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First Reaction vs Now - Seventeen Edition

First 3 videos I watched: Very Nice Dance Practice, Mansae Dance Practice and Adore U Dance Practice

then: manly body A+

then: who is this pretty girl
now: who is this pretty boy

then: okay I swear I see a white man
now: what a Good Meme™

then: *searches height on google*
now: it’s a lovely day to appreciate Lee Jihoon for all that he does

then: i just remember when everyone fanned him at the end of very nice.
now: a smile that brightens the darkest of days

then: first boy to catch my attention!!!
now: nobody will ever love Mingyu as much as Mingyu loves Mingyu

now: a sophisticated cat

then: his gaze actually intimidates me
now: a sweet peach who’s grown up so fast

then: for some reason i didn’t like hoshi!!! frick @ me!! i suck. 
now: amazing choreo and sex appeal

then: a cute boy next door
now: Diva /red alert/ make way/ no time for peasants 

now: an angel

then: really caught my attention in the VN practice video. woah woah woha. he was SO good
now: awkward (and adorable) beansprout

The 8
then: awe oh my goodness he is so precious
now: look out it’s thughao 

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William & Dolores + killing for each other

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An idea: hufflepuff lance (not the most conventional but imagine,,,,,legit tho thay boy is loyal as frick)

!!!! listen i love slytherin!lance so much but…… lbr im obsessed with hufflepuff!lance too okay lets go

  • let’s start all the way back at the garrison
  • lance worked his ass off to get from cargo pilot to fighter pilot, he was their first choice after keith left to be let in like 
  • he trains just as hard (maybe even gets in extra training, yall know my boy is fresh on that battlefield) as all the other paladins in training
  • also that skincare routine?? that shits hard work
  • this boy knows hard work he’s got that part down
  • moving on, this hoe is loyal
  • we all know that pidge was kind of a jerk to him the first time they met right??? right???
  • did that make lance petty? no. he treated her with the same respect he treats everyone bc like,,, he’s so sweet and she’s a part of the team?? how kind im crying
  • in fact, despite not having had that many moments with her, dives into a fountain so she can have the video game she wants (listen 90% of my posts are about that moment and i don’t care catch me in the club talkin bout the fountain moment)
  • also, him and hunk are so good to each other?? they’re so good??
  • he probably listens intently when hunk rambles about stuff bc he loves his boyfriend
  • lets hunk give him a bone-crushing hug without complaining.. lance is too good a friend someone stop him
  • i know yall see my boy out here with that ‘i say vol, you say tron’ shit
  • he aint get mad at keith! he aint make fun of him! my boy just says that they’ll try again!!!!
  • why don’t we talk about this more!!!!!
  • he’s so sweet he aint trying to hurt anyone, he probably gonna take the time of day to teach keith fuckpants kogane this simple ass chant because hes a good person!!!!!
  • on top of that, in s2 when he says all that shit about the hunter becoming the hunted, he explains it for keith!!! looks directly at him!! he knows that keith aint know shit about shit and my boy is nice enough to begin explaining it like oh? my god
  • to conclude
  • lance could also totally be a hufflepuff and thats the fuckin tea

hey guys i just hit 2.5k!!! which is p cool if you ask me, i just wanted to make a list of some of my favorite people and blogs on here so you know how much i love you!!! if you’re tagged that means that we’re automatically friends (in my book at least) 😂💘💘


there are a lot of people that changed their urls that weren’t included in this but know that i still love you 💞
thank you so much 💓


Heyyo Babes~ so I never thought I would be “that blog” that needed a master post because so many people have been reading my stuff, so me writing this right now is incredibly exciting and humbling. Thank you so so so much for reading what I write, I genuinely enjoy it and it helps me release stress so seeing you guys enjoy my writing style really warms my heart. YEAH YEAH ILL STOP BEING ALL MUSHY AND GET ON WITH IT. 
Here’s a list of all my work~I will update this as I go on :D


Rfa+V&UNK- Most to Least likely to cheat

RFA reacting to MC being insecure about being carried + V&SAERAN

RFA reacting to MC farting in front of them + MINOR TRIO 

RFA boys reacting to MC bringing them lunch 

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RFA having an “omg i love you so much” moment

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Seven Thief AU: Chapter 1 I Chapter 2? TBD

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me boy… absence makes the heart grow fonder

the suffering endgame

taako: you know guys i’m fricking loving it here, lidia, edward, i’m enjoying this so much i’m just have to tell someone about it right fucking now!

magnus: *whispering* taako what are you doing??

lidia: tell someone about it?

taako: yes! very special someone! i will now call my boyfriend. I’m like totally sure he would like it here, i bet he might even join us

edward: join us? oh that does really sound exciting!

taako: *dialing kravitz* kravitz, darling, how are you doing?

merle and magnus: huh?

taako: good good, so yeah you know me and the boys we kinda went to this place called wonderland in felicity wilds and it’s just, so, so great! i’m like wondering if you could join us here as well?

lidia: i’m not sure your friend will be able to exactly join you…

taako: *to elfs* oh, don’t worry he’s very-very resourceful. *to kravitz* honeybun, i’m pretty sure you will love it here! it’s almost like, hmmm… remember that one time i almost blown your head off? and here it’s a the very least twice as much fun as that!

magnus: *with his true eyes witnesses how the red robe absconds*

the portal: *opens*

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What do you think Monsta x's reaction would be to finding out the sweet girl they have a crush on is covered in tattoos but always covers them up by wearing long sleeves? Plz and thank you :)

frick frack paddy wack, this is good gbless (i want tattoos) the boys would love them but let us go into detail shall we???

Show(off them arms)nu:

Originally posted by shownuoppaa

He would probably be pretty surprised at first, with good reason, he probably wasn’t expecting that from you. Of course with a minute or two to regain himself and realize that that is who you are and how cool you look, he will probably love them, as much as he loves you. 


Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

Fun fact: he has an ass tat and a foot tat, so he will obviously love that you have tattoos as well, right from the moment you told/showed him. He would probably ask if you plan on getting anymore and if you said yes maybe ask if you can both go together bc he probably wants more.


Originally posted by bunnywonho

This boy would be really shook, probably would have to sit down a think about life for a second before he gets really excited. He would probably want to see aaaallllllllllllllll of them, point at a few(or more) and ask about the meaning behind them. 


Originally posted by wonhontology

It would take him by surprise as well, but he would immediately ask if you took good care of them all, and demand you wear more sunscreen (even though you wear long sleeves all the time (moms)). Once his #Mother side has calmed down, he would probably want to look at them and admire a few.


Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

(my favorite gif ever tbh) He might question you for a bit about the tattoos and why you chose to get tattoos in general, but after time he might warm up to them. Don’t expect it to be right away, but it will happen eventually.


Originally posted by jooheondidthat

Jooheon would probably be a mix of both serious and questioning you about them and very enthusiastic about them. Personally, I see him as someone who would have a lot of tattoos, so I think he would be super into them like Wonho(e). 

I.M (happy birthday):

Originally posted by kaimikachan

He would probably be shocked that you had so many tattoos, but be very laid back about them. Changkyun would most likely ask a few questions about some, but start to see them as a part of you as a person. Eventually I think he would almost forget that you even had them.

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IMAGINE: Chittaphon introducing you to the members as his girlfriend (or s/o if you'd rather do that) please!!!

  • this boy is so hype about introducing you to his friends
  • highkey because he loves you so much and wants everyone to know you’re his
  • lowkey bc johnny and doyoung kept teasing him about not being able to get a girlfriend/boyfriend

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Astro Gets Interrupted During A Makeout Session

Author’s Note: ALWAYS REMEMBER NONE OF THESE GIFS ARE MINE. honestly, I sort of didn’t know what to write for this since I’ve seen other arohas write with the same scenario/request, but the more the merrier, right? I hope you enjoy, @mrsziggler, thanks for your patience!


From being older, JinJin would have experience with kissing, as well as making it a little more mature. What he hadn’t experienced though, was his best friend, MJ, walking through the doors as his lips gently bit yours while he gripped you in his lap and arms.
“Oh, steamy~” MJ would remark sarcastically. JinJin would jump up, and you hid your face in his neck as he was too late to hide behind you. Damn he was embarrassed, and he was the awkward leader, but he refused to back down and broke the silence.
“MJ-hyung…I thought you knew how to knock…”
“I do.”
“Why didn’t you knock?!”
“Why are you in the room we share?” the oldest hyung questioned with sass.
You burst into muffled giggles on JinJin’s chest, and he was unable to answer.
“Alright, now can you two get steamy somewhere else?” MJ requested.


Oh boy would this be a scene. This little prince would be such a cute squish as he attached his mouth to yours, holding your hands to his chest as he leaned onto you between the sofa or the wall. The door creaked open, and there stood-
“Bin-ah!” Eunwoo pulled away, startled. You would both feel the disappointment of separating, but poor Eunwoo couldn’t escape the cringe-worthy situation nor the ruined romance.
MoonBin stood in the doorway with a smirk.
He replied smugly, “What? Weren’t you guys just getting to the good part?”
Eunwoo would’ve tried to tell him off, but he was too busy blushing of embarrassment while you pulled him in to your chest to spare him of any eye contact with MoonBin.
“We were,” you winked at Bin and added jokingly, “Until you came.”
“So much for Binu,” he rolled his eyes then closed the door. “Carry on!”


As the most extra member, MJ would be expected to lose himself in such a situation.
He’d be too stubborn to admit he was embarrassed, and play it off.
The two of you were sitting on the couch of the boys’ apartment, eating peperos together, when this silly baby would begin to tickle you. He just wants to hear that adorable laugh. You tickled back, leading to little pecks on each other’s cheeks. Then pecks on the lips. Then a stolen kiss from you. And you stole one back. A snicker sounded in the kitchen. MJ pulled away, looking behind you.
There was a flash of blond hair.
Leader-nim was fortunate that he wasn’t the one caught, and seeing as he didn’t know how to deal with such a thing, he ran away, though laughing obnoxiously. You and MJ looked at each other with confusion, then shrugged in unison.
MJ couldn’t regain eye contact, though he didn’t want to keep it silent for long.
“So…can I have another kiss? If you don’t let me, I’ll tickle you again.”


Minhyuk is such a quiet guy. The members say he’s more masculine like his best friend MoonBin, but he once said his type was cute in an interview - and cute he was when he gave you kisses. The two of you would be standing in the studio after a long practice, and he came to rest his head on you. With his head on your shoulder, his lips grazed yours, and he leaned in to close the gap gently moving slower than JinJin could talk (holy frick did I rly just say that lol). A piercing scream deafened you two and you pulled away.
Rocky looked to the studio door and yelled, “Sanha!”
“OH! oHmYgOd. Don’T hUrT mE I dIdn’T mEan-” Sanha covered his eyes, turning to walk away.
He left Rocky beet red.
“MAKE SURE NOt to tell the hyungs…” his voice trailed after the maknae. He couldn’t bring himself to look at you. Instead, he buried his humiliated face into your lap with a loud groan mixed with giggles, giving you the opportunity to play with his hair.


This boy loves to eat. He eats so much during Astro Play’s, DDOCA’s, a few V Lives…you name it. So when the two of you were eating ice cream, this cheesy yet slick little shit would notice a few whipped cream and sprinkles on your lip. “Y/N, you have something,” he pointed.
“What?” you said cluelessly, taking another lick of your cone. He attempted once more, making a wiping motion on his face. Still, you just quirked a brow toward him.
“Ah, Jagiya, you’re such a baby,” he rested his head on yours. Next thing you knew, he was getting a taste of your lips and left over ice cream.
Quiet footsteps entered the room.
MoonBin didn’t even stop but he did peek at the intruder, Eunwoo. Eunwoo opened his mouth to say something, but seeing as you and his mans were getting intimate without a care, he backed out, making MoonBin grin against your lips.


It wasn’t like anyone even walked in on your kiss, it was more like Sanha was forgetful of some social ques. The night you were introduced to the rest of Astro, everyone stood at the door to say goodbye to you.
“Saranghae, Y/N,” he hugged you and whispered in your ear. You grew flustered under his touch with his tall and lanky body leaning on yours. You peeked through his arms to see the boys giggling and whispering.
“Sanha I-” You were cut off, as Sanha shut you up with his lips pressed against yours with a nervous smile on his face.
“OooOooOoooh! Aigooo, the maknaes really do grow up so fast,” MJ interrupted, snapping Sanha out of his lovey-dovey state, causing him to madly fluster up.
The others laughed, and while they did so, he gave one more quick smooch and whispered, “Run!” But no matter how much the you and Sanha ran, you’d never be able to hide from the teasing for a long, long time.

BTS: Suga - As A Boyfriend

A/N How did you not see this coming? yoongi is the perfect mix of rude and tough past AND soft and must be protected - it’s my ultimate weakness. I just hope you enjoy this long ass drabble hahahah

Originally posted by minpuffs

  • Where do I start. I must do this right.
  • Getting into a relationship with Yoongi before he reaches 30 will be tough luck I swear. Good job, if you managed to do it because I genuinely think of him as someone who wants to focus on his work just to prove to others (And to himself) that he can succeed in this field.
  • But you sure as hell can be best friends and idk how you guys might meet but let me tell you, Suga is the kind of person you can meet after 5 years and you can pick up from where you left off.
  • Very awkward meetings in the beginning until he finds common ground with your shared hobbies. Say you like to read or you enjoy music too much, he’ll cheer up and start getting into the conversation more.
  • This harabeoji is tired 24x7 please let him live. You’ll have to make sure he remembers you exist in the first few months by constantly checking up on him.
  • “Have you eaten? I mean 3 meals. That’s proper eating. And no, snacks don’t count.” “Yes. I did.”
  • “Have you been sleeping well? Jin said you’ve been working a lot I’m worried.” “yeah I got some shut eye no big deal im good.”
  • “You feel like taking a break? I could come over sometime… i don’t know do you want to?” “No it’s fine.”

Originally posted by jinful

  • The entire relationship seems like you’re doing too much, but its only because it’s the beginning and because you try to make up for the lack of communication he provides, he’s gonna close up more.
  • when you go out of the country for a business trip or something or visit home and he realizes he actually misses you checking up on him all the time. The first time you’re not around (physically or virtually) he realizes just how much he needs your reminders. He forgets his vitamin supplements, he forgets to eat or sleep or take a break and jin jokingly says, “idk how y/n kept you alive.” and yoongi will mutter to himself “I never realized she was doing so much.”
  • When you come back, he’s already outside your apartment and you’re a bit shocked because suga doesn’t just show up like that. You let him in, growing utterly quiet because something is definitely wrong. You sit him down, getting two cups of tea because by now taking care of him is just second nature, and he starts the entire conversation awkwardly.
  • He has a whole lecture prepared for why he is so sorry that he didn’t realize how much you did for him before, he’ll work hard at the relationship, he’ll be the best boyfriend ever, he’ll make more time for you. He kind of just rambles on and on and on and you’ve got to stop him sometime in between.
  • “Do you think so little of our friendship?” You were careful with your words. He needs to be reminded that before you’re his gf or you’re an ARMY, you’re his best friend. That’s not going to change. You don’t expect him to change or up his boyfriend game because that’s not what friends do. Friends compromise and accept you for who you are.

Originally posted by bwiyowo

  • After this though, he does make more time for you and stops by your house more often and suddenly with all this change in the “caregiver” position he realizes little things about you.
  • Like how nervous you get before a meeting, how your family might stress you out or which friends expect too much from you. If you’re the kind of person who can’t say no to those asking for favors - he’ll notice. little things you know? How you NEED atleast 3 cups of tea in a day and you have a certain routine in the morning and if one thing goes wrong, you’re a bit pissed the entire day.
  • He’s going to love this phase and trust me, it’ll show in his songs too. When you’re just being you in the house, he’ll just watch quietly from the couch and you get concerned because “why are you so quiet? something wrong?”
  • “I like watching you be you. It’s relaxing”
  • If that’s not the sweetest way to say i love you, i dont know what will met your cold cold heart.

Originally posted by suga-of-daegu

  • YOUR DATES ARE SO VARYING ITS ANNOYING. One day it’s just a casual cuddle day but instead you guys head home (him coming from work and you coming from uni/work) and just crashing into bed and taking a nap. That’s what adult relationships are about. But some days you get dressed up and he shaves and puts on a dress shirt and  pants and you guys pick a nice place in a small town to visit because sometimes you both need to feel special and sophisticated.
  • but some dates are about going to an orphanage in daegu or an animal shelter and the both of you make a huge donation and just sit there and have lunch with the kids or play with the dogs/cats all day. you can’t help but feel so nice about the entire thing and suga feels like this has been a good day off
  • Basically he looks to you to refresh him and you look up to him to motivate you when you’re in a creative slump. Both of you come from different places and opinions (and ofcourse have things in common) but you guys provide each other with diff perspectives and it changes you. It’s amazing. the entire relationship is just so encouraging and productive, its amazing.
  • There will be days when neither of you want to see each other. The best part about you guys is that you’ve become really good friends through the relationship and because he’s so honest he’ll just tell it like it is. “Y/N i need a break for a while ok?” and no hard feeling, you get that. He needs to have his own time. He loves and encourages you to take some time off too.
  • He’s really into eating alone sometimes and just people watching and you admire him even more for it because how many adults can handle having lunch or dinner alone?

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

  • He’s a stubborn and mean asshole when he’s on a working trope so you’ll have to end up at his studio and make him eat. Some days you only eat like 5hrs after you get there because he keeps saying “i’ll finish this and we’ll eat” but he doesn’t make it out soon enough and you refuse to eat without him not because that’s the sweet thing to do or anything but because this idiot won’t take care of himself unless he knows he’s hurting someone else in the process too
  • him having the best cheer-me-up speeches ready because he knows what depression and anxiety feels like and he never wants you to experience that without the knowledge that hope is always present and he’ll be your hope.
  • having a marriage like relationship pretty soon. bra is optional and no cute nicknames because you’re “ya” and he’s “oi” and thats enough
  • you helping the kids (i mean the maknae line) out a lot even if some of them might be older to you.
  • he is pretty close with your family and places a lot of importance on maintaining a good rapport with his family because he’d like the same for you and his parents too.
  • being a totally different person around your family or his and you’re like “no stop being nice its creepy i feel like ive been lied to my entire life.” and him being sassy af because “EXCUSE YOU IM NICE DONT SAY SUCH MEAN THINGS GOD Y/N”

Originally posted by sugutie

  • sexual tension galore because both of you workaholics and lone wolfs hate to admit it but you love the idea of needing each other
  • he slips into bed really late at night and pulls you close, his arm winding around your shoulder and bringing you to face him, you unconsciously move your lips to meet his and you guys just keep kissing. soft and slow, in a very dream like state. its kinda blissful and you only realize it the next morning because oh hell bite marks. *blushes a thousand shades of red just thinking about it*
  • Sex is demanded for. “Y/N. YOU ME BED NOW.” and you can try and be sassy to get revenge on him but i don’t think it’ll work. haraboeji has a knack of throwing you over his shoulder and kissing you senseless.
  • doesn’t need lingerie or extensive foreplay just good for some lowkey pleasure centered sex because god life is already too fast paced and you’re home for him.
  • sex just means more to the both of you but that doesn’t mean you’re not KINKY AF ASSHOLES.
  • always making jokes around the boys about what goes down in the bedroom and yoongi faces perpetual second hand embarrassment but namjoon just FRICKING LOVES THE JOKES GOOD LORD BRING IT ON!
  • Jimin tries to kiss yoongi for fan service and you just straight up kiss him on the lips and they’re in the rehearsal space and they’re all staring but you just smirk and say “and that’s how you do it.” and jin finds grudging respect for you but kookie is a blushing mess because THIS IS SOME ADULT SHIT OK

Originally posted by beagletae

  • oh god getting shit drunk with him and coming home disoriented and all you guys can say to each other “is get it off fucking get that shirt off we’re having sex right now”
  • subconscious touching and so much of it. when you come by the studio to meet him (and he is in work-suga mode) you just sort of stay behind and play with his hair and watch the entire process. he plays with your hands when you guys are watching tv. wraps the scarf around you tighter when you’re going out and plays with your ear lobe subconsciously as you tell him about your day
  • loves playing with your hair and reads fanfic over your head
  • probably is reading this right now oh god shit ABORT MISSION
  • but yeah a relationship with yoongi is going to be a lot of work and so hard to settle into but its no joke its not pretty and cutesy and maybe thats why it lasts. you guys end up developing a dependency but youre also aware you guys will be there for each other and that sometimes it means letting the person figure out what they want before telling them what it is.
  • suga is just… he’s my type ok bye

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I’m sorry if its way too long but you know…. suga.


Happy 21st Birthday Jisoo!

Dec 30 1995; the day you were born and when the world looked brighter. You’ve grown up so much the past few months, it’s quite unbelievable! You deserve to rest up on your birthday, you’ve worked so hard the past few years. Your soothing voice and ‘gentleman-like’ personality never fails to make us smile and love you. We hope to stay beside you and support you in the future! No matter what happens, we love you, Hong Jisoo ♡♡♡

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I rec favorite record by fall out boy And could u rate my dnp side blog, theamazingdan? Thx luv your blog

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comments: your banner made me laugh out loud! and yessss omg favorite record is such a good song, it’s one of my favorite pick me up jams! and thank you!! :D

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Baby Boy

ANON REQUESTED: Pre Serum Steve X reader fluff please, omg I’d cry

i frick frackin love pre serum stevie so here it goes

“Steve, it’s much too cold for that thin little jacket, would you please put on a bigger coat?”


“Oh would you stop with all the fuss!” You sighed, grunting in frustration as you moved to stand from the table. You shook your head as you moved towards the small man, ignoring how he huffed and crossed his arms.

“I am fine Y/N,” He spoke forcefully, stepping away from you as he pulled his winter coat down from the hook by the door. “It’s just a bit of snow.”

“You’ll catch your damn death out there Rogers,” You chastised, brows furrowed as you held it out to him. “Put it on.”


“Put it on Steve,” You repeated, your voice laced with a hint of a warning.

But the frail man just crossed his arms, jutting his chin forward in defiance as he glared at you. “It’s just a bit of damn snow, I can deal with it myself.”

You felt your eyebrow shoot upwards, shocked not only by his language, considering that he very rarely swore in front of you, but also by the fact that he was being so damn defiant because of a winter coat. It was the middle of December for Christ’s sake, EVERYONE was wearing a coat!

“Y/N I’m fine!” He exclaimed, uncrossing his arms as he took another step towards the door, though you slid in front of him, effectively blocking the exit. His coat was no thicker than a spring jacket, and the worn tan material could barely block a breeze let alone the bitter winter winds. The boy had just gotten over a cold not last week and you’d be damned if you’d let him catch another.

“Steven Grant Rogers,” You spoke sharply. “I will not take care of your bed ridden ass for another week. I have things to do and people to see!”

His once hardened features softened then and he cast his blue gaze to your feet. It was silent for a while and you watched his sheepish expression as he lifted his eyes to meet your burning E/C ones.

“Would it be so bad if you had to?” He spoke softly, cheeks a soft pink as he struggled to keep his frame from shaking. You felt your expression soften, mouth falling open to form an ‘o’ as your heart hammered wildly within the confines of your ribs.

“Steve,” You breathed, heart aching as you noted how his hands shook. It must have taken him a lot of courage to speak in such a way. 

Images of the two of you some weeks ago danced within your mind and you nearly shuddered at the memories. Living with Steve had been easy; he’d clean up after himself, he was kind-you took care of each other. Everything was wonderfully platonic.

Until he got sick. Steve was so small and frail that even a small cold knocked him on his ass, and you were not about to leave the poor boy to fend for himself. So, you’d taken the week off to care for him, and while it had not been kind to your wallet, it had most definitely allowed whatever feelings you hadn’t realized you’d been harboring to bloom.  

It was nearly five weeks ago that he’d gotten sick, and you’d spent nearly all your time with Steve, though he remained buried under his bed covers.

“I’m fine Y/N, really,” He’d insisted, voice nasally as feebly waved you away. 

“You’re not Steve,” You’d said softly, gently setting a mug of tea beside him before sinking down onto the bed next to him. “And I know that your throat is still sore.” 

He’d just offered a watery smile, sighing as you gently smoothed his hair out. “You’ll get sick too if you-” He grunted as he struggled to push himself up onto his elbows. You knew better than to help him, knowing full well it would only serve to emasculate him. “-If you stay here.”

“I’m alright,” You had murmured, smiling softly at him as he sat himself upright, arms trembling as he smiled at you. It was obvious that he was struggling to keep himself upright, and though you flattered by his need to prove himself to you even when he had fallen ill, you gently rested a hand on his cheek and and urged him to lay back down.

“Please, I’d like you to get better you know,” You had chuckled, ignoring the way he pursed his lips at you and cocked an eyebrow. 

“You don’t need to take care of me you know,” He’d sighed. “I’m perfectly capable of handling myself.”

“Yes, I know,” You murmured, struggling to suppress a grin as he glared half halfheartedly at you, though he made no move to settle back under the covers. You raised an eyebrow in warning, though all he did was press his lips into a thin line, his blond hair tousled and falling messily across his forehead. There had only been a few short times in your life when you’d seen Steve’s hair like this; unkempt and rather messy. He insisted it wasn’t very gentlemanly of him to remain improperly cleaned and dressed in front of a lady. Though to be quite honest, the messy/boyish look was rather charming-an attractive-on Steve. 

It was in that moment that you’d found yourself cupping Steve’s cheek, thumb gently brushing across his cheekbone as he stared at you in disbelief, shock widening his pale blue eyes. 

“What-what’re you doing?” He’d breathed, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat but you’d leaned in and kissed him instead, your answer muffled between your lips. 

You could feel Steve’s body stiffen under your touch but you ignored it, your hand settling on his knee before Steve was suddenly pulling away from you. You frowned, gazing up at him in confusion, though your cheeks darkened in embarrassment before you pulled back. 

“I’m-I’m sorry,” He managed to stutter out, his eyes darting around the room. He refused to meet your gaze. “I-I’m just so sick-” He hastily wiped his nose then, though his hand shook. “And I don’t want you to get sick-”

“I understand,” Was all you’d said, carefully picking yourself up off of his bed. Tears had pricked your eyes while you’d smoothed your skirt out and you’d quickly bid him goodbye before hurrying out of his room, ignoring his calls for you to return.

It was awkward and tense for days afterward, forced smiles and quiet hello’s were exchanged for a few days and you avoided him at every opportunity given. That was until he’d come home, battered and bruised and you’d had to take care of him. Conversation came naturally then, and the two of you resumed your daily lives as if nothing had happened at all. It was how things had gone, until this very moment. This very moment, you stood near the doorway, his winter jacket clutched tightly in your hand. 

“Steve,” You breathed, blinking rapidly a few times in an effort to drag yourself from your thoughts. His gaze flicked up to meet yours, cerulean blue eyes looking downcast and saddened.

“Yeah?” He murmured, though he offered a tired, sad smile.

You simply stared at your friend though, lips parted in quiet surprise as your gaze moved over his slender features.

“Why do you do this?” You finally managed to whisper, knuckles turning white as your grip on his coat tightened. Your heart was pounding painfully loud in your chest and you were almost certain he could hear it. 

Steve frowned in confusion, blond brows dipping low. “Pardon?”

“Why?” You felt your voice rise, and you shook your head. “I-I kiss you, you push me away and now-and now this?!” You were nearly shouting now but you didn’t care, how could you anymore? Steve, with his sharp cheekbones, cheeky grin and neatly combed hair had you crumbling before him and all he could do was tease you, toy with your emotions. You hated him for it.

“I-I don’t understand-” He began, sounding bewildered but you threw your hands into the air, dropping his coat in doing so.

“God! You are just so-so-” You looked around the room wildly before you were shouting in frustration, running a shaking hand through your messy H/C hair. “Stop doing this to me Rogers! I don’t have it in me anymore!”

Steve looked shocked, eyes blown wide at your outburst. You moved your hands to rest them on his shoulders, ready to push him away from yourself and escape to your bedroom before he could see the tears pooling in your eyes, but suddenly Steve’s frail hands were on your waist and he was pushing you against the door that lay behind you. Your eyes widened, and a small gasp escaped you, but what truly shocked you was how angry Steve looked. 

Those cerulean eyes of his were narrowed into an angry sneer, his pretty pink lips drawn into a thin line as he moved closer to you. His hair, once neatly combed, had fallen in wisps across his forehead and you watched timidly as his usually pale cheeks turned a deep pink.

“Now you listen here m’am,” He started, voice strong as he continued to glare at you, his nose very nearly touching yours. “I never ever meant to upset or confuse you, you know that, so don’t go turning this around on me.”

“Steve-” You began but the twitch in his jaw had you snapping your mouth shut. He was incredibly sexy like this.

“If you think I didn’t want to kiss you all those weeks ago then you need to get your priorities straight.” His hands, which were still tightly gripping your waist, were becoming a growing distraction. “But I was sick, and I couldn’t even think of ever getting you ill simply because I wanted to kiss you. You deserved better-a date at the least, and I couldn’t offer you one at the time. Hell-” He shook his head then, an exasperated puff of air escaping him. “I don’t even know if I can give you anything at all but I don’t have to put up with your attitude about this anymore. You’ve been tiptoeing around me for weeks now!”

Cheeks flushed from embarrassment, you quickly cast your gaze to his chest in an effort to avoid his angry glare but Steve’s grip on your waist was suddenly tightening as he dragged you towards him. You felt your breath catch in your throat but before you could react he was every so gently-and timidly-pressing his mouth against your own. It was much softer than the attitude he had displayed just a few moments ago and you felt your knees nearly crumple beneath you.

He pulled away though, his cheeks a dark hue of red as he very gingerly pulled himself away from you. “I-I’m very sorry about my outburst…” His voice was a mere whisper, his eyes darting away from yours. He was wringing his hands now but you hadn’t noticed, your gaze lingering on his mouth. “I didn’t mean to-”

“Oh hush up,” You finally managed, hands curling in the collar of his spring jacket before dragging him towards you, your mouths pressing feverishly together. A small squeak escaped him but you ignored it, sighing when his hands encircled your waist once more. 

Hopefully he’d try to argue with you about wearing that spring jacket more often. 

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