friar's entry

Diary Entry #1 Dance Dance Dance

So I guess I better start writing some words down. The teacher said that we should put our own personal touch on the whole thing. So I guess I’ll add some quick, pointless doodles here and there so I don’t completely lose my mind with boredom. 

They say it can happen you know. One minute your just relaxing in your chair, next minute you’re struck with boredom, being wheeled down the hospital hallway as they try to bring your brain to how it used to be. 

Carefree without the worries of boredom. Poor fools.

I’m not the best with words, I’ll warn you with that. I have a friend that usually deals with words, I bet she’s having a breeze with this project. She’s also the same friend who is the representation of a walking sunshine, so don’t expect much of that from me, trust me, she has plenty for the both of us.

I guess i’ll start off easy. This week was the semi Formal. I had a fun time. My best friend probably has some important life choices to think about though. There was a table filled with food. It was delicious. I would let you interview the food so you could truly understand how tasty it was, but sadly the food is no longer with us.

A lot of it might still be in my stomach. Especially the chocolate cake. The best chocolate cake I have ever tasted in my whole life. Don’t tell my mum.

Oh right, so maybe you want to know a little more about the dance then that, well I’m making this short, and there wasn’t much to write about anyway. I danced a little. 

Huckleberry and I jumped around like happy bunnies and called it dancing.

Heh. Now i’m thinking about Ranger Rick as a bunny with a little cowboy hat on. 

The wildest cowboy bunny in the west.

Ranger Cotton tail. New name, I’m taking it. Darn adorable bunny riding a horse and warding off the bad guys.

…Not that I think Lucas is “cute” of course. That would of course absolutely be something that my best friend would say, but not me. 

No, I wouldn’t say that.


That’s all I have to say now. So I guess I will sign today’s entry off with some award winning advice my mother gave me when I was younger…

“If there are two cupcakes sitting on a shelf, eat both with no regrets.”