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so apparently cogman in tf5 is supposed to be polite and dignified and drives the old english human dudes’ car, but he has anger issues 

 and all i can see is this

cogman: [listening to classical music while driving] so, sir, how’s your day-

random human: UR BUTLER SUCKS 

cogman: excuse me, one second 

cogman: [rolls down windows to car, there’s inhuman screaming. he’s running over humans with the car CLASSICAL MUSIC IS BLARING  THE SCENT OF A RAGING ALPHA IS UPON US RUN HUMAN RUN AND DONt LOOK BACK YOU FOOL] 

cogman: [clears throat] sorry about that now where were we…?

happier // jack avery

request: none but i was inspired by the song “happier” by ed sheeran

i really fricking love this so so much and i’m sorry for making this sad but enjoy because i love this one!

triggers: it’s just kinda sad whoops

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walking down 29th and park, i saw you in another’s arms,

it was all supposed to be a normal day for jack. well, as normal as it could get when he was feeling the way he was.

he was out with the boys, walking down the sidewalk of 29th street when he heard the familiar melodies of her laughter. it seemed like time stopped as his eyes found y/n’s form, wrapped in the arms of a person that wasn’t him.

his breath got stuck in his throat as he saw the way she looked at the newfound companion. it was the way y/n used to look at him.

only a month we’ve been apart, you look happier,

it had only been a month since the fight. the fight that tore his heart in half, and he thought it had torn y/n’s too. but it seemed like he was wrong.

he watched with a broken stare as she smiled up at her newfound love, with a look that used to be reserved for jack, and jack only. she looked, so, happy.

how could she be so happy when jack felt like, well, like complete shit. how dare she walk away so happy when jack felt like he was falling farther down a dark hole.

jack was paralyzed, watching as y/n leaned up to kiss the lips of her lover, his heart aching. how could he be so broken but her so whole?

saw you walk inside a bar, he said something to make you laugh,

y/n took her love’s hand and began walking towards a restaurant, causing jack’s heart to break even more than it was.

the boy who was holding y/n’s hand pulled her closer, wrapping an arm around her waist as he whispered something in her ear.

she laughed loudly, pressing a kiss to his cheek and they walked into the restaurant, leaving jack’s limbs numb as he simply stood. his face was stone cold, but the tears forming in the corners of his eyes were enough to see that this was the final step in breaking him.

i saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours, yeah you look happier, you do.

an image of their wide smiles burned itself into jack’s brain. she was so happy.

she looked happier than she had ever been when she was jack. what did this new guy give her that jack couldn’t? what did this new guy have that jack didn’t?

how could this guy elicit such a beautiful smile from y/n in merely a month when jack couldn’t for a whole year?

ain’t nobody hurt you like i hurt you, but nobody love you like i do,

he had regretted every word he said the moment she had walked out the door on that fateful day. he knew he had fucked up, and he beat himself up for it every single day.

were the tears running down her face as she walked out even real? did she hurt as much as he did for what she said to him?

he knew he had hurt her, but did she know he was hurt too?

his heart was crushed in her palm as she let it fall to the floor, and yet his heart still beat only for her. he still loved her, he loved her so much it pained him.

promise that i will not take it personal, baby if you’re moving on with someone new.

“jack? dude, we have to get moving,” daniel’s gentle voice rang in jack’s ear drums as he was lightly shaked out of his trace. jack’s hands went up to hastily wipe away the tears that were nearly spilling out of his eyes.

“s-sorry, let’s go now,” the boys began walking, but jack just couldn’t seem to lift his eyes off where she had stood only a minute ago.

it was where she had stood with the biggest smile he had ever seen plastered on her face, a look of pure adoration stretched across her features.

jack, he thought. if you truly do love her, you should let her be happy.

seeing the look on y/n’s face as she looked up at her new love was enough to see that she was better off without jack. and it was time for jack to accept that.

‘cause baby you look happier, you do,


one day when we were laying in bed cuddling, i told you that your happiness was mine, and nothing would ever change that. and i’d like to think i’m a man of my word.

and seeing you today, well, it showed me that you are truly happier without me. so i’m happy for you. when you were with him, it was like nothing else in the world ever mattered. it was never like that when it was you and me.

there was a look in your eye when you looked at him. a sparkle. a sparkle that never appeared when we were together. and realizing that right now, it makes me feel a thousand times worse. were we ever really in love?

my friends told me one day i’ll feel it too,

daniel told me after we saw you, that one day i’ll be as happy with someone else as you are with him.

how could i be happy after my heart was ripped in half? how could i ever recover so quickly like you did?

will i ever recover from the heartbreak? i want to believe daniel’s words, i truly do. i also believe that one day, i will.

and until then I’ll smile to hide the truth,

but until then, i’m hurting. how could you move on so quickly while i’m here stuck in the mud? how could you be so joyful while i’m drowning in my own sorrows?

i’m hiding behind fake smiles and faux words of joy, each laugh and grin a mere display to show that “i’m okay”. but i’m not. i’m not okay without you.

and i’m not sure if i’ll ever be okay again.

but i know i was happier with you.

y/n, you were my happiness. my love, my light. you kept me going, you helped me see the true beauty of life. and without you here, i’m not sure what i see at all.

every single day i regret the words i said to you on the night we broke up. how could i be so stupid? i let go the most important piece of my life.

and i know you’re happier now. you’re a thousand times happier with him than you ever were with me. but even though you’re happier with him, i’m happier when you’re with me.

- jack

jack folded the letter, staring as tear drops made wet circles on the paper covered in his shaky scrawl.

he walked over to his desk, opening an empty drawer and carefully placed the folded paper in the drawer. he closed drawer, watching as the piece of paper disappeared into the mahogany.

just know i’ll be waiting here for you.

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I just came out to my super Christian mom! She was really accepting and she gave me a hug and told me she loved me. I'm so fricking happy right now!!!

Oh my goodness!!!! This is so beautiful!! I’m so happy that everything went great! This is the best possible outcome anyone could hope for when coming out and I’m so happy for you!!! ❤💙💚💛💜

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I'm fricking loving Jacobina's legacy!! How long ago did you plan it?

Ah, thank you!! :D I have actually had it planned for a really, really long time, like maybe since June last year? 

Not in every minute detail, although I think I had the chat between Elizabeth and Jake when Jacobina tells her mum she wants to move to the city, I think I wrote that in maybe August last year. Elizabeth was still a teen, I hadn’t done the BC, so I didn’t even have a concept of what Jacobina would look like and would be, and the Elizabeth I had portrayed in that scene was a lot more distant to her daughter than how it actually played out. 

But the actual general storyline of what was going to take place, her wanting to own a restaurant, moving to the city etc, that was all planned in about June 2016! So it’s been a long time coming for me!  

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Can I just say I'm loving your boy Mic? Like, frick man he's just so well -done-, I'm here tempted to take a shot drawin him. Just-- first Dice hell, now this, what have ye done?? (In all honesty now, I LOVE how you draw. Lines, expressions, designs, amazing!)

IM SUPRISED Y’ALL LIKE HIM SO MUCH TOO! In all honestly I just made him bc I loved his voice too much at first and now look at me making shitposts with him 

And thank you very much! I wouldn’t say I’m the best, but I’m glad my art cheers you up!

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Is this blog still at least semi-active? I just found it and fricking love it!! ❤️

Not really sorry I’m the only one with access to the acc rn and with school being a lot rn and being in a really bad mental state I’m unable to run the blog at least right now. It might be a bit more active in the winter but idk for sure

-Mod Iz

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So you just don't love people????...

Depending on what your definition of love is I guess. I love people in a…platonic way. I don’t love-love people if that makes sense. As in…I don’t want to kiss, make out, do the dirty, uhm…other stuff…that humans do with people they love. Maybe this is also because I’m so young yet. I honestly don’t really know my sexual orientation. So I always say straight. But I put asexual on here because I think you guys will understand.

If to define myself I’d say that I will only (for now) love fictional characters because they cant - frick!!! Better definition: I only love people platonically. I’m fine with touching (hugging and cuddling), but nothing that is sexual like. I don’t really want any relationship in real life because I think that the person will want more from me… Even though I’m currently in one at the moment. We don’t do anything together so I don’t like to consider it a relationship. I’m fine with relationships where I have an excuse to not engage in…lovey dovey stuff? Like I can type it all out. I’m not sure if I even count for asexual…but whatever….

Also Im weird about falling in love with real people. I think I feel in love and then after a week or 2 they just vanish…like they were nothing…so I plan on not getting into a relationship until I stop doing that…or getting into anything serious…

I hope this helps…sowu

I was tagged by @kyloshipsreylo​ for 10 things about myself — thank you Gracie. :) 

1. I am a tol. 

2. I was raised by a single mom in an extended family of all women. 

3. I’m a country girl through-and-through and wrote my master’s thesis on rural culture.

4. I’ve practiced archery for four and a half years and am pretty okay at it. 

5. I loathe tomatoes.

6. But I fricking LOVE basset hounds.

7. I’m really loud and sarcastic and obnoxious IRL, despite being the deepest of introverts.

8. In the last two years I’ve been a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. 

9. I’m very much Chaotic Good.

10. I’m not particularly crazy about Halloween. *ducks*

I tag: @politicalmamaduck​, @mnemehoshiko​, @i-am-thesenate​, @kylo-wouldnt-like-those-chips​, and @frozenmusings​, but only if you want to. :)

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With con, JAYDEN AND FREAKING LUKE AHHH YYYYY but I think Jayden’s is not as bad like uhm I don’t think so but still like idk it’s crazyy... AND PTV HOLY FRICK LIKE THE BS WITH MIKE WTF AHHH, it was ten years ago and hm she didn’t have any problems undressing on that message thing ah like why go after him now! I mean like she didn’t tell him to stop I like love love love mike but what the frick

I’m v conflicted bc I think both parties are in the wrong with that one but with him being the adult it was his responsibility to stop it -Brandy


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Hey ☺ Okay so I don't know how this works but I just finished your "You understand,right?" series and honestly it fricked me up, I loved it so much and I'm kinda sad that it ended in the way it did but highkey glad cause it was different than what I'm used to. I feel like I could talk about this fic for a really long time but sadly I have limited letters. This was the first thing I read from you but I will for sure check out your other stuff. Thank you for reading this long ass letter, byeee ☺

Oh goodness, this made me tear up. Babes, thank you so much. I’m not thankful that this fricked you up or anything ahaha but I’m just so touched that you would send a message like this! I’m always thankful for long ass messages about my fics. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (AND VALIDATED) lol. Thank you again for your message, boo! And I’m so glad you liked the ending! 

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I’m so sad I love aws so much he is a cutie and I love him lots LOTS OF PEOPLE LOVE HIM LOTS Frick I’m gonna get him some flowers at my date ah

It just pisses me off man like he deserves the world -Brandy

Frick I love you so much you fricken nerd

Me in a skype call with Ava who’s watching Jenna and eatin crunchy foodios and being all fricken adorable and stuff frick I’m in love