Știma Apelor aesthetic

Romanian folklore creatures series - V

Știma Apelor (Water Nymph) is, in the romanian mythology, a primitive freshwater divinity, responsible for aquatic stability and can cause both floods and drought. She presides over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks, rivers, lakes and other bodies of freshwater and she is described as a beautiful wild woman, with long green-blue hair and alluring eyes, half human-half fish while living in the water. 

When angered by humans, Știma comes out of the water with streams of water behind her, flooding everything on her way, villages, fields, people and animals. After she calms down, she returns to her home. She can also take the appearance of a young beautiful woman with long hair and seductive eyes, which attracts the boys to drown them.


I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this coloration


Some random fish drawing / painting!

left to right: Blue betta; Red betta; Neon tetra; Copperband butterflyfish; Swordtail; and Sergeant major damselfish

What is that bug in my aquarium?

Planaria, flatworms

Probably the most commonly suggested answer for “what is this in my aquarium?” It isn’t usually what it is though. They appear to be almost like leeches (variety of colors) and are found in shrimp tanks mostly as they love their food and molts. They will feed off fish eggs and baby shrimps. If you have too many you’re overfeeding. Manually removing them from the glass when you see them is the safest method of removal. Medium sized fish will eat them too.

 Copepods, Cyclops

These cute little guys are the most common critter to get into your aquarium. They swim in jerky motions on the glass. Absolutely harmless and a wonderful food source for small fish and fry.

Water Fleas, Daphnia

Little reindeer. They swim in bouncy jerky motions through the water. Harmless and a great source of food for fish and fry. 

Seed Shrimp, Ostracoda

Think bigger copepods in movement and behavior. They are harmless and good cleanup crews. They’re the springtails of aquariums.


These little worms swim in S motions and are super common. They’re annoying to both fish and the people looking in, but otherwise harmless. Siphoning them out is often the best method of removal. Fish will sometimes eat them if they can catch them too.

Freshwater Limpet - Acroloxus lacustris

Slugs basically… They’re small and slow moving and harmless. Really hard to get rid of like snails. Sometimes mistaken as newly hatched nerites. Bleach dips are really the only way to really get rid of them.


Probably the only thing that will cause real problems, and only if you have small fry or baby shrimp. These guys aren’t too challenging to get rid of. Fenbonazol works really well at a normal dose. Manually removing them works well also. They aren’t a big issue unless you have an overwhelming amount of them.


Love it when Bettas have mainly white bodies with bits of other colors