fri end

Leafy socializing with a female

expectations: this is it… I have no chance… I can’t be l iv e, my sweet lizard king…,,. has a g i rl fri end, unstanned, unfollowed, un su bbed

reality: bout time that greasy fuck left his house, lmao get that puss puss calvin

the monster never stops lurking under the bed. 

there are some nights when it feels gone, you finally feel alone and free and gone from the childhood memories of terror but it all comes back when the lights go out and you’re jumping at the slightest sounds and you know it’s fake but you can’t help yourself even now; you are too old for fairy tales but this is a tale you can never outgrow. 

there is a vault in the back of your mind guarded and locked, sealed shut and this is where horror lurks but somehow, somehow in the dead of night, it can pick the locks and open its coffin where you left it for dead, but it is not dead, no, it is living and breathing down your neck and this what it’s like to be afraid.


Sawamura Eijun  Seidou’s Mood Maker

TL:DW Seventeen MV’s Edition

Adore U: Pledis was so scared that you would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of us, that they got the not so great idea to put a teeny tiny video of us in the corner where we mouth along to the song like we’re reciting nursery rhymes for 3 year olds. Fall in love with us as we go wild with the green screen and show off our bootleg designer fashionable white outfits.

Mansae: Why study when you can spend all day trying to impress chicks with basketball skills and ladder hide and seek? Featuring kinky face slap fetishes, the smell of fresh bleach and fried ends, the rise of the Visual Line, and Kim Mingyu having an amazing hairstyle, that to this day, was the best thing to ever happen to him.

Q & A:  Probs the fastest a subunit has ever formed. Three of them couldn’t keep up with their grades since they only chased girls and never studied, so now they have to make it up in their hot, but strict teacher’s class. Lots of rolling around floors and stylish glasses to compliment the bright and fun atmosphere of the song.

 Chocolate: This song is boring. But at least your eyes get a nice sweet treat in watching the Vocal Line ignore their studies (again) for a girl. Anddd of course they all got rejected because it wouldn’t be a Seventeen video if anyone actually ever got lucky in love.

Pretty U: The boys go hardcore, street cred tough, in this epic mini bad boy musical adventure. They vandalize property, wreck a restaurant, drive cars through buildings and cross the street without looking both ways….That’s what Carats tell themselves when they realize that this cutesy piece of fluff is the closest we’ll probably ever get to a dark concept.

아주 Nice: When you think that the China Line is going to rise from their graves and bring honor to their country, but they actually only get a line and a half as usual, and a center dancing spot, and you realize your hopes never should have went up. Lots of heart explosions and glittery deaths. Jeonghan pretended to know what rejection felt like and Wonwoo suffered silently just to make a great video for all of us.


animation experimentation with two of my life mottos 

  • Servamp fandom right now: Evil Mikuni! Envy arc! More backstory! Yes!
  • Me in my corner with a bag of fries: World End, you get out here right now! I have food and I KNOW you want it. Be a part of this story, you broke piece of shit!
Dating Jungkook would include:

- when he-’s sweating after practice he goes to you and wants to kiss you
- but you’re like “booooy you know what deodorant is?”
- and you run away
- but he run after you
- and he gets you because it’s him
- you end up smelling like his sweat
- eating junk food on dates
- feeding each other french fries
- but it end up with being dirty by ketchup
- because he can’t give you these fries directly to you’re mouth
- “ booooy you blind?”
- watching films together and laying your head on his chest
- him being awkward because you’re so close
- but tries to play it cool
- and act like he knows what he’s doing
- but girl
- he doesn’t
- going to the gym together
- he trains
- you look
- his abs show
- you’re happy
- making him food
- and bringing it on their practice
- jin eats most of it
- he would remember your fav flavour of ice cream, dress size and lipstick shadow
- but would forgot about buying present for you’re birthday
- and again try to play it cool
- and would get you present on last minute
- and it’s probably going to be a really cute date like in the amusement park or late at night
- but don’t expect from him to be romantic right away
- it would be very awkward at first
- when he would try to initiate more skin ships
- probably you’re going to tease him and call him “international playboy”
- romantically dabbing together
- talking a lot with the boys
- they would end up with telling embarrassing things about jungkook
- and he would be like “I through we were friends”
- sending each other memes as responds
- you using memes of him because why not
- helping him when he’s sad or tired
- giving him massage
- and him giving you
- but his arms are strong so you end up screaming “STOP STOP DON’T BREAK MY BONES ”
- and he feels sorry
- but you’re like “no problem bro”
- calling you cute names
- listening to you a lot
- giving you a little solo concerts
- back hugging you whenever he can
- missing you when he is on his tour
- again probably sending each other memes
- a looooot of couple pictures together
- he would be a really awkward boyfriend at first but when he will opens…..
He would do everything for you and always try to impress you, so he tries his best in everything and makes you you happiest girl

OK, let’s begin this.

Wow, rude Sadie.


OK, this the most improbable team ever but why not.


Oh my god Rose, you won a war.

You sell fries, Peedee.

End of day 1 : the fries brothers couldn’t make it.

No problem Pearl, this is happen to everybody.

tfw you kill ur past self.

Sorry Buck, but your father can’t let you be the mayor.

A lil’ conflitct between Fusion Mom and Dad Mom.

OK, no surprise whatsoever.


We lost Dad Mom, only two moms left.




tfw you kill a creature made of urself and another creature made of urself doesn’t like it.

Donut guy, Pizza girl an Hella rad Bookworm eat the space Dorito.

Steven, is it really the right time to make an adolescent crisis ?

I don’t think this is the best way to make your citizens vote for you next time.




When you're at the point in the quarter

where you reread the essay you just wrote, acknowledging that it is nowhere near your best work, but accepting that at least you have something to turn in because your brain is too fried to make it any better.

so, about castelobruxo:

first, castelobruxo is a ridiculous name (european + north american schools get nice names and we get…wizard castle?? okay then).
second, robes in the middle of the amazon. this doesn’t work. the students would die because it’s too hot. it makes 0 sense. believe me, i don’t live in the north (north = amazon = equator line = hot) but i live close enough and if we used robes here we would end up fried.
third, the school is a building that looks like a temple… in an area where aztecs, mayans, etc, never lived. brazil never had one of south america’s ancient empires. none. it also doesn’t make any sense.
fourth, the language. we speak portuguese. everyone else speaks spanish. how would this even work? i mean, the classes? sure, spanish and portuguese are similar, but no. no. we don’t speak the same language.
fifth, plants and animals? and people come here to study them? you can’t get more stereotypical than that.

sixth, caipora is an entity that protects the forest and the animals from humans. they are said to bring bad luck. why they would protect the students and the castle is beyond me.

honestly, I’m disappointed. i love hp, but this is ridiculous.