Bichirs (Polypterus

Bichirs are a genus of fishes that breathe air with a pair of lungs to survive in the low oxygen swamps, lakes, and stagnant pools in tropical Africa that they commonly inhabit. They are able to breathe air in two ways: through their mouth and their spiracles, a pair of tubes leading into their mouth and lungs. 

Bichirs use their mouth to breathe air quickly before returning to the water in order to avoid predators. Breathing air with their mouth also elevates their eyes above the water, allowing them to scout for potential air-borne predators. They use their spiracles to breathe stealthily and also when the water is too shallow for them to incline their bodies to gulp air with their mouth. Breathing with their spiracles also provides bichirs with the advantage of breathing air while keeping their eyes below the water surface (resulting in an uninterrupted view of the aquatic environment) while foraging in shallow water.


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anonymous asked:

can i keep water lilies/lotus with my goldies? like are they poisonous at all bc i know goldies like to munch on everything

Depends on what you consider a “lilly” or a “lotus”. Red tiger lotus is fine, fully aquatic, but likely to be shredded by hungry goldies. Any of these lotuses or lillys are safe, grow well, but are typically too large for aquaariums and often used in pond settings.

If you want a neat floating plant, try water lettuce. Goldfish will still nibble on it but it’s fairly robust.

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