But Reyna’s and Frank’s BROTP
  • Frank turns into a dog and helps Reyna with taking care of her dogs.
  • Frank buys Reyna new jelly beans every time they’re about to run out, and for a while she doesn’t understand how they never run out but one morning she finds Frank filling the bowl.
  • Every time Frank annoys Reyna she pulls the strings of his hoody so it covers up his face and he can’t talk.
  • They are super competitive and they have a ton of secret games they always play.     
  • Hylla loves Frank because she knows he won’t hurt Reyna like Jason did.
  • Every time they watch a movie together Frank falls asleep and Reyna and Hazel draw on his face and put popcorn in his hair.
  • Reyna is a hardcore Frazel shipper and makes Frank take days of so he would spend time with Hazel.
  • Reyna teaches Frank Spanish and Frank teaches her French. After a while they come up with a hybrid of the two languages that only the two of them can understand.   

So this is my first one-shot/fic thing that I’ve made based on PJO or HoO and it’s probably not very good (especially because it’s an unpopular ship and only Bri and I so far have seemed to ship it so) but I worked pretty hard on it. It took me five billion years, too.

Frank x Reyna


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