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Strangers (fuckboi!Peter Parker x Reader)

Anonymous asked: do you do song requests?? b/c I’d love to see you write one based off halsey’s “strangers” with bucky or peter parker!! (it’s ok if you don’t tho!!!) thanks, love :)

Summary: fuckboi! Peter Parker gets a taste of his own medicine when he falls hard, for the one girl he’s never had.

Warnings: Language, implied smut

Word Count: 921

A/N: Ok, so I was gonna wait to post this later, but now I’m just like frick this, so yeah! Lyrics placed in text, to give background on Peter’s feelings/thoughts, as song fics go - this is my first one, so cut me some slack since it kinda really sucks imo :/ enjoy & let me know what you think, as always, comments/asks are deeply appreciated!!!

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sdbashdkb that songs pops on your head in the middle of the night

it haunts you

Okay but seriously imagine the Pynch wedding

·         Imagine ronan and adam the night before lying in the barn and thinking bout how neither of their parents could/wanted to come and how much they missed noah

·         Imagine adam pacing cos hes so nervous bout the next day cos its the big day and holy fuck what if everything changes

·         Imagine ronan trying to calm adam down and screaming “Parrish calm down we’ve been dating for the past 10 years i literally know everything about you there is to know. I promise ill warn you if before i run off. And do u actually believe Gansey will let me do that?”

·         Imagine that morning adam wakes up to ronan on top of his back whispering in his ear “i swear parrish if u run away without me i will make Chainsaw fucking hunt you down.”

·         Imagine Gansey taking ronan and Blue taking adam to the venue in separate cars and the Camaro breaks down again cos its always breaking down (ik ronan gave them an engine-less car shut up)

·         Imagine adam freaking out cos ronans not here yet what am i going to do ohmygod blue

·         Imagine ronan freaking out in the camaro cos hes not there yet and what is adam going to do ohmy-fucking-god gansey

·         Imagine ronanreaching the venue and he immediately goes to see adam cos damn superstitions he wants to see how his adam looks in his suit

·         Imagine adam freaking out again cos ronans not dressed yet and what is he doing here like thanks for coming to see me but the ceremony is literally in twenty minutes you fucker i love you GO get dressed NOW

·         Imagine them both walking down the aisle looking so damn blessed cos yes this was happening and ronan going “see parrish its all going well.” and looking so damn smug

·         Imagine adam rolling his eyes at the gibberish the priest is saying cos its well gibberish

·         Imagine after they both say “i do” ronan going finally and pulling adam so so close and kissing his face off just cos he could

·         Imagine them slow dancing and holding each other cos they were so fricking happy

·         Imagine gansey jokingly playing that song yes that song and they all burst out laughing and no one except the four of them understands what the fuck is happening

·         Imagine opal wearing adams watch and rolling her eyes at her fathers cos they were being so damn sappy and then dancing with them as a family

·         Finally just imagine ronan and adam after going through so much my heart fucking breaks everytime i think about it, finally finally being happy and together if that doesn’t make ur heart sing with joy i don’t know what will.

helpful list of what you could say as your first phrase of 2015 on new year’s

• I gotta pee


•shrek is love, shrek is life


•hot potatoes

•frick frack paddy wack

• …


•hang on let me ask my mom if it’s okay

•*takes picture of clock* wow crazy

•I need to check tumblr


•*turns to cat* dance-off bro. You and me.


•*points accusingly* THIS ISNT OVER!

•what time is it

•*sings a Christmas song*


•well time to go to bed



•humans are fascinating

•you’re a wizard harry


•i hope that bernard crumplecrack is having a good new years

•time is merely an invention to ease the human mind and allow better comprehension of cataloging events so technically years don’t even exist and it definitely isn’t a new one

•hot damn I want some jam

•what year is it? So many.

•better update my Facebook status

•does this mean we have to put the Christmas decorations away

•*throws confetti in the air* CONFETTI IT’S A PARADE!!

•I require sustenance


•praise be to steeve

•I have loved this. This little gaaaame of ours


•2015 more like two thousand THRIFTeen if you know what I mean hahaha save money kids

•feel my legs I just shaved

•*makes a “I haven’t _____ since last year” joke*

•finally the year matches my IQ


•did I miss it

•pugs not drugs

•you’ll find last year in aisle four

•2015 is four numbers long, four minus one is three, triangles have three sides. Illuminati confirmed

Small Things

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x fem reader

Warnings: None

Request: “Can you do a Daveed x fem reader fic based off his song Small Things To A Giant???”

A/N: This was my first song fic, and few lines from this song really stuck in my head so those are the ones I tried to incoorperate(Also, if you haven’t listened to this song yet, please do, it’s fricking awesome!!!)

You and Daveed had been dating for a little over a year now, and you could say with definite convinction that you had picked the love of your life.

You had met when Lin first proposed the idea of Hamilton to you two, and asked your opinion on it. Daveed had agreed after reading the first song and you had done the same, but what caught your attention wasn’t the play at the time.

It was Daveed himself.

The moment you saw the fuzzy haired, wide-smiling man, you knew you were in deep. And to your pleasant surprise, it seemed he was taken with you as well. Shortly after you met, Daveed had sheepishly asked you out, but not just on a typical date, no; he wanted to take you dancing.

Everything had been magical since that enchanting night.

A week into your relationship you had learned about Daveed and his band, Clippings. You admired his confidence in every lyric, his defiance to ignorance was incredibly impowering.

And really hot.

Tonight he had said that he wanted to show you his new song and wanted your opinion. So, you sat across from him, excited to hear the studio recording that he’d done with Rafael just this afternoon that he was cueing up.

He smiled nervously and held his finger just above the play button. “Keep in mind, it’s still a work in progress. Give me your un-edited, honest opinion.”

You chuckled. “Okay, I will. Now let’s hear it!” He pressed play and set the phone face-down on the couch between you.

The twangy beat started up, and you immediately knew that this was gonna be something special. You nodded your head to the beat and smiled at Daveed’s quick paced rapping, the way every word packed a punch. 

“And uncover my tell-tale heart, Edgar Allen Poe” 

 You raised your brows at him and smiled. He knew you loved the the poet and you often compared him to Mr.Poe. He winked and you turned your attention back to the song.

“And I write smart-ass speeches, but my chick’s ass? That’s a damn genius. And with all that in my corner, wonder why I’m speechless”

“Daveed Daniel Diggs!” You gasped, hitting his arm.

He chuckled. “I didn’t write anything that wasn’t true, hon. You do often stun me into silence when I look at you.” 

You blushed, deciding to let the lyric slide. You were actually immensely pleased that he was proud of you, and your apparently great ass. You loved the rest of the song, especially Rafael’s bit, but you didn’t realize its true depth until you heard the final few lines. 

“A dependable pen game, pending the start of a storm that is coming.” 

You sat back, giving the words a chance to sink it. Across from you Davved scratched the back of his next anxiously. “So,” he started, “thoughts?”

“Dav, this is one of your best ones yet. You’re a lyrical fricking genius!” You threw your arms around his neck and hugged him tighly as he chuckled into your shoulder.

“You really think so?”

“I know so babe. But,” you pulled away and cocked a brow at him, “have you figured out a title yet?”

A cringe crossed his features. “I have a few ideas, but none of them seem to fit right. Like they all sound okay, but it needs to be more than okay. The only one that sticks in my mind is Small Things.” He sighed. 

You pondered for a moment, then slapped his thigh in glee. “How about, ‘Small Things To A Giant’?” 

His eyes widened with delight as he tacled you, smothering you in kisses. You didn’t really attempt to fight against it, but you did let out a pretty high pitch squeal.

“(Y/N) that’s it! God, am I lucky to have you!” You chuckled, then switched positions so that you were cuddled on top of him as he stroked your hair. You breathed in his spicy cologne and the scent of coconuts. Was he using your shampoo again?

“You know, I’m really glad I found the biggest small thing in my life.” You looked up into his rich chesnut eyes, knowing your cheeks were already turning scarlette both from his loving comment and his dazzling smile.

“And I’m so thankful I found my giant.”

He kissed you long and sweet, and when you needed air he rested his chin on your head. You smiled into his chest, letting his warmth envelop you. You were so thankful that he was yours, and you were his.

“Small things to a giant.”

(A/N: This is my first song fic so I hope you guys enjoyed it!)

Imagine Living Like A King Someday: Playlist

Spotify link [x]

this motherfucker is FINALLY COMPLETE i’ve been adding to this on-and-off for months haha but yeah these are the songs that i either listen to the most while writing or am heavily inspired by so!! yeah

Probably the most musically diverse thing you’ll ever come across. What the fuck is my taste honestly

(there are youtube links for the songs i couldn’t find on spotify)

Human – Christina Perri. very Very (very very) illaks!dan

The Reason – Hoobastank. This is literally the most illaks!Phil thing ever honestly this song has just fucking NAILED him completely

The Way I Tend To Be – Frank Turner. Oh mAN this is so so so fricking illaks!dan I just love this song a lot ok

Gasoline – Halsey. The thing I like about this song is that I feel it fits both dan and phil but in different ways??? Idk I just like it a Lot yes 10/10

Hold On Till May – Pierce The Veil.You’re just wasted and thinking about the past again. Darling, you’ll be okay’ reminds me of phil to dan.

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis. I can imagine phil and liam listening to this together

Therapy – All Time Low. again, very illaks!dan

(Un)Lost – The Maine. Reminds me sO MUCH of illaks!dan omg

Innocent – Taylor Swift. Very vErY illaks!dan. “your string of lights are still bright to me” reminds me of phil to dan.

Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back – My Chemical Romance. A FUCKING BOP IF I EVER SAW ONE I think it fits illaks!phan nicely

Fix You – Coldplay. Reminds me of phil to dan

The Only Hope For Me Is You  - My Chemical Romance. illaks!phan for the obvious reasons.

The Edge Of Tonight – All Time keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me honest” is very illaks!dan to phil

Missing You – All Time Low. Just kinda reminds me of phil and noah sticking up for dan and just being all . nice and friendly u know

Collar Full – Panic! At The Disco. “show me your love, your love, before the world catches up” reminds me of how secret dan and phil have to be with their ~shenanigans~

Nicotine – Panic! At The Disco. verY illaks!phan especially with phil and his gosh darn cigarette cravings

Everybody Loves Me – Onerepublic. Really fucking illaks!phil the popular little shit

Wolf Bite – Owl City. Illaks!dan :((((((((

She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5. Ok I know this song was written about a girl but its sO DAN lets just pretend

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol. Probably a bit cliché but it’s so illaks!phan honestly

Floral & Fading – Pierce The Veil. Reminds me of illaks!phan just kinda livin in their own lil world forgetting everyone else

Breathe – He is We. Very illaks!dan

Jump Then Fall – Taylor Swift. Such a cute and upbeat song and just highlights the whole too-shy-but-so-in-love element of illaks!phan omg

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri. SO ILLAKS!PHAN BYE

Somewhere In Neverland – All Time Low. This song reminds me a lot of illaks phan ALSO im certified peter pan trash so why not

Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding. This song would be soooo much better if it wasn’t on the 50 shades of grey soundtrack lmao but Overlooking that minor flaw I do Really think this fits illaks phan

Heathens – Twenty One Pilots. Speaking of shitty movie soundtracks…………….. lmao but Ya Idk why but I just think the whole Vibe of this song rly fits illaks (and also ‘you don’t know the half of the abuse’ reminds me of dan)

Stay Away From My Friends – Pierce The Veil. Reminds me of liam and phil

Colors – touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, and you decided purple just wasn’t for you’ reminds me of liam and phil

Flickers – London Grammar. Very illaks!phan                

Wrapped Around Your Finger – 5 Seconds Of Summer. Ok this is my fave 5sos song ever lmfao idk I just think “in the moonlight you looked just like an angel in disguise” and “you were mine for a night” fits illaks!phan a lot

King For A Day – Pierce The Veil. I mean come on how could I NOT finish with this Absolute Banger

so i’ve actually been thinking a lot about JOE BIDEN THE BROADWAY MUSICAL:

  • it begins with biden as he is now, he sings a solo ballad about how everyone thinks he’s an old fool but really he’s just been BIDEN HIS TIME (TILL 2016) which is a really cool smooth jazz number
  • then FLASHBACK to lil young joe with a lil speech impediment and then getting made fun of and then one day he’s like frick it and then there’s a big group number about being able to do anything if you set your mind to it
  • AND THEN time passes quickly as we see little joseph biden turn into a young man and go off to law school and mess around a lot and PARTAY (at this part there will be a song about partying all the time at college)
  • then him falling in love with his first wife and a cute love song between them and them having kids and stuff
  • then him being like although i am only 29 and technically cannot be a senator i am going to run against this undefeated republican and that will be a big group number with him and his campaign workers obviously
  • THEN HIM WINNING and everyone is like hell to the yeah and he’s like celebrating and then before the big happy song can end he gets the news that his wife is dead and the stage fades to black and that’s the end of act one
  • so act 2 opens with him like nah i don’t want this i don’t care and then he is inspired to continue by a bunch of his fellow senators (ted kennedy etc) which is a sort of jazzy top hat and cane tap dance number
  • then him becoming one of the most feared and respected senators ever and then he meets the legendary dr. jill biden and falls in love which is a big musical number about him trying to woo her
  • then him trying to run for president in 1988 and forgetting to quote in a speech and then his song when he’s in the press conference having to say he isn’t running anymore
  • then a really dramatic rock-ish instrumental number as he starts to get really bad neck pain and it turns out to be a brain aneurysm but joe biden is ok because he’s joe biden
  • ok so for the big JUDGE ROBERT BORK scene im thinking a really cool confrontational duet between biden and bork
  • then FLASH FORWARD to 2007 when biden sings a song about how he’s gonna run for president again but everyone ignores him bc of obama and clinton and eventually he quietly withdraws and he sings very emotionally about it
  • THEN OBAMA IS LIKE I NEED A RUNNING MATE and he sings a song where he goes through all the possible candidates and he gets to JOE BIDEN AND IS LIKE HELL YEAH
  • then a cool inauguration song and then showing their time as POTUS AND VPOTUS
  • and then the whole thing finishes with biden coming back on stage alone and singing a much slower version of ‘ive been biden my time (till 2016)’ and leaves the stage and it looks like that’s the end
  • but thEN the final number is a just like a massive celebration of hos great a guy he is like all the figures from his past and present sing it with dr. jill biden taking the lead of course