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The people on this site are so steeped in hyperbole that they’re incapable of discerning between a truly toxic thought process or a belief that is simply different from their own.


A/N: Quick drabble about how the Season 4 kiss we’re all speculating probably won’t go down. But it’d still be cute, and hey–we can dream. I want to believe that they’ve maintained a relationship throughout the first three seasons, but if not… C’mon, there’s bound to be tooth-rotting awkwardness taking place. Like bumping noses, maybe? ;)


It was as if gravity, the very force that Hiccup would constantly defy alongside Toothless, was now working in his favor. It pulled them together, pushed them closer toward each other’s directions, drew them into one another’s arms–

And it’s only during the moments that they finally, finally reach each other that Hiccup realizes that it always has been.

In spite of the fact that he so often travels massive distances on the back of his dragon, he’s been tethered to Astrid in the same way he is to Berk. Though their individual aspirations may have caused their hearts to stray in the past, it was their hearts themselves that never truly faltered in the face of distance and time (or lack thereof) and… and ambition.

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  I won’t lose to you anymore! 

So did anyone else realise Wally’s two theme’s have the same base tune to them?


“you’re… so much like mom.” it was all insane how things were happening. seeing her again, only much, much older. crouching down to Marlene’s level the older girl smiled warmly, almost melancholic, as she took in the girl in front of her. she was a baby last time she saw her. asleep in her crib before Shinra attacked and burned down their home. corel. her home. her family. she thought she had lost it all. and yet here she was. her little sister growing up and looking so much like their mother. it made her chest tighten. 

“you wouldn’t remember me. my name’s Eleanor. you were only a couple of months old when i saw you last. you’re so pretty.” 

You know, I was pretty sure that Pearl was some sort of servant before Back to the Barn. But I guessed she would’ve been some sort of engineer, given how good she was at it. I mean, we all sort of assumed Pearls and Peridots were likely to be equivalent, right?

But now? Considering how Peridot has told us that Pearls are there to “Look pretty”??? (And I mean, just look at the way she fights!)

I think it might be safe to say,

That if Pearl “”””belonged”””” (never enough quotes for that… ew) to Rose… who was important enough to have had some pretty frivolous servants,

That she just might have been….

…. a dancer.

queersandtea  asked:

Imagine genderfluid!jim (biologically female) knowing a lot about binders. Ftm(is that the right thing?) Spock not knowing anything about them for reasons and still wrapping and finds out about jim knowledge of binders and so he goes to him and they

((Cont)) Find a good binder for spock so that it breathes with him and doesn’t hurt him. Imagine Spock finallly wearing it on the bridge and being so happy bc its so comfortable. He’s so thankful for jim and tells him whenever he gets the chance

imagine jim just being happy because spock is happy

imagine the two of them going shopping together and sharing tips with each other on wheres the best place to buy binders or bras or gender neutral stuff and having one of the best times of their life

  • me: *never eats*
  • me: *sleeps two hours a night*
  • me: *is literally unable to do anything because of crippling anxiety*
  • me: *whole life is falling apart*
  • me: ok but i hope josh dun and tyler joseph ate a good breakfast this morning