The other day I reblogged a text post from @witchlockmonsterfox about “We don’t say the F-word in my home” and I tagged it something like #ive been to the f word house

But I don’t know if Alex knows I’ve been to the Freud Museum??? Did I ever tell you that, Alex????

It’s the house Sigmund Freud bought when he moved his family to London and Anna Freud inherited it and put it in her will that she wanted the house turned into a museum

It was… alright. It was more like a museum that happened to be inside their house and less like a museum about them.

You couldn’t take pictures inside so the only photo I have is of the blue plaques on the front

But I’ve been inside their house and seen the famous couch!!!

I also have this box of little memories from England that I don’t know where it is but it’s got my Sigmund Freud finger puppet and I somehow ended up with two copies of the museum program?? Either I forgot I had one already and grabbed a second one or I brought home mine as well as England Mum’s

The gift shop also had the same “Freudian Sips”/“When you say one thing but you mean your mother” mug I’d bought at Green Earth here in Canada

I pulled this photo from Little Owl Adventures, I don’t remember if I ever uploaded it to Cakesexuality and it wasn’t in my Drive and I took the picture with my S3 so it wasn’t already on my S6

I’m getting to the point where I see how an autobiography can be fictional. Memory functions as the ‘master of fiction’ the act of remembering generates an imaginative and fictive account of the past. The conception of recollection does not operate along a linear or objective trajectory.
—  Alice Anderson’s exhibition at London’s Freud Museum examines childhood rituals in her own intimate and personal way.

My section for an animation based on Sigmund  Freud’s essay ‘Das Unheimliche’ (The Uncanny).

Keaton Henson

it’s been exactly a year (yesterday) since I met my idol/inspiration, Keaton Henson. It was the greatest day of my life. I’m becoming more obsessed with him as his popularity grows. It’s weird to think when I saw him live I was sat awkwardly close to him. I could even touch the speaker with my foot. It was such a small intimate gig and the atmosphere was incredible.

nothing will ever compare

love you keaton,