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a colt bc its short like him and a set of lock pick bc he has to pick locks duh

(thank you anon for requesting!! tho I feel like this is neither very fluid nor soothing. if anything the green is kinda scary. or maybe its just me after staring at this for too long while my minds somewhere else)

request post aged 70 years in an oaken box right this way

Love letter from Noctis

Poor little awkward emo prince. My first piece of writing for FFXV is a thank you to everyone who creates for this fandom! It’s mildly NSFW (suggestive language) and hella awkward and rambly…because it’s from Noct. hah!

I want to do the rest of the bros but we’ll see if I can be creative for more  than five minutes.

Gender neutral reader s/o. Pre timeskip. No spoilers.

Special thanks to @iinkpools @chocobrodreamteam @ladyscientia and @nifwrites, whose works I’ve read over and over again.

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welcome to riverdale; the core four


PROMPT; all hands are on deck when a new girl comes to town, especially when she’s got a secret that’ll either solve the case of jason blossom’s murder or change the course of it completely.

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS; no pairing; jughead jones, betty cooper, veronica lodge, kevin keller, archie andrews, and mentions of the blossom family.

AUTHOR’S NOTE; hey guys c: this is my first imagine on riverdale and on this account, so some critiques and such are welcomed! also, i’m sorry if the end seems kind of rushed. i wanted to get this up asap.

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Welcome to Riverdale, the town with pep!

Packed bags, a loaded truck with all your belongings and a dog in the seat next to you was all you had. Everything you couldn’t carry on your body was poorly packed into several bags, which were all shoved in the bed of your truck and on the floor of the passenger seat.

Fresh start. New beginnings. The usual.

An old house down the street of Riverdale Highschool was where you were going to call home for a while, until you got enough money to actually buy a house and not squat at foreclosed ones.

Your bags were scattered around the living room, labeled with plastic tags; clothes, keepsakes and a designated one for plastic plates and basic cutlery. You had all you needed. Nothing more, nothing less. That was how you lived, with what you had and what you needed.

But sometimes what you had wasn’t enough, and tonight was a perfect example.

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🍟 Fries Friendship Ritual 🍟

🍟 A simple spell of binding friendships.

🍟 Share a meal with fries and friends. Enjoy food amicably.

🍟 When the fries come to an end, each take one of the last fries. There should be no fries left.

🍟 Touch all the fries together in the center, and all should utter a nasal sounding moan.

🍟 Eat thos fries.

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Pedidos: Ex-Melhores amigas 💔

- “Era minha melhor amiga” Tem noção do quanto dói falar isso?

- Você disse q nunca ia me abandonar! Cadê vc agr?

-E agora somos apenas duas desconhecidas que se conhecem muito bem.

-É triste ver uma amizade se perder, e não poder fazer nada…

-Eu poderia te apagar da minha vida, se eu quisesse, mas aí estaria apagando a melhor coisa que já me aconteceu.

-De tudo que você poderia ser pra mim, escolheu ser saudade.

-She was my best friend and it broke my heart. ❤️🔨 (Ela era minha melhor amiga e quebrou meu coração.)

-I don’t regret the day that she became one of those I’ve loved. 🔙💌 (Eu não me arrependo do dia em que ela se tornou um daqueles que eu amei.)

-She was my best friend for a while. 💍⏳ (Ela era minha melhor amiga, por um tempo.)

-Tudo tem um fim ne…. Fri"end “ 💔

-Não precisa pedir desculpa, só volta por favor volta.

-Melhor amigo deveria ser pra vida toda, mas o meu resolveu partir e a única coisa que ficou foi a saudade.

-You pushed me away like you never even knew me. 🏃🏾💨 (Você me afastou como se nunca tivesse me conhecido.)

(Espero que gostem ❤)

Chapter X | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here.

Song for the Playlist - Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

Instagrams are here - (none for this chapter, again, because the app is still being a dick)

Word Count - 5500…ish

“Course it wasn’t real, you goose,” he laughed. “Unless you want it to be real? I’m sure we can arrange that in Vegas…”

“Harry, don’t,” she warned him. Harry enjoyed doing this thing where he would sit with a smirk on his face as if he was planning something but would never tell Eden what it was.


“Stop that…you’re doing that thing?”

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Seokjin Scenario: All The Pretty Stars.

Request: Hi! Can you do a scenario based on this?: As we know the maknae line always tell Jin he’s an ‘old’ man. What about one time he realizes he and his (girl)friend have kind of been doing alot of 'adult’ thing so he decides to do something super spontaneous and wakes his (girl)friend up in the middle of the night to go for a walk/get something to eat/climb on a roof and watch the stars.  

Genre: Fluff / Romance

People joked about the strength of words, but the things that his youngest friends had been saying lately about him had Seokjin frowning because he liked to think that even at his age he didn’t behave like an old man, he had always been a lively person, but if he paid close attention to the few things he’d been doing lately in his daily life, he could see why his friends would be saying that. Taehyung had been the first to comment about how every time he went out with you now, it was only on fancy planned dates, and well, Jin liked those, you liked those as well but maybe you would be thinking he was lacking interest into coming up with new things for you? then Jimin paired up with Jungkook to say he was so serious lately, maybe because he’d just recently moved with you and was doing more of the domestic aspects of your relationship.

Jin ran a hand down his face wondering when was the last time you did something crazy together, without a plan or just for the fun of it. It had been quite some time yes, he laughed softly under his breath and sat on the mattress carefully, holding the arm that you had rested on his torso. You were asleep next to him, unaware of the inner turmoil unraveling inside him. He extended his hand to caress softly your hair, he didn’t want you to feel that you were losing that special spark as a couple, hell, he didn’t want to feel that either, so in a sudden rush of bravery and spontaneity he leaned down to peck your cheek and woke you up.

–Jin… what is it? – you accommodated against his side once again and closed your eyes, but your boyfriend laughed and tried to make you sit.

–Wake up Y/N, let’s do something –

You opened your eyes confused at that, wondering what had gotten into him. –Something like going back to sleep? Are you aware of what hour it is babe? – you yawned and laughed when he tapped your chin, pushing his hand away, it wasn’t every day that Jin woke you up in the middle of the night.

–No, nothing of going back to sleep – he seemed so happy suddenly, excited even, so you tried to shove away your sleepiness to try and figure out what was going on.

–So what is it? – you raised an eyebrow, you were in pajamas, he was too, with that tight black tank top that always had you screaming internally but it wasn’t really the time to think about that, unless… unless he wanted you to think about that. You placed your hands on his shoulders, feeling Jin’s soft and always warm skin and crawled your way to his lap.  –Oh, now I know what you want to do–

You giggled and kissed him, feeling his hands gravitating towards your waist in seconds. Jin laughed into the kiss when your arms had already found their way around his neck and he pushed you away softly, not without giving a light bite to your lower lip.

–That’s not it… I mean, we could… – he laughed again, shook his head and stole another kiss form you. –but we can do this later, now we have to get up–

–Later when? It’s like… it’s almost two in the morning Jin– you added after looking at the watch by the nightstand, but that only seemed to increase the smirk on your boyfriend’s face. Jin was already standing up, offering his hand for you to do the same.

–That’s the point babe – he winked at you, smiled so full of confidence and warmness that you would have followed him to the furthest corner of earth if that’s what he wanted.

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