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“ I’ve always been so intrigued by language and how it completely changes you—because of cultural context, of humor. I always find that I’m less sarcastic in France and maybe I’m a bit more shy and reserved, even more polite. I’d love to speak more languages just to discover who I become in a different language.”

Freya Mavor by Jason Hetherington for Interview Magazine 


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asoiaf  →  Freya Mavor as Baela & Rhaena Targaryen.

Lady Baela Targaryen was a daughter of Prince Daemon Targaryen and Lady Laena Velaryon. Her twin sister was Rhaena Targaryen.
Towards the end of the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons, Baela was able to escape from her bedchambers as the door was being smashed down. She managed to reach Moondancer in the stable where the castle dragons were kept. There she loosed her chains and strapped a saddle onto her. As Aegon II flew over Dragonmont’s smoking peak and made his descent, Baela rose up to meet him. The dragons fought in the pre-dawn sky, eventually slamming into the ground still fighting. Aegon jumped from the saddle twenty feet from the ground but Lady Baela stayed with Moondancer all the way down. Burned and battered, she still found the strength to undo her saddle chains and crawl away from her dragon as Moondancer coiled into her death throes.
Rhaena however was chosen to accompany Prince Joffrey Velaryon to Gulltown for their protection, although they were told it was to defend the Vale of Arryn against King Aegon II Targaryen’s dragons. Rhaena brought three dragon eggs with her to the Vale where she prayed nightly for their hatching. Eventually she bonded with the dragon Morning, towards the end of the Dance.