Below the cut, you’ll find all the gifs of Freya Tingley strictly as her role Wendy Darling on Once Upon A Time. This will also be updated as I find new gifs. If this post has helped you in any way, shape, or form, please like or reblog it. 

{ disclaimer: none of the following gifs were made by me, i’ve simply collected them. }

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Damn… that’s not.. it doesn’t look… ahhghfbdfsdfjk?!!

ok, well, I just wanted to do smth pretty and and finally say what I wanted for a long time… I love you all! 

Your amazing creations inspire me and give me so many feels, I’m so grateful for all of that! Thank you, Darling Pandom <3

A pack of gifs of Freya Tingley  as Christina Wendall in Hemlock Grove; Season one - Episodes 1-10. I honestly wasn’t sure if you wanted gifs of her after the color change to her hair, so I gif'ed as much as I could before that. Also my sincerest apologies for my coloring being all over the place on this – they mainly shoot with a green filter and I was eyeballing it.

Requested by: Anonymous

Size: 400x226.

Count: 64.

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❝ freya tingley as HERSELF & various roles gif hunt ! ❞

under the cut, you’ll find a total of ### gifs of freya tingley. none of the gifs below were created by me, full credit to the original makers. apologies for any repeats. they should all be roleplayable, under 1.5mb and have no grey boxes. please like/reblog if you found this helpful.

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No more dreaming of the dead 

As if death itself 

Was undone