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Do you ever have an idea for a fic. And then you go to write
And it’s like that scene from spongebob ALL over again. Where he’s just staring at the page
and the only thing he’s written is “the”
10 Things I Learned from My Conversation with Ina Garten
The Food Network star dished on all her favorite topics for her Cooking for Jeffrey book tour.

She has some very cool celebrity friends.

On Taylor Swift: “Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift? She showed up for a photo shoot at the barn and we were all just like ‘Oh my God.’ Before the shoot my publicist asked her people, ‘What does Taylor like to make?’ and they said ‘roast beef, date nut bread and mustard-roasted fish.’ And my publicist said ‘That sounds like an 82-year-old.’ We ended up making pavlova with meringue, whipped cream and berries. It just reminded me of Taylor because it was so gorgeous. And we made the mustard-roasted fish. It was so much fun. She sent everyone on staff gifts afterwards. The thing about Taylor is she runs her own business and she makes all of her own decisions; she is so smart and so deliberate, she really cares about how people respond to her message. She’s beyond authentic.”


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I hope one day someone looks at me the way you look at wrestling 😚😚

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nikki i freaking swear y’all put up with so much of my shit – i love you 

and also same - like seriously we deserve to be loved that incredibly much