Let me tell you a thing or two about tattooed volleyball boys.

Inspired by this gem of a fic by saigennaku


I’ll just… see myself out then.


Hc that when Viktor had finished his routine someone threw a Yuuri Katsuki plushie at him and he started freaking out and was too excited that in the kiss and cry he wasn’t listening to his scores instead he had snuggled and kissed the plush plush and being disgustingly adorable with the plushie and I just

*literally crying* but wait…what if Keith does the ~galra forme change~ and nobody recognizes him????? And then??? They’ve literally got home near death??? About to kill him??? And then lance comes back from his solo mission and starts fucking screaming at them to stop,,, that mullet,,,, he’d recognize that mullet anywhere???????!!!?1 And everyone’s like oh shit?? We thought he killed Keith?? But he is keith??? And now lance is cradling keith in his arms??!?!