Bohemian SHIPSODY.

Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

I think I’m seeing

Become true my O.T.P

Open your eyes,

Look up to that house and see!

He is kissing his best friend, told you it was for real.

Because they come and go

Come and go

Sometimes fast..

Sometimes slow…

Anyway that ship goes

Everything matters to me…

To me….

 Mama, just saw Brian May

He was kissing his best Friend

All the Queenies now are dead…

Mama, Roger now is gay

So please tell sarina to get away…

Mama, ohh….

My ask box has gone insane

Now that I put Maylor on the internet

Carry On, carry on….

Maylor is going to be safe…

Too late, my time is gone

They send the pictures to

Put my name and my phone

Goodbye everybody, I got to go

Gotta leave you all behind, and say the truth

Maylor, ohh….

Please be strong, we don’t want you to be through…

I see a little shiluetto of a short man

Deaky is, Deaky is, is he kissing Freddie Mercury?

Get me a camera, get me a camera now!

Maylor, Maylor (maylor, maylor)

Maylor, maylor (maylor maylor)

Maylor maylor (maylor maylor)

John Deacoooooooooooooooon

He is very short, afro hair and cute cheeks

He likes cheese on toast, he likes drinking tea

Find him a Freddie really,really naughty!

Easy come, Easy Go

Will Brian let me go?


Roger, I will not let you go



Brian, please let me go

Let him go!


Roger, I will not let you go!

Let me go!

Will not let you go!

Let me go!

Will not let you go!

Let me go!

Let me goooooooooo.


Oh Brian stop it, please stop it, BRIAN PLEASE LET ME GO.

Beelezebub has a Brian put aside from me, from me, from meeeeeeeeeeee.

So you think you can stop us from shipping Frian?

So you thing we don´t know what is doing Brian?

Ohhhhhhh, Roger

Oh baby,poor Roger

He got to get out, got to get right out of here…


Everything matters, anyone can se

Everything matters,

Everything matters

To the Queenies….

Anyway those ships go…..

i like to imagine how every time freddie attempts to make some sort of advance on brian he just ends up getting awkwardly corrected like brian says “oh let me help you with that” and literally just puts freddie’s shirt back on

idk why this makes me laugh

Hi everyone! I’ve just completed a fun new fanmix based on Freddie and Brian. you might like it B) it is fun for the whole family. It’s 16 tracks long and includes everything from 00s bliss pop to 60s bossa nova to…Sonic the Hedgehog music. If you’d like to listen, just message me and I’ll submit you the docs link!

(the track order appears different on the page, just a little warning but they are numbered so…)


Alright, so, this is the first fic I ever wrote and, to be honest, it is not my best. I hope the newer ones are better! Anyway, enjoy <3

“No! It should start with a B-string!” Brian shouted

“Why the hell would that make it sound any better than with a D-string?” Roger shouted back

“You don’t even play a bloody stringed instrument! You bang sticks on-” Brian began

“Like you could even do that! I at least know what sounds right!" 

The two were going at it again as Freddie sat back and watched. John had gone out for the night, where he didn’t know. All he was concerned about was not getting mauled by the two angry men in front of him. God just don’t bring me into this. I’ve already dealt with this enough for today. 

"You idiotic prick! Why would that-" 

Roger threw one of his drumsticks at Brian, who quickly dodged it, having it slam into the wall. Freddie sank lower into his seat as Roger went for Brian’s guitar. 

"Don’t you touch that!” Brian growled

“Why? You say I don’t know a damn thing about a guitar!" 

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