freya almond

Seeing Freya grow old was almost harder than seeing the girls age up. My one true best friend had been by my side for many years it was impossible accepting the fact that she would be leaving us. But it was easy to see that she was aging. Her nose was getting greyer, her eyes seemed tired and her tail wags less and less.

Her usual bouncy self is fading for each day and most of the time we see her just laying in her bed, or near the dining table. She even lays down while eating her food. She doesn't follow me around as she have always done and I miss her company. I miss the sound of her heavy breathing and I miss her furry cheek and wet nose against my chins. I can’t imagine going through a day without her by my side. Yet, she is aging and her energetic spirit is fading along with her age. I love her to pieces and it’s hard to see her struggle with growing old.


I took the braided toy out to play with my new little friend and I was so delighted to see that she picked up on the game straight away. She bit a firm grip of the toy and shook her head back and forth while making the sweetest growling sound. GRRGH! GRRGH!

I bent down a bit to get to her level and growled myself while pulling carefully in the toy’s other end. Freya jumped after the toy and was determined to not let go. It was a funny game and I don’t know whether it was me or her that was the most amused.