Is Taking Ten-Days Off to Meditate Too Self-Indulgent?

I’m looking forward to my Vipassana Meditation retreat. I will not be able able to blog/tweet/facebook/link in/text/use my cell phone in any capacity for ten days. It will seem like I dropped off the face of the earth, but maybe that’s exactly what I need - not being exposed to dangerous computer screen rays, cell phone signals, and celebrity gossip for a little while.   Maybe that’s one way to purge myself of impurities.  But what if my family and friends feel abandoned by my hiatus?  What if I come back to dead plants because no one cared to water them?   Is ten-days just too self-indulgent to take to explore my inner self? 

(Dear friends and family: if you’re reading this and feel offended that I haven’t personally told you of my 10-day trip away from reality.  I still care about you, even if I haven’t called or facebooked you as of late. I’m currently going through a period of pure self-involvement where I need to give myself a lot of attention.)

After starting in June, I’ve been at work on my blog non-stop.  I enjoy every minute of it.  I spent last week jet-setting around the West Coast on a 7-day private plane tour by Mauiva AirCruise.  Check out my Mauiva AirCruise videos! And I was just in Vegas for a TravelBloggerShow where I met many respected individuals in the travel blogging community that I aspire to be like.

I like the momentum I’m in at the moment and I don’t want it to stop, but I don’t want to crash and burn out in the long term either. 

How often do we get the time to take time to observe ourselves?  In this society, self-reflection is seen as a luxury.  I believe it’s a necessity. It’s very important to spend just as much time tending to your inner self as your outer. A strong inner self allows one to navigate amidst the frenzied noise of life without losing your mind.  

What is Vipassana?  Literally translating into “to see things as they really are”, it’s an ancient meditation technique rediscovered by Buddha 2,500 years ago that is a way of self-transformation through self-observation.  There’s a ton of literature if you’re interested.  For more info, you can check out this Vipassana Meditation Website  They offer donation-based meditation retreats for no base cost, although there is a waiting list, so it’s recommended to sign up early.   

Yesterday, I was in Vegas.  Today, LA.  Tomorrow, Philly. Then off to my Vipassana Meditation in Maryland. After months of non-stop travelling, I happily welcome some quiet time. I really hope this helps ground me.  See you in two weeks!


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