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I remember first seeing Kendrick at the Fresno County Fair.  GKMC just dropped and it was a great show, have seen him twice since then and already have my tickets for the Damn Tour.  I’ve made this tribute beat as a sincere form of gratitude for the music he’s made. Hope you enjoy it.  Thanks!

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Fresno Alien, Nightcrawler, Stick Figure Surveilence Analysis - Higher Q…

Ohio’s Highland County Press posted a story of a strange encounter on a dark and lonely road near Highland County. The article is about a MUFON report of a strange gray creature that was spotted crossing a highway. The creature was described to be around seven feet tall with lanky muscular legs. In fact, the report describes this creature as being all legs with no head or arms visible.

From Highland County Press:

A resident of the Carmel community has reported seeing a strange creature along Carmel Road on Friday, Dec. 12.

Ron McGlone, an investigator with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), said “The witness was driving near Carmel on Dec. 12, 2014, came up over a hill and saw a 7′ tall slim, gray creature with muscular legs that walked like its knees were backwards.

“The 60-year-old former Marine (who allegedly saw the creature) also said it didn’t seem to have arms. He also included a sketch made shortly after he arrived home.

“I would like to get this information out in your area in hopes that maybe someone else has seen it – or that their giant cross-bred ostrich got loose – or something!”

“We recently bought a place in the Fort Hill area (in southeast Highland County). We first noticed after about 30 days of living here that we suddenly have a perfect circle that stays fresh green, no matter what weather, in our front yard. On Friday night (the 12th), we were driving home. After turning on Carmel Road, which leads to our road, we went around the curve by the Carmel church and then up a small incline and approximately 10 feet over the incline and in front of our truck, the ‘alien’ ran across the road and into the woods.

“My husband saw it. He is a skeptic – almost 60 years old – and a proud Marine. He wouldn’t have admitted to seeing it if he hadn’t been in shock. I had him draw it for me when we got to the house. He says it was asphalt gray (our asphalt is gray) and about 7 feet tall, no arms that he could see, but muscular in the legs area; no jawline, and its legs were bent backward and it leaned forward as it ran.”

The sketch of the creature the witness claimed to have seen cross the road looks oddly familiar. It reminds me of the other MUFON case that was dubbed the “Walking Stick Alien video” that made headlines just a few years ago. Check out the video filmed just a few years ago that was titled “The Fresno Nightcrawlers video”. There’s definitely something eerily familiar about the shape of this things compared to the Ohio incident. Coincidence?


Check out California’s San Joaquin River Gorge Special Recreation Management Area – a great #mypubliclandsroadtrip stop any time of year.  

This scenic area straddles the San Joaquin River, just upstream from Millerton Lake State Park Recreation Area and includes lands in Fresno and Madera Counties.  Along the San Joaquin River Gorge trails, hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders can explore several thousand acres of public land. You can spend just a few hours, or the whole weekend.

Sit still and watch the wide range of wildlife that call the Gorge home. During the day, you may come across California mule deer, California quail, Audubon cottontail rabbit, bobcat and more. Late evening brings out the many species of bats, owls, raccoons and other nighttime animals.

Finally, stop by the Visitor Center and learn more about the animals and plants that call the Gorge home.  You can even reserve tours for larger groups.

Residents Evacuated as Fire Near Coalinga Grows to 8,200 Acres

A fast-moving wildfire near Coalinga in Fresno County, California, grew from 150 acres to around 8,200 acres in less than 24 hours and was 40 percent contained by the morning of Friday, May 19, officials reported.

This video, shared by fire officials on Thursday, shows smoke rising and hillsides blackened by the so-called Elm Fire.

An evacuation center was established at the nearby West Hills College, and several structures were threatened, CalFire said. Credit: CALFIRE/FresnoCoFire via Storyful

Bernie Bros Threaten Kids

This was found in the Facebook group.  There is video going around the internet showing Bernie’s trash supporters screaming at kids.  This happened at East L.A. College in Monterey Park on May 5.

This is an account of what happened in LA from a Hillary supporter not me
My birthday is Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 8th. My husband asked me what I wanted. I said that I wanted to go see Hill speak. We drove up from San Diego to East LA College. We got there about 10:40 and there was already a line. While waiting in line I was pulled to sit in stand behind Hillary!!! The crowd was huge! Everyone was excited and so enthusiastic. There where a few Sanders supporters that tried to disrupt but the crowd was not having it and drown them out with chants of Hillary! At the end I was able to shake hands with our next POTUS! It was just awesome more than I expected.
When we left the building we where forced to walk through the protesters. It was like running the gantlet. The protesters where on either side of us. I was walking holding the hand of my 18 month old grandson. He was starting to get scared due the yelling and screaming of the protesters. A girl jumped down and yelled in my face “you can kiss your family goodbye” then said if I voted for Hillary my son (pointing at my grandson) would die. The Hillary volunteer kept her from charging me. The Sanders supporters where targeting families that brought children. One other mother tried to tell the protesters that she liked Sanders but preferred Hillary and they threatened her 2 children too. One girl about 9-10 was crying and shaking it was just terrible. I know that Hillary Clinton is the only sane choice for President. There is absolutely no way I could ever support Sanders he has not tried to reign his supporters in. He has allowed them to escalated to the level of rabid terrorist. I came home and donated to Hillary. I will do everything within my power to make sure Hillary wins. I will NEVER vote for BS

Speed Limit Honor System and a Stutz Indy Racer

By 1915 cars had reached speeds unheard of in horse and buggy days making new laws necessary. To insure road safety, Fresno County posted a new sign at Herndon and the San Joaquin River Bridge. (via Cesar Romero Robles)

Find LGBTQ Fiction In Your Local Library!

We’re huge supporters of local libraries here at Riptide, and periodically we like to stop and give shout-outs to the various libraries who’ve stepped up to support their LGBTQ communities. While we’re unable to know where our print books end up, we can see where our ebooks end up, and to that end, here’s a list of library systems where you can borrow at least ten different Riptide LGBTQ books through Overdrive!

And remember, if you don’t see your local library system listed here, you can always request titles. Most libraries are very receptive to better serving their community’s needs.

Libraries with over 100 LGBTQ titles in circulation:

  • Seattle Public Library
  • Los Angeles Public Library
  • Digital Downloads - A Library Collaboration (Ohio)
  • Greater Phoenix Digital Library (Arizona)

Libraries with 50 to 99  LGBTQ titles in circulation:

  • Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative (Florida)
  • Kentucky Libraries Unbound
  • Wisconsin Public Library Consortium

Libraries with 20 to 49 LGBTQ titles in circulation:

  • Cuyahoga County Public Library (Ohio)
  • Indianapolis Public Library
  • Arapahoe Library District (Colorado)
  • Pima County Public Library (Arizona)
  • Boston Public Library
  • St. Louis Public Library
  • San Fransisco Public Library
  • Tampa Bay Library Consortium
  • Tennessee READS
  • King County Library System (Washington)
  • The Ohio Digital Library
  • SEO Library Center (Ohio)
  • Sno-Isles Libraries (Washington)
  • Virginia Beach Public Library
  • Rangeview Library District (Colorado)
  • Media on Demand (Illinois)
  • eLibrary NJ
  • Multnomah County Library (Oregon)
  • Libreka
  • Western Australia Public Libraries
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Pikes Peak Library District (Colorado)
  • (New York)

Libraries with 10 to 19 LGBTQ titles in circulation:

  • Auckland City Libraries (New Zealand)
  • Ontario Library Service Consortium (Canada)
  • Chinook Arch Regional Library System (Canada)
  • Calgary Public Library (Canada)
  • Henrico County Public Library (Virginia)
  • Fresno County Public Library (California)
  • Daniel Boone Regional Library (Missouri)
  • Capital Area Library District (Pennsylvania)
  • Kansas City Public Library (Missouri)
  • Online Media of Northern Illinois Libraries
  • CLEVNET (Ohio)
  • Oshawa Public Libraries (Canada)
  • Burnaby Public Library (Canada)
  • Libraries Southwest Consortium (Louisiana)
  • Onondaga County Public Library (New York)
  • Allen County Public Library (Indiana)
  • Plano Public Library System (Texas)
  • Wellington City Libraries (New Zealand)
  • South Australia Public Library Services
  • Pinnacle Digital Consortium (Illinois)
  • Central Texas Digital Consortium

Don’t see your library here? Hit up their circulation desk and request titles! All of our books are available to libraries at full wholesale through Ingram (for print) and through Overdrive, Smashwords, BiblioBoard, and Baker & Taylor (for ebooks).

And if you do see your library here, remember–the best way to get more LGBTQ books into circulation is to borrow what’s already there! Check them out, tell your friends, spread the word!

And to the many wonderful, supportive, pioneering librarians who work so hard to bring these books into your collections–we thank you with all our hearts.