frick off i love this song

so i’ve actually been thinking a lot about JOE BIDEN THE BROADWAY MUSICAL:

  • it begins with biden as he is now, he sings a solo ballad about how everyone thinks he’s an old fool but really he’s just been BIDEN HIS TIME (TILL 2016) which is a really cool smooth jazz number
  • then FLASHBACK to lil young joe with a lil speech impediment and then getting made fun of and then one day he’s like frick it and then there’s a big group number about being able to do anything if you set your mind to it
  • AND THEN time passes quickly as we see little joseph biden turn into a young man and go off to law school and mess around a lot and PARTAY (at this part there will be a song about partying all the time at college)
  • then him falling in love with his first wife and a cute love song between them and them having kids and stuff
  • then him being like although i am only 29 and technically cannot be a senator i am going to run against this undefeated republican and that will be a big group number with him and his campaign workers obviously
  • THEN HIM WINNING and everyone is like hell to the yeah and he’s like celebrating and then before the big happy song can end he gets the news that his wife is dead and the stage fades to black and that’s the end of act one
  • so act 2 opens with him like nah i don’t want this i don’t care and then he is inspired to continue by a bunch of his fellow senators (ted kennedy etc) which is a sort of jazzy top hat and cane tap dance number
  • then him becoming one of the most feared and respected senators ever and then he meets the legendary dr. jill biden and falls in love which is a big musical number about him trying to woo her
  • then him trying to run for president in 1988 and forgetting to quote in a speech and then his song when he’s in the press conference having to say he isn’t running anymore
  • then a really dramatic rock-ish instrumental number as he starts to get really bad neck pain and it turns out to be a brain aneurysm but joe biden is ok because he’s joe biden
  • ok so for the big JUDGE ROBERT BORK scene im thinking a really cool confrontational duet between biden and bork
  • then FLASH FORWARD to 2007 when biden sings a song about how he’s gonna run for president again but everyone ignores him bc of obama and clinton and eventually he quietly withdraws and he sings very emotionally about it
  • THEN OBAMA IS LIKE I NEED A RUNNING MATE and he sings a song where he goes through all the possible candidates and he gets to JOE BIDEN AND IS LIKE HELL YEAH
  • then a cool inauguration song and then showing their time as POTUS AND VPOTUS
  • and then the whole thing finishes with biden coming back on stage alone and singing a much slower version of ‘ive been biden my time (till 2016)’ and leaves the stage and it looks like that’s the end
  • but thEN the final number is a just like a massive celebration of hos great a guy he is like all the figures from his past and present sing it with dr. jill biden taking the lead of course