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I know I posted about this before but guys, look. This artist is really talented! I got my Hel statue from him and let me tell you, real wood, real attention to detail, and really reasonable prices! It’s like literal eyeporn for me! Check him out if you’re interested! Every piece is handcrafted!§ion_id=21011661#items

Major Arcana XIV - Temperance

“Magic exists to serve man, and never to rule over him.” 

A tarot card commission of @freya-theirondragon‘s Dragon Age OC Lexa Amell. “Temperance” stands for moderation and sel-fcontrol, things the Chantry might deem possible justifications for the rite of tranquility, along with the loss of all emotion and magic ability.

This was, despite the sad topic, so much fun to draw :D Thanks so much for commissioning me <3

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