Turkish Bag

I ended up using the bag throughout the trip. It’s that kind of bag and accessory that you can just throw on whenever and pair with anything, well in my opinion. The length was long enough to swing around without hitting anyone and the size is big enough to put all your important traveling necessities. Knowing me, I’d end up cramming my whole life in my bag (Can’t help it, I was an art student for 5 years).  Plus, it’s just a fun accessory. 

It’s obviously the Fall Season if you blindly start throwing a bunch of clothes on your body and look in the mirror to see yourself all covered up. That means summer is officially OVER.Idk about you, but I think it’s a bummer.

But for those you who know how to do the Fall Season right, make sure you share your outfit tips with me just because…it’s fun :)

Finally was able to get a photo shoot together for the head wraps, turbans, and other head pieces that I’ve been selling here in NY. Yes, trying to brace the online community with my Freshnez presence while taking a break from the NY markets to produce a bulkier amount product. It was a fun photo shoot and I’m so grateful for my team. 

Stay tuned for ongoing behind-the-scene photos and video stills. 

model wearing Freshnez turbans and Freshnez Top…coming soon.

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FINALLY! check out the complete fashion show

my collection is the first, can’t miss it. 

There was jewelry designed specifically for each look, thanks for my amazing collaborator, Rachele Barretto. 

Check out my online blog for more behind-the-scenes process of the collection

My trusty fashion design friends brought me to an amazing vintage store on Haight Street. 

The store is called, La Rosa, and I applaud them for finding very stylish, unique vintage. I’ve never seen that much great vintage menswear either. La Rosa is not one of those gross vintage stores that overcharge based on the word “VINTAGE”, everything was great quality for a great price. My favorite section was a shelf full of bodysuits from the 1920’s-1970’s. All different kinds of styles and in beautiful textiles. I snagged this green and blue romper swimsuit from the 1960’s. YUP! I can swim in it. There is even a built in ‘brassiere’ designed in it. How classy!

Hey Tumblrs,

It’s been awhile…I apologize.

Hey new followers, thanks for finding me. =)

Now, let’s finally spruce this blog up. I’ve definitely accumulated a lot topics to post and I’m hoping I can contain myself by not blowing up the dashboard, news feeds, and tweet decks.  haha BUT, I’m not guaranteeing anything.

Alongside this post, I just had to add this instant pic my friend, Mika, took. Really awesome camera that give you mini- instants on the spot. SHOUT OUT TO MIKA= Thanks for visiting me down here in L.A. So much fun, even though majority of the time we were in Vegas! <3 you