i like to imagine how every time freddie attempts to make some sort of advance on brian he just ends up getting awkwardly corrected like brian says “oh let me help you with that” and literally just puts freddie’s shirt back on

idk why this makes me laugh

Bohemian SHIPSODY.

Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

I think I’m seeing

Become true my O.T.P

Open your eyes,

Look up to that house and see!

He is kissing his best friend, told you it was for real.

Because they come and go

Come and go

Sometimes fast..

Sometimes slow…

Anyway that ship goes

Everything matters to me…

To me….

 Mama, just saw Brian May

He was kissing his best Friend

All the Queenies now are dead…

Mama, Roger now is gay

So please tell sarina to get away…

Mama, ohh….

My ask box has gone insane

Now that I put Maylor on the internet

Carry On, carry on….

Maylor is going to be safe…

Too late, my time is gone

They send the pictures to

Put my name and my phone

Goodbye everybody, I got to go

Gotta leave you all behind, and say the truth

Maylor, ohh….

Please be strong, we don’t want you to be through…

I see a little shiluetto of a short man

Deaky is, Deaky is, is he kissing Freddie Mercury?

Get me a camera, get me a camera now!

Maylor, Maylor (maylor, maylor)

Maylor, maylor (maylor maylor)

Maylor maylor (maylor maylor)

John Deacoooooooooooooooon

He is very short, afro hair and cute cheeks

He likes cheese on toast, he likes drinking tea

Find him a Freddie really,really naughty!

Easy come, Easy Go

Will Brian let me go?


Roger, I will not let you go



Brian, please let me go

Let him go!


Roger, I will not let you go!

Let me go!

Will not let you go!

Let me go!

Will not let you go!

Let me go!

Let me goooooooooo.


Oh Brian stop it, please stop it, BRIAN PLEASE LET ME GO.

Beelezebub has a Brian put aside from me, from me, from meeeeeeeeeeee.

So you think you can stop us from shipping Frian?

So you thing we don´t know what is doing Brian?

Ohhhhhhh, Roger

Oh baby,poor Roger

He got to get out, got to get right out of here…


Everything matters, anyone can se

Everything matters,

Everything matters

To the Queenies….

Anyway those ships go…..

King of Queen - 1 / ?

Pairing(s): Frian (and maybe Froger…)

Part One. 

He was always here - at first, it was during performances. He stood in the darkest corner, but somehow I could still see his light shining brighter than the stage lights; And when our eyes met, I felt like we were alone. Nobody else mattered - not Roger,  Tim or the crowd. When my eyes met his eyes, I felt naked, as if he could see right through me. As if he could see the Brian May nobody else got to see. I didn’t know anything about him - until today, when he finally spoke to me.

His name is Freddie Bulsara. I have never heard the name ‘Bulsara’ before, but now, thinking about him, it seems like the most delightful name in the world. He is rather shy when nobody else is around; and sometimes, when it’s just the two of us, I believe I can see an innocent, lost boy who had no direction. Perhaps it’s just me, because he always has a direction. He’s going through a journey now, I can tell, and sometimes, lying in bed on those cold, lonely nights, I wish I could be a part of that journey. 

Brian smiled at the handwritten journal in his hands, going through a page after a page. He wrote it during his college days - days that now, after the success of A Night At The Opera seemed so distant, like a dream rather than a part of his life. The first pages were nothing more than fully, silly paragraphs about his classes and beyond any doubt, weren’t worth reading… Until he started writing about Freddie. From the moment he saw him, Freddie had taken over his mind, and time after time he found himself coming back to him. He always came back to him. 

Even now, years after he stopped writing in his journal, he could still relate to every entry about Freddie. With just one smile, he could make his head spin around  and lose every bit of sense in his mind. When their eyes met - something that happened often onstage, he could see the entire universe in his eyes. It was magical. He was magical.

“Brian, darling?” He heard a rich, familiar voice behind him. Speaking of, he thought to himself as he turned around, smiling softly at the man in front of him. Freddie ran his fingers through his long, silky hair and took a quick look at this black nail varnish before sitting next to Brian. “What is this?”

“Nothing,” he mumbled. Freddie raised an eyebrow curiously. 

“Darling, it’s obviously something. What are you hiding?” 




Freddie burst out in a contagious, almost childlike laughter. Brian loved moments like this, when Freddie laughed without even thinking of his big, adorable teeth. He seemed so picturesque; Brian could easily feel himself drowning in those deep, slightly-dark brown eyes. He wanted to touch his face softly and move strands of hair from his forehead; he didn’t know if Freddie would see it as a friendly gesture or as what it really was, nor did he care. His muscles seemed to freeze whenever he thought of something like this, thinking it was out of line. And maybe, it really was. 

He saw a quick movement in the corner of his eye, and before he could tell what happened Freddie grabbed the journal on his knees, smiling proudly like a little boy who finally got the toy he wanted. Knowing Freddie was reading the things he wrote about him back in college, he suddenly found special interest in his clogs. 

“‘I have never heard the name ‘Bulsara’ before, but now, thinking about him, it seems like the most delightful name in the world.’” Freddie quoted quietly, handing the journal back to Brian. “Brian… Were you writing about me?”

“Sometimes,” Brian admitted shamefully, knowing there’s no way back. He prayed that the soft, bright red blush on his cheeks was hardly noticeable, hoping Freddie couldn’t see it. 

“It’s very sweet of you,” he smiled softly. “Can I keep it, dear?”

He wanted to say no. He wanted to say it was too personal, he wanted to say it’s a secret that wasn’t supposed to be discovered, yet when Freddie looked at him with his puppy eyes, he found himself nodding softly. Freddie kissed his cheek quickly, smiling gratefully.

“Thank you,” he said happily before walking away, probably to play with his new toy. Brian sat there, shocked, touching the cheek Freddie kissed softly. He could still feel his warm, full lips, electrifying his body. Electrifying him.

He had no idea what the consequences of his action would be; the only thing he knew for sure is that it was too late to change it. And who knows - maybe, just maybe, it’s time to sit back and let time do its job.


Alright, so, this is the first fic I ever wrote and, to be honest, it is not my best. I hope the newer ones are better! Anyway, enjoy <3

“No! It should start with a B-string!” Brian shouted

“Why the hell would that make it sound any better than with a D-string?” Roger shouted back

“You don’t even play a bloody stringed instrument! You bang sticks on-” Brian began

“Like you could even do that! I at least know what sounds right!" 

The two were going at it again as Freddie sat back and watched. John had gone out for the night, where he didn’t know. All he was concerned about was not getting mauled by the two angry men in front of him. God just don’t bring me into this. I’ve already dealt with this enough for today. 

"You idiotic prick! Why would that-" 

Roger threw one of his drumsticks at Brian, who quickly dodged it, having it slam into the wall. Freddie sank lower into his seat as Roger went for Brian’s guitar. 

"Don’t you touch that!” Brian growled

“Why? You say I don’t know a damn thing about a guitar!" 

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a somewhat shoddy frian fanmix by yours truly. side white is from brian and side black is from freddie. 8tracks continually rejected me on this one so unfortunately you can only listen through youtube right now. i might arrange it as a proper playlist in due time though

[1] Driven By You[2] Could It Be I’m Falling in Love[3] Looking For the Magic

[4] Lost in Love
[5] Cherish
[6] To You Alone
[7] Wishing
[8] Moon River
[9] Hello It’s Me ~ [10] A Song For You
[11] Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
[12] Honey Honey
[13] Foolin’ Around
[14] Do You Want to Know a Secret
[15] Go All the Way
[16] Dream a Little Dream of Me
[17] I Was Born to Love You
[18] Soul Brother

note: be wary of volume differences between uploads. please let me know if there’s anything else wrong! again, i apologize for the inconvenient way i have to post this, haha


“Ready for the show “Part 2 [Frian]
Part 1 here

“Well.”, he turned around and started walking straight towards his lover. ”What kind of entertainment would you prefer?”
“Surprise me, darling. I love surprises!”, Freddie chuckled.
“We’ll see….” With these words he leaned forward to place a kiss on the smaller man’s lips.
Just as Freddie started to respond the kiss, Brian interrupted it and pushed him backwards on the couch behind them. Freddie gave a startled yelp but it was soon muffled by Brian’s lips pressing gently against his again. He felt the taller man’s bony hands slowly sliding along his jawbone, making their way down his neck to his collarbone. Then Brian started stroking Freddie’s chest gently, let his fingers glide over his stomach up to the waistband of the younger man’s leathern trousers and all the way back to his chest again.
“It’s such a shame. You dressed up so pretty for the show.”, Brian chuckled sassily as he grabbed Freddie’s shirt and pulled it over whose arms.
“You really liked that outfit, my dear?”, Freddie laughed pointing up and down his body while Brian kissed down his stomach back to the waistband of his pants and slowly unbuttoned it.
“Of course I like it. You always look special no matter which clothes you wear.”, he uttered as he carefully pulled down Freddie’s trousers together with whose underwear. ” But I prefer you without any of them.”, he smiled to himself as he eyed up his lover’s pure naked body.
He lifted his head and saw Freddie staring at him and raising an eyebrow.
“Take it as a compliment, okay !”, Brian frowned knowing that he totally won’t take it.
“I am not sure if that really was a compliment, my dear. I mean….”
“It was! I just wanted to say that you’re special, okay? You’re not like the others. You are….
Bloody hell! Why can’t you just take a compliment for once, huh!?”, Brian hissed at his lover making him wince and blush at once.
”Brian, I..”
“I am sorry!” , Brian sighed stroking the young man’s reddened cheeks.” I didn’t mean to yell at you, honey.” He placed one finger under Freddie’s chin and gently pushed up his face to place a brief kiss on his lover’s soft lips. “And now..”, he got up, completely undressed himself and climbed back on the couch again leading his lover into another kiss. “Now. ..turn around!”, he whispered against Freddie’s lips. His voice wasn’t vigorous nor bossy, it was calm and gently, but it still sounded demanding.
Freddie didn’t move though. He still was staring at Brian who had now raised his head to look him directly in the eyes.
” Didn’t you understand me? Turn..around!” Now Brian’s voice became louder and way more demanding than it was before. But Freddie just couldn’t move and kept on staring at him awkwardly.
“Fine.”, Brian sighed, “If you like looking at me that much, we’ll do it the other way ‘round.!”
He slightly pushed his lover backwards and spread whose legs. “ Now you can stare at me as long as you want to, honey.!”, he said grinning and kneeled between Freddie’s legs stroking along his inner tights down to his crotch and making the man in front of him wince even more.
“Are you ready, darling? Can I move further ?”, he whispered still stroking Freddie’s crotch and patiently waiting for response.
“I-I am” Freddie stuttered desperately holding back a moan. He wanted Brian so badly, so fucking badly. “Please, just..”
“I see, I see!”, Brian moistened his fingers with his saliva, pressed them against Freddie’s entrance and carefully put in one finger, then two and slowly spread them apart . Freddie winced and couldn’t hold back a moan as he felt Brian’s fingers slide in deeper and deeper and slowly move inside of him. As Brian’s pushed a third finger in he cried out loud. He couldn’t hold back. It was simply impossible. His body tensed and he felt his heart nearly jumping through his chest. “Calm down, honey”, Brian whispered and leaned forward to kiss Freddie.” Just relax!” His fingers glided in deeper and he started to massage his lover’s prostate gently. Suddenly he felt something press against his stomach and looked down his body.
“ Someone’s eager, huh ?” he grinned as he saw Freddie’s full length pressing against his belly. He started to move his fingers in and out making the willing man in front of him moan immediately. With every move he pushed his fingers deeper and faster into him and Freddie desperately tried to keep himself in control. And so Brian did.
“I can’t wait any longer.” he said heavily breathing. Seeing this incredibly gorgeous man like this, hearing him moan just because of him and only for him… He just couldn’t hold back any longer. He pulled his fingers out of Freddie’s arse and moistened his own erected cock with his saliva. ” Relax”, he whispered into the smaller man’s ear and pressed his cock against whose entrance . “ I..I am sorry. I just want you so bad! I..can’t wait! ” He slowly moved his hips forward and carefully pushed his cock into Freddie. A little deeper with every push. Freddie gasped and winced tempestuously as Brian completely entered.
“Are you okay?”, Brian asked beginning to move his hips back and forth. “I-I am. J-just ..go… on !”, Freddie panted longing for more. So Brian moved faster and shoved deeper with every move wanting his lover to lose his freaking mind. But Freddie desperately tried to hold back and covered his face with his hands as he cried out in excitation. Brian paused. “ Why are you hidin’ your face..?”, he asked actually knowing the reason why.” Silly! “,Brian said to himself as he suddenly grabbed Freddie’s arms and pressed them against the mattress right next to his lover’s head. ”Hey ! Why do hide your face, honey ? I don’t want you to cover it, okay !”, Brian demanded, “ I want to see the lust in your face!” . He moved his hip backwards and pulled his cock almost completely out and stared directl in the young man’s brown eyes. “ If you want me to go on, tell me that you want me. Show me!” Without waiting for Freddie to response, he roughly pushed back deep into whose entrance making him scream way louder than before.” That’s right. !”, he wheezed in eager shoving harder and faster with each move. “Brian!..Please..don’t stop..”, Freddie whimpered holding back his moans. “C’”, Brian commanded pushing faster and deeper into him with each word he said,” I..want to hear you scream. I hear..your voice!” But Freddie still held back, so Brian moved one of his hands down to Freddie’s erection and slowly started rubbing it. Freddie gasped and clawed into the couch’s linen fabric as a shiver rushed down his spine. Brian contentedly smiled at his lover’s reaction and started moving his hand faster in synchronism with his hip moving back and forth. Freddie winced and his body tensed as he was getting closer and closer to the climax.
“ Haven’t you heard what I said?”, Brian gently whispered, still sounding so damn bossy though, “I wanted you to scream!” Suddenly he stopped moving his hand and his hips and stared down at his lover who was heavily breathing and whimpering, “Brian…w-why..”, he tried to catch his breath.
“Why did you stop…?”
“I said I want you to scream for me!”
Freddie threw back his head and let out a noise of desperation. “ Brian..please..”, he wined and begged. His dick was throbbing and hurting as hell. He was so freaking close as that bastard deciced to stop.
“Don’t you think you’ll get away that easy, honey!”, Brian said grinning teasingly, ”We’re not done yet!” He slowly let his forefinger glide along Freddie’s full length making him squeak awkwardly. “Oh god, Brian! Please!…please..I-I can’t stand that!…Please..I……. …“ “Stand what?”, Brian whispered letting his finger draw little circles on the head of Freddie’s dick. “I-I…can’t stand..your teasing. Please..just..” “You’re just to cute, my sweetheart.”,Brian chuckled and started slowly move his hips again.” You know what you have to do!”, he demanded. Freddie just nodded hastily just being glad ‘bout knowing that Brian was about to ease his pain. ”But don’ t hide your face again!”, Brian said slightly grinning, ”I want to see your face when you’re about to come, darling!” With these words he moved his hips faster and played around the tip of his lover throbbing cock. Freddie winced, threw his arms around Brian’s neck and scratched along whose back as he was getting closer. Brian pushed harder and deeper into him as he suddenly felt the warm and viscous liquid spout all over his hand. Freddie took a deep breath and sighed in relief. Brian wheezed and pushed back into his lover’s entrance for one more time as he finally came deep inside him.
“wow…”..he said trying to catch his breath. He pulled his limp cock out of Freddie’s arse and let himself sink next to his lover who was as exhausted as he was. “That…really was one of our best shows, wasn’t it?”,he said smiling at him gently before they both got up to take a shower.

*Captain Jess