freshplinfa art

We want to celebrate the birthday of one of the most special users on tumblr, prince-ivy/freshplinfa, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Stay doing what you best do, drawing, your drawings are FANTASTIC and we want u to keep doing It because we really really apprecciate It! You’re the best and Sweet 17! Have a nice day :)

(Oops! I named you Idlir instead of Ivy, I think that was one of your names, sorry!)

Just to say, I'm Sorry.

I’m really sorry that people got so upset over what Fr*shpl*nfa said. It was very inappropriate and really hurtful and I hope that one day he realizes he was wrong. But for my fellow PoC I have a gift. I’m going to be drawing a WoC character from Ever After High and upload one for the next few days, to spread the word that these characters are beautiful and wonderful, just like every one of you. Also we could use more fan art of them out there :P

To be honest, this will be my first foray into drawing PoC, I’ll openly admit that I used to stick to white characters and I have realized that I need to broaden my horizons. Any help on how I could improve my drawings of these beautiful women is very much appreciated and I’d love to get better! If I happen to have drawn them wrong please let me know so I can fix them immediately.

So first up is Briar Beauty, since it is the month of Briar as well :D I hope you like her and I hope I got her Hispanic heritage right! Also I didn’t draw the roses or the vines on her top, I’m not really good at those :S

Happy Birthday freshplinfa-ivy​!!!!!!!! I saw all yours work and I think you’ve improved a LOT! 

So Happy Birthday!!

I made this Briar gif for you (even though I had not so much free time xD) , and it was very FUN to do in Ever After High original style!! Maybe I’ll do others draw like this in future!!