great news, that means we can bump Garak up to series regular!

did Nana Visitor have a clause in her contract that specified she got to play a femme fatale a certain number of times a season

Charles: “it’s not a bad shitty Russian accent”

me: “oh, it’s a great shitty Russian accent”

OH MY GOD MILES IS THE MAIN HENCHMAN I’M DYING oh god I can’t with the eyepatch

I’m kind of disappointed Sisko isn’t also doing an outrageous accent, though he’s got the villain delivery down pretty well

we’ve decided that this is Moonraker, more or less

somebody needs to explain to Garak that our spy movies are always absurdly rigged in the hero’s favor and therefore real-life instincts are completely useless – you can see the behavioral inhibitors keeping “Hippocrates Noah” from actually shooting Bashir

I hear MGM got pissed about this and I kind of can’t blame them


i was gonna wait until 150 followers to do this but you guys are all super great so I decided to go ahead with it anyway!! this is gonna be kinda long so sorry if i clog anyone’s dash haha i just wanna make sure no one gets left out :’~) without further ado:


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