freud (yes freud)

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whispers magical girl and sinks back into the darkness

Halloween is coming up!

           I fight in the name of friendship and love!


   So far the plan was going flawless. As expected, the former heroes accepted him without a single question, honestly, it was almost pitiful as to how much these poor saps trusted him. Even the youngest and newest member didn’t dare to doubt Freud’s alliance. That poor child, his naivety will be his downfall. 

   As per usual, his facade appeared to be his ‘normal’ kind smile. After years of practice, he was thankfully able to hold such an appearance for long amount of times. Thus making the current situation he’s in much easier. Currently Freud was on board Phantoms ship, discussing a plan of action for fighting the Black Mage. Though, before they got too far, Freud decided to retire for the night.

   At the time, Freud thought he knew everyone aboard Phantoms ship, so, as he was walking to his room, when he saw an unfamiliar face he was rather confused. He thought Phantom would have happily introduce the two upon his arrival, but it appears he must have been mistaken. Ah, oh well, he would simply have to handle introductions himself.

          “ Ah, you there  – miss  – I don’t believe we’ve met?
             I’m Freud, a friend of Phantom. Who might you be?