frick i'm cute

This is my favorite one that I’ve made yet

I hate lighting, what even is lighting; I DON’T KNOW-

How do you even draw wheatley fu-

can you believe hinata knitted a huge scarf so that her and her gf sakura could share it on dates??

can you believe she’s also head of the hyuuga clan and is dismantling all the gross oppressive tactics used on its very own members, aND working on a memorial to commemorate all the people who fought and died in the War. 

can you believe that her gf sakura is head of the hospital, is also one of the co-hokages and is the strongest most legendarily powerful kunoichi in the shinobi world??


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HOLY FRICK FRACK DIDDLY WACK YOU GUYS!! WE HAVENT EVEN HAD THE TIME TO DO OUR CELEBRATION FOR 2000 FOLLOWERS YET!!! Thank you guys so much for boosting our confidence everyday by reading our stuff. We do have something planned to celebrate our lovely new followers that I will explain to you in a different post later in the week. 

We love you guys and we can’t thank you enough. Each one of you means the world to us! If you ever need anything at all let us know, we want to help you guys and show how much we love you! SO KEEP ON BEING AMAZING AND WONDERFUL!! HOPE YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY/NIGHT!!! LOOOOOVE YOU!!!

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  • phil: we were in different rooms writing the book and we were on skype with each other at the same time
  • dan: we only have two desks, theres one in my bedroom and one where to film for the gaming channel, so like phil said we just had skype open and were looking at each other and i was like phil, bring me a ribena & he's like no you're closer to the kitchen & I'm like no you're closer
  • phil: i did mute you a few times

this is an extremely important gifset and I’m not sorry