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5, 16, 36 :))

5. What countries did you visit?: None 

16. What song will always remind you of 2013?: Blurred Lines because this stupid site made a song (that isn’t about rape) that was extremely irritating, way more popular than it ever should’ve been.

36. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:  Say “hello” to the brand new me, I gave out all apologies. I am not kissing ass again, say goodbye all my two-faced friends.


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omg i just read your imagines and preferences and they are all amazing, especially that one with luke, where he is bad boy haha and uhm i have an idea for perference. he suprises you at school, but you're really uncomfortable with that because you're kinda loser and people don't like you :)

hOLLA to the school request I will most definitely have to type that up :)

Thank you for requesting and taking the time to read my imagines and stuff I love you haPPY NEW YEAR XX 

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omg my favourite song? i have a lot of them haha! for example lost in stereo by all time low, emergency by paramore, unpredictable by 5sos and little lady by ed sheeran! :)

  • ship: mikey 
  • compliment: you are beautiful aww and you are v v kind  
  • secret admirer: cal
  • best friend: lucas
  • random song: remembering sunday - all time low

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1. Do you like cartoons?
Yes especially adventrue time. 
2. Describe me you crush
Well he’s 3 years older than me but we always talk and *-* he has the best style, umm he’s blonde? wears hats. He’s really sweet and funny, he dosn’t mind embarassing himself to make people laugh.
3. Your favourite song right now
Girls by the 1975, carmen by lana del rey or the house of wolves by bmth
4. Which book is your favourite?
It’s kind of a funny story by  Ned Vizzini
5. Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing?
6. What’s your biggest fear?
my bestfriend dying
7. Which band would you love to see perform live?
bmth or marina and the diamonds
8. Have you ever broken a bone?
9. Do you have any favourite youtubers?
danisnotonfire is my all time faaave
10. What do you think about Justin Bieber?
mehh used to be nice and now is a complete jerk, like he was nice when he was barely famous ya know?
11. Your favourite kind of chocolate?

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Rule 1: Always post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
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1. Do you have any pets?
- yup

2. Which bands have you seen live?
- all time low (2x), simple plan, green day, linkin park, 3 doors down, gym class heroes, paramore… etc

3. What is your favorite food?
- chinese omg

4. Celebrity (band members, actors etc) crushes?
- jack barakat

5. Favorite & worst subject at school/uni/college?
- fav music & english, worst maths

6. Name 3 things you like about you.
- my sense of humor, my eyes and my music taste

7. Name 3 personality traits you hate in others.
- people who cannot be trusted in, don’t understand humor and/or have their heads up their own asses are the worst

8. Can you play any musical instruments? If so, which ones?
- guitar but very badly lol

9. Do you prefer a sunny or a rainy day?
- depends!

10. What are you afraid of?
- clowns, spiders, dark (sometimes), high places and narrow spaces

11. What tv shows do you watch?
- american horror story & supernatural (they’re the only ones still playing)

Questions for you guys

1. Got a rolemodel? If so, who?
2. Favorite band?
3. Favorite TV show?
4. If you could meet anyone in the entire world (dead or alive), who would you meet?
5. What do you want for Christmas this year?
6. Blondes or brunettes?
7. Pop or rock?
8. Who do you think the abbreviation JB stands for?
9. Ever been drunk?
10. Got any siblings?
11. Best friend(s)?

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ok i’m too lazy to tag anyone else but if you wanna do this, feel free! haha

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my fav song right now is lying is the most fun.. by panic! at the disco :))

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aaa ďalší slovák na tumblr! :) nejak sa mi v poslednej dobe darí na nich narážať :D mimochodom skvelý blog ;))

ďakujem aj tvoj blog je dosť v pohode :) ja som tu práveže až tak vela ludí zo slovenska nevidela :D