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Freya is the goddess of war, love, and fertility. She is the daughter of the sea god Njord, and sister to Frey. She has many admirers and treasures, and also knows many different powerful magics (which she taught to a select group of gods, including Odin).

She has taken an interest in the heroic dead. While many people are familiar with Valhalla, Odin’s Hall for the slain, few know about Sessrumnir, Freya’s hall. Freya always gets first pick among the dead, and so it can be argued that living in her hall is a more sought-after prize than Valhalla.

Rare Pre-Viking ‘Frey and Freyja’ Erotic Mount, 3rd-5th Century AD

A bronze mount in a form of a standing male and a female couple, each with a right hand holding a stretched left hand touching each others genitals, a female figure decorated with incised belt decoration; lower part of male legs missing.

Several scholars argue that this image represents the marriage of god Frey and giantess Gerd; however it may also represent a union of Frey with his sister Freyja. From later sources, it is known that the Vanir, an ancient race of gods, had a custom to marry or have intercourse with their siblings. Njord, the father of Frey and Freya was from this tribe, and sources suggest that they were conceived with his sister-wife. She might have been the mysterious Suebi goddess Nerthus, which Roman historian Tacitus wrote about in Germania. Her statue was kept in a sacred grove on an unknown island, drawn in a holy cart and only priests could touch her. Everywhere the goddess came she was met with celebration of peace and hospitality. After she returned to the temple, everything was washed by slaves, who were drowned short after. Her connection with fertility, peace, and water, definitely points to the Vanir race; and she shares several similarities with the later worshipping of Frey. This mount probably represents either Njord and Nerthus, or Frey and Freyja, and may had been used as a votive offering or worn as an amulet to invoke the fertile powers of those gods.

A parallel to the style and pose of this 'couple’ can be seen on several small bronzes inspired by Roman statuettes representing gods. However, similar bronze statues were already known in Scandinavia since the Bronze Age and were most likely of a ritual significance. The specific crossed hand on a chest is a puzzling symbol, possibly symbolising a gesture of a specific god, ritual act or blessing. Some facial similarities can be seen on the Broddenbjerg man, a wooden statue with a strong phallic symbolism, most likely pointing to fertility. Another similarity can be observed on rock art in Scandinavia, especially the long neck features and the image of a 'divine couple’, a strong motif found extensively in the late Iron Age on many golden sheets, known as guldgubbers.

When you realize Rey hugging Finn in the starkiller base was most definitely likely the VeRy FiRsT time he’s been hugged ((that he’d be able to remember)) and then you realize it was also the first hug Rey has had in YeArS

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Fierrochase- Future Marriage
  • <p> <b>Alex:</b> You know, this is kinda like our second wedding<p/><b>Mango:</b> Oh yeah, it is, isn't it?<p/><b>Frey:</b> Wait, what?!<p/><b>Frey and Freya:</b> Why wasn't I invited!?<p/><b>Frey:</b> I'm your father, magnus!<p/><b>Alex:</b> *eyes glint evilly*<p/><b></b> *more bickering and attempts of explanation*<p/><b>Loki to Alex:</b> *eyes tear up* I've taught you so well!<p/><b></b> [Loki and Alex fist bump]<p/><b></b> [Alex decapitates Loki]<p/><b>Loki:</b> Fair enough<p/></p>
Things I want in "The Ship of the Dead"

♡ More about Magnus homeless life
♡ More about Alex life
♡ More floor 19 interactions
♡ Thor and his goats!!! I love Thor and his savage gooffy innocence and I love Otis and Marvin!!!
♡ Serious gods like Frey and Vidar
♡ More Jack doing that thing he does when he summarize the whole situation like “Hey, guys! Ooh, a tomb imbued with evil magic? Cool!”. Idk why, but I always laugh so hard when he does that
♡ I’m tired of magical teens saving the world in regular clothes. I want them in fucking viking armors!!!
♡ Sam and Annabeth being friends
♡ Hearth RULING rune magic. I want a scene where Hearth is being so fucking badass that his eyes glows and he levitates in the air with a shinning aura that emanates runes around him while he rewrite the foundations of the Earth with the language of the universe
♡ And Blitz looking at him like "holy shit I’m dating a god”
♡ I want Blitz being fucking badass and punching monsters in the face with magical and stylish gauntlets
♡ And Hearth blushing thinking about how handsome his boyfriend looks punching things
♡ LOKI! I want Loki being evil and charming and bi! I want Loki tormenting everyone. I want this book to be all about Loki. I want they fighting against Loki, talking to Loki, breathing Loki and the ship is Loki and it rains Loki and EVERYTHING LOKI!!!!
♡ Gimme Jack being damaged and Magnus trying to fix him with his healing powers
♡ I just want a good end

My DnD team is a mess. We have a nonbinary bard of an unknown race, a slime chest, a clown bard satyr, a ¼ dragonborn rogue (who is dating the nonbinary bard), a ¾ horse/centaur druid, his “dragon” familiar, a dragon knight and his dragon companion, and a polar bear. Oh, and we have no healer.

We’re all going to die.