freudianfauxpas replied to your photo: so not motivated to finish this right now!

Your last AP art project EVER!

 i know i have mixed feelings lol just want it to be done. i asked mr lee to retake one of my pictures because the text was cut off on the picture and he was like you’re really killing me when you do this. like, wtf? sorry i’m trying to get a better grade on an exam i payed $80+ for not my fault you suck at taking pictures <_<

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mr. lee and those pictures. I mean, I am grateful, but did you see Arousiak’s? Half of them were totally blurry!

 i saw hers, they seemed okay when i looked. i wasn’t too focused on looking for that though. i’ve been trying to get new pictures of the david painting and the scratchboard ones for like a week now, and i spent all of my lunch period yesterday trying to make it work, and failed. today i just scanned them and they look really good so w/e