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Bisquick is so pretty and is slowly but surely growing! He’ll be ready for the 600gal some day. Due to his larger size he is much less fearful than IHOP or the reticulated gal, and by less fearful I mean not fearful at all lol. He comes right up when I have my hands in the tank which is fun, if not a little unsafe!

*Obligatory ray-minder that freshwater stingrays are venomous animals that grow to large sizes and are not suitable for the majority of people to keep in home aquaria*

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Completely random thought: If the ocean is a foreign concept to the people of the walls (some never even heard of it (until much, much later)) then how would they describe anythng containing fish (Isayama confirmed they eat freshwater fish in a Q&A) if the word "seafood" didn't exist in their vocabulary? (I can't sleep and the question just came to me, just humor me, please!)

Asking the important questions lmao BUT they probably don’t have a word for it’s just. Meat and fish I’d imagine!


Took Birthday Betta, finally named Finrod, out for a bit to do a major water change, and I did a photoshoot while I was at it.

This betta doesn’t even look real, there are just too many colors that look too good together! He looks like he was hand designed by an artist who studied color composition… and maybe even went a bit overboard. He’s changing colors FAST, though, we’ll see what he looks like in a week :) 

Here’s a short, poor quality iPhone clip of Bisquick pushing around Wurm Egg. It’s literally just a weighted Easter egg filled with worms. They hilariously enough come with those holes, at the top and bottom, although I am going to add more. So far this has been his most challenging enrichment object, it’s an odd shape, and the food is hard to get out. It requires a lot of thought since he has to position his mouth over the holes and then use suction. After about a half hour of moving it all around he finally is mastering it, but I’ll save the rest of the commentary for the DSLR quality video clip.

Bisquick is a freshwater stingray (Potamotrygon motoro) and as always I have to remind you that stingrays are not pets for the inexperienced keeper. Their large adult size, sensitivity to diet and water conditions, and venomous nature make them ill suited for the majority of people to own. Please visit stingrays at your local aquarium and leave them to only the most well equipped and experienced keepers.


I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this coloration


Love it when Bettas have mainly white bodies with bits of other colors

It’s not the absolute best this tank has looked, and some of the plants are still recovering from me not dosing for a while, but I love how lively it always is. Someone’s always out doing something.

-Female Betta
-Scarlet Badis
-Galaxy Rasboras
-Amano Shrimp
-Cherry Shrimp
-Super Blue Shrimp
-Carbon Black Shrimp
-Horned Nerite Snail