freshmen in hell

shoutout to all the like 14 and 15 year old punks rocker. Its stressful and hard to get into the scene sometimes especially with all of the fashion punks and drunk ass adults at shows treating you like you dont belong there. Im proud of you, stay strong and stick to the beliefs that drew you to punk in the first place.

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conservatory AU! Or maybe even... conservatory AU plus broom people AU? could that be a thing?

5 headcannons for conservatory au:

1) John Adams is the head accompanist at Kings and he almost never shows up to rehearsals. it makes the freshmen anxious as hell, because how do you negotiate dynamics and rubato if you’ve never played together? Adams is actually quite skilled as a pianist, so he makes it work. But the grad students have a running joke that he misses rehearsals whenever he has a meeting with the Dean (Abigail).

2) his sophomore year, Alex wins the Kings Concerto Competition and performs the Saint-Saens’ Piano Concerto No. 2 with the conservatory orchestra. he has two official rehearsals with the orchestra prior to the concert, but he manages to sit in on a few others. ostensibly this is so he can hear what the conductor is doing and what he might need to negotiate, but it becomes more a chance for him to Annoy Aaron Burr, who is the principle cellist. “why me?” Burr wonders, as Alex comes over and sits in his lap during the ten-minute break, chattering about how the role of the orchestra changed during the Romantic Period. on the night of the performance, someone hands Alex a bouquet of roses and he takes out one and very ceremoniously gives it to Burr. onstage. in front of a full audience. there’s lots of ooohs and wolf-whistles.

3) at one point John and Alex, without explicitly acknowledging their feelings toward each other, decide that their chemistry means they should work together on a piano/sax piece. this… does not go well. Alex is a terrible accompanist - it’s a different kind of skill from solo playing. later on in life they manage to overcome this and do some jazz recordings for fun, but it’s never a permanent arrangement.

4) Washington’s lessons with Alex go over the allotted time every week. after their first semester together, he just adds a 30 minute buffer to his schedule, because it is inevitable and he knows the value of a tactical retreat.

5) Eliza and Laf do the spring opera production every year. every year, after a full weekend of performances, they vow never to do this again. every year that proves to be a lie. by senior year they’ve developed a bond over painful costuming, and they bring mugs of tea for each other to rehearsals. 

5 conservatory/broom people crossover au headcannons:

(i want prompts for this concept now)

1) foxes can thrive in urban areas, Alex thinks, when he sees the severe, modern lines of the Julliard building. on one hand, the pre-college program is made for him: he is clever and quick to learn, talented in a way that’s hard to describe, and his ruthless hunger serves him well when he’s competing against so many talented, human children. on the other hand, the long days of being human itch under his skin: nights are the only times he can shift back to his faerie form, and then he’s too tired to do more than sneak into Ned’s room and curl up next to his friend. (he can thrive as a fox or a human but not both, he thinks, later, when he’s practicing even longer hours than usual, preparing for his audition at Kings)

2) at audition day, Burr introduces himself to the kid with too-bright eyes and a sly smirk and a strange shadow. of course, that’s how he remembers the details later - in the moment he notices the kid sitting alone and feels compelled to offer him assistance. he’ll never be able to explain this feeling, or the warmth that washes over him when Alex focuses those dark eyes on him.

3) no one questions why Lafayette gets the lead roles in the opera every year. no one questions how he came to Kings or why he’s there when he could be singing for the Met. his voice soars over the audience on opening night and restless children go quiet, old women remember their first wild spring, tired and lonely persons feel a gentle caress on their right hand. 

4) their first semester together in the dorms, John comes late to find Alex asleep on his bed, a reddish fox, the creamy white of his belly stretched out over a copy of Adorno’s “Essays on Music.” it is less shocking to find out his best friend is a magical creature than to hear Alex perform for the first time. John goes to move him off his pillow and Alex, startled, nips his hand.

5) a conservatory is the perfect place for a fox to hunt. oh, not that Alex eats students - there’s so much talent and passion concentrated in one place, it’s like a feast. he argues with Dr. Bartow about meaning in music and feels her intensity like lightning sparking his skin; he inhales the sharp, bright scent of John’s solo in jazz band; he kisses the last note of Eliza’s recital from her lips and tastes its sweetness. Alex takes and takes and takes - and when he leaves there is a sense of loss. (when he returns it’s like a sigh of relief. music and foxes are both hungry things, and he’s not the only one who’s been feeding.)

I just want to let y'all know that when you start shipping ships that aren’t NozoEli, NicoMaki, RinPana, or KotoUmi, I’m here for you. I am here as your minor ship hotline.

Everyone laughs at you cos you think NicoPana is cute? It’s okay, I know that feel.

People want to smack you upside the face cos you ship Maki with anyone other than Nico? It’s okay, I know this feel wholeheartedly.

Nobody knows where the fuck you got RinYukiho or AnjuMaki from but you still ship it anyway? That’s okay, you’re not alone because I ship it too.

I am here.

I just want to rant about something real quick here.
I recently graduated from high school, and I just found out that the high school I went to is having a “Freshmen hell week”. Which is a week where all of the 10, 11, and 12th graders pick on the freshmen.
When I was going to this high school, there were also days called “Punch a freshman Friday”, where, as said in the title, the upper classmen go around punching all the freshmen they can find on a Friday that they come up with.
Now. I just would like to note that if you are one of these people that participates in physically or emotionally abusing these unsuspecting, practically innocent freshmen, then you are a piece of shit.
Yes it’s just a joke. Yes it’s just “poking fun.” But there’s a line that needs to be drawn.
When a single freshman walks into the cafeteria and the entire cafeteria roars in a crowd of “BOOOOOOOOO!” It’s no longer just a joke. It’s shaming. You’re shaming a 13-14 year old, that probably has enough stress and problems as it is.
Even the punching.
My freshman year was hell. My freshman year had me crying to my mom so often because of the bullies that she pulled me out for 3 days and attempted to get me into homeschooling. But she didn’t, so I had to live with the verbal and physical abuse. My freshman year was the worst out of my entire high school career. And many others can say the same, which is sad. And the worst part is that my school never has done anything about it, and it makes all of the freshmen feel like nobody cares. It’s not a very warm welcome into the next 4 years of our lives.
I never understood it. Our job as upperclassmen is to greet these kids and make them feel at home, because chances are, they’re scared out of their mind and they don’t know what to do. Our job is to act like adults, and help them. Not publicly shame them and make them feel like shit. Some of these kids could have a severe depressive disorder that has yet to be diagnosed. Do you really want to be the cause of one of these kids snapping, crying, confining themselves, and in SEVERE yet highly possible cases, hurt themselves or even kill themselves? How would you feel if you picked on a kid and you found out they did something to their self because of it? Personally I’d feel like shit and I’d do everything I can to devote myself to make that kid happy the rest of my school years.
Point being, if you help contribute to these days specifically meant to harm a freshman in any way, you are no better than dirt you walk on and the garbage you throw away every day.
Some freshmen take it as a joke. Some take it as a severe case of bullying. Don’t fucking chance it.
Rant over.