frick i'm cute

What was that? Did you want me to post one of the forever-inconsistent portraits of my hot babes? Alright sure, why not.

Edit: I actually kind of want to see people color this. If you’re up for it, go ahead!!

This is my favorite one that I’ve made yet

Okay, I’m late, even with American time zones, but happy birthday @may12324 ! Her beautiful Willa Cousland with Leliana and Alistair

I hate lighting, what even is lighting; I DON’T KNOW-

How do you even draw wheatley fu-

can you believe hinata knitted a huge scarf so that her and her gf sakura could share it on dates??

can you believe she’s also head of the hyuuga clan and is dismantling all the gross oppressive tactics used on its very own members, aND working on a memorial to commemorate all the people who fought and died in the War. 

can you believe that her gf sakura is head of the hospital, is also one of the co-hokages and is the strongest most legendarily powerful kunoichi in the shinobi world??


this is an extremely important gifset and I’m not sorry


They’re from Sam Tull.