freshwater seed pearls


Chinese Gold and Red Phoenix Hair stick Hair Pin with Freshwater Pearls

This resplendent Chinese hairstick features a golden phoenix similar to that worn by Fan Bing Bing in her role as Wu Zetian (the only woman in Chinese history to rule as an emperor) in Chinese drama “Empress of China”.

The golden phoenix is set off by fiery deep orange-yellow Swarovski color effect crystals, a dangle composed of amber and red agate with glittering red Aurora Borealis crystals suspended from a golden peacock’s feather and gorgeous trailing tail feathers topped by plump freshwater pearls.

This hair-stick is double-sided and features identical laborious handiwork on both sides, making it equally stunning when viewed both from the front and the back.

Materials: brass, copper wire, Swarovski crystals, carved shell, glass,  crystals, freshwater teardop pearls, Toho seed beads, pressed flower amber, red agate, shell pearls

Hairstick length: Approx 19 cm Dangle length: Approx 9cm                                  
Usable Length: Approx 13.5 cm  Vertical Height of Phoenix: Approx 8 cm


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