frick i messed up


Kinoshita Hisashi • Karasuno #7 • wing spiker

I just wanted to do a little thing to wish heathers orlando a happy closing!! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this production and I wish I could have seen it but you guys are super wonderful and have really cute faces and I enjoy drawing your super cool 80s hair.

nicolemlvisco thatsthat24 candiedcurves idk if anyone else is on the tumblr but y’all are really great okay like wow

on second thought I probably should’ve looked up how to do lineless before I tried it 

REBLOG if you’re an indie/open affiliated rper who is part of the Alice in Wonderland fandom, and you will be added to this masterlist

This masterlist covers all of the Alce in Wonderland fandom, including the novels by Lewis Carroll, musicals, movies, American McGee’s Alice, Pandora Hearts, Are You Alice?, Alice Mare, Disney Descendants, Once Upon A Time, Wonderland-based OCs, and many more! If your fandom is an adaptation and/or is heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland, you are part of this masterlist. If you have a verse/AU that is based on Alice in Wonderland, you are part of this masterlist.