freshman move in

ronan goes with adam for his freshman year move-in day and helps adam put glow-in-the-dark stars on his ceiling of his dorm bedroom. he arranges them into a lovely pattern and then takes a picture of the homemade constellation, telling adam that he’d copy the same design onto his own bedroom ceiling above his mattress so it would be like they were going to sleep under the same roof. (so, he wouldn’t say, maybe i won’t miss you so fucking much that it hurts. so it feels like i’m not quite so far away from you.)


Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

You are a freshman in college who moved into your NYC apartment with your best friend. Yet, what unexpectedly came with the apartment were the two rowdy boys next door who were from London, where one would steal your heart, despite how much you hated him. 

Three Words

You get nervous saying those three words to Tom. Part two of Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover.


Peter gets hurt again after a night of crime fighting for the thousandth time and you tell him the truth.

New Beginnings

You’re having a long day until a familiar face comes and interrupts your lunch break and surprises you.

Not Done with You

Your movie plans with Peter finally arrived but something else was on Peter’s mind, which left you wondering the entire time if there was something more important. Part two of New Beginnings.

Finally, At Peace

You finally get some answers even if it unsettles you at first, but in the end you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Part three of New Beginnings and Not Done With You.

Foe Turned Friend

You were agitated after a long day of classes and studying for the most stressful exam yet. Your day didn’t end as badly as you thought it would when you received a cookie from your neighbor downstairs.

Wake-Up Call

It’s the next morning after Peter gave you the cookie late last night. It starts with an early wake-up call but definitely worth it after the exam is over. Part two of Foe Turned Friend.

Snowed In

Your university closes down for the snow storm headed your way but you find yourself alone, or so you thought, on campus.


You’re petrified of spiders and your attractive RA becomes your knight in shining armor when it comes to defeating the threatening spider.

Not So Bad After All

You had a bad start to your morning when you woke up late to class and had to board a very crowded bus.


You get stuck with terrible group members so you and Peter have to deal with it, but Peter unexpectedly catches you off guard.

First Time for Everything

Tom surprises you with American football tickets and you become his personal football teacher during the game.

Say Yes

You get dragged to this party by your best friend having to babysit her, but the one person you thought wouldn’t be there, is.


You work at a 24-hour photo store and couldn’t help but ask the boy who came in late at night about his photographs after you developed them.


It’s only been a few weeks since you met Peter Parker, but you both had become close to each other quickly. However, a small incident leaves Peter exposed right in front of you. Part two of Photographs.


You were running late to your unknowingly cancelled class and you meet a new face who shares his past with you.


You kind of lose touch with reality when you’re up really late studying for finals until Peter comes around and suggest to take a break from all your hard work.


You thought your time back home was going to be the best time, but a sudden disruption in Mother Nature throws you back into a position you never thought you would be in again.

We Don’t Talk Anymore

You and Tom feel the same months after your break up, but both of you are assuming that the other person has moved on. 

Unspoken Words

You’ve seemed to move on two years after Tom left to London until someone catches you by surprise at the annual fraternity party. Part two of We Don’t Talk Anymore.

Friends or What?

After an estranged friendship and relationship you finally find out the truth of why Peter was so secretive when you split up.

Off Guard

You’re a plus-size girl, you always were. You were bullied throughout school, but you were happy that changed when you went to college. You also started developing a crush on one of your close friends. You were caught off guard when you spend a night with him.


You’re a contestant in a drama competition and when things don’t go the way you want them to, Tom, your boyfriend, is there to comfort you.


This wasn’t supposed to happened between you and Peter Parker. In the classroom, you both had feelings for each other, but in the streets, you were practically enemies. What happens when the person you hate the most, becomes someone you care deeply about?


You figured out Peter’s identity, which sends you into a state of confusion of what you should do. Ignore his secret or face it? Part two of Vigilante.


You have a deep crush on Peter Parker, little did you know he would be your next project when your uncle, Tony Stark, asks you to help with Peter’s new Spider-Man suit.


You thought you would have an ordinary TA for this semester, but were you wrong when the TA looks like he came out of a film.


After your humiliating coffee spill with your TA Tom, you had to face him in his office hours when you needed help on a paper. However, things take a turn when you both have a common interest. Part two Daydreaming.

Good For You

Tom had a bad day at work and thought you should treat him right for the night by looking good for him.

After Party (NSFW)

After Tom’s win at the award show, you decide to surprise him with some fun in the hotel room.

Ciao Adios

You’re tired of Tom’s game and it’s time to say goodbye to your relationship after you had given him multiple chances.

Undone (NSFW)

He had rules. You never questioned them, until he disobeyed his own rules. This is the time where you both undid each other.

When the girl he had a crush on from third grade until she moved away freshman year is sitting in his first class of the semester, Stiles almost has a panic attack. He’s determined to get to know her again but in the process they both might get more than they bargained for.

Author: @chanciwrites [link to fic]
Beta: @martinberryrps
Artist: HRodenARG [video]
Rating: Explicit (Smut, language)

University Class Registration Advice: Learn from my Mistakes.

Okay so you got accepted into university, you’ve submitted your deposit and you’ve probably chosen your roommates already. Everything is going pretty good but now you actually have to register for your classes, because “Oh yeah, thats what I’m going to be doing there.” DISCLAIMER: This advice is based off of my personal experience and the rules and regulations set forth by my University, understand that your situation may be completely different because the rules and regulations set forth by your University will probably be different. Nonetheless from what I heard from my friends going to other colleges, the process is somewhat similar. 

  1. KNOW YOUR PROGRAM: Most majors have a set amount of courses that are required to get your degree. So it is advisable to know what these courses are ahead of time. In my personal experience some of the “General Education Requirements” or “Basics” or “Foundational Area” (every university calls them something different, its basically the courses you take for the first two years while you’re at university) courses that overlapped with my major. So to avoid taking more classes than necessary and paying for more classes know what these courses are so that way you can “kill two birds with one stone” and be on track to graduate. 
  2. ACADEMIC ADVISOR = BEST FRIEND: Call. Your. Academic. Advisor. Do it. Have a list of questions ready and try to at least understand some what you have to do to register so that way you don’t exhaust him/her with questions you should already know the answer to. E-mail is a good form of communication too, but if you’re not getting responses, stop being a wimp and call. 
    1. How will my incoming IB/AP scores effect my schedule?
    2. *e-mails advisor draft schedule* “Hey! I just wanted to know if you could look at this draft I made of my schedule and see if there any mistakes you can point out or advice you have for me?” (This is totally okay to do- your advisor will probably be impressed that you took so much initiative.
    3. How long does it take to get to one side of the campus to the other? (You’re going to want to know this to make sure the time you have in between classes in enough to get to your next class.) 
    4. What time does the portal open to register for classes?
    5. Do I get special priority if I applied as Early Decision? 
  4. BE READY FOR A LATE NIGHT: Okay so you need to keep in mind that everyone needs to register. Everyone. And that there is a limited amount of space in a lot of these classes especially for times that aren’t super early in the morning or late at night. You want to get into your student portal, register, and get everything set in stone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I kid you not, students will stay up until midnight and wait for the server to open to get their classes registered. YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE STUDENTS. So get a pot of coffee brewing and get ready to set up your first semester the way you want it to be. 
  5. HAVE A GAME PLAN: Notes, Spreadsheets and Excell Documents are your friend. You want to have everything mapped out. When you go into your portal to register you should have everything mapped out and it should just be a matter of punching in letters and numbers to get the classes you want. Most Universities have a thing called a “Class Registrar” that you’re going to log onto that let you see the class times, teachers available for that specific course. I recommend when choosing your courses to take a quick look at a website like to make sure you’re getting the best teacher possible. Once you know what class you want WRITE IT DOWN. The section number, class code, teacher, all of it. Chances are you’re going to need this information when registering, so you want to make sure you have it all available so that way you don’t loose time going back into the system to find 3 numbers. Do this for all your classes
  6. BE REALISTIC. BE SMART.: Are you really going to be able to get up early? Some of you may be moving to the other side of the county, or to a different country. I understand that you love challenging yourself but from what I understand the first year is tough. Maybe you should try to take it easy the first semester and then depending on how you do decide if you want to take on more classes. Also keep in mind that you may  also be juggling a job, extracurriculars, internships and social time, so don’t spread yourself too thin. 
  7. THIS ISNT HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE.: You don’t have to schedule a class everyday Monday-Friday.  I know one girl who scheduled everything to be on either Tuesday or Thursday, and she is free for the rest of the week! I’m not sure if this is something I would personally do, but now that I think about it, it would be nice to have Fridays off. 

Okay so my schedule didn’t end up being terrible. In the end I got all the classes I wanted and Im on track for my major, but the hour and a half I spent freaking out trying to figure out how to register could have been prevented. Keep in mind you have to make the best out of everything and you can’t let minor mishaps slow you down. If I could change one thing, I would have tried to make my schedule to where I didn’t have to go to class on a Friday… 

Maybe next semester ;) 


Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Summary: You are a freshman in college who moved into your NYC apartment with your best friend. Yet, what unexpectedly came with the apartment were the two rowdy boys next door who were from London, where one would steal your heart, despite how much you hated him.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, attempted robbery

Word Count: 1,300

A/N: Everyone is 18+ years old; Tom is mean, but he’ll get nice; there’s time jumps (breaks symbolize that)

“Finally!” you said, adding the final touch to your bedroom. You plopped down onto the new sheets and shut your eyes, unable to believe that you finally escaped the small town in Michigan where you were born and raised for the past 18 years. You daydreamed of the possibilities New York City had to offer you and couldn’t imagine going on this journey without your best friend who moved into the bedroom next to yours.

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Best story from freshman year: go!

it’s a story i’ve already told before but here goes. there are a couple things you need to know before i begin. one, there are parts of buildings to which access is restricted, but still possible. two, some of these parts are more dangerous than others because they lead to the tunnels under the school.

so. very beginning of freshman year, i just moved in like two days ago. sunday afternoon. me and members of the dream team are like “let’s walk our schedules so we don’t get lost on our first day of class”. good idea, recommended idea. so we’re on the second floor of the building where science advising is, and two of us have a math class on the first floor. we’re like, right at the annex. so there’s a flight of stairs to the left and a freight elevator to the right. scattergun, civ v, and i are like “oh dope an elevator” and since we’re all lazy fucks we choose that. silhouette is kinda unsure about it, but he’s sorta with it. we press the button and the doors open to THE sketchiest freight elevator ever. stained concrete walls and floor, a single tiny flickering tungsten bulb, a week left before its inspection sticker expires. silhouette sees this shit and refuses to step in. he’s taking the stairs. we shrug and step in because we’re freshmen.

so after a fuckin crawl down to the first floor during which the tungsten bulb flickered out three times, the doors open to something like this:

except wider and with fluorescent (not incandescent) lights. it was gray not yellow. and we see this shit and we’re like “this is a pretty grim place to have a math class” and we step out into this shit and start looking. 

(side note: to this day i’m so happy we turned left instead of right bc to the right is an entrance to the tunnels and i don’t know what would have happened then)

so we turn a corner following door numbers and we start heading down this long hallway. the farther we go, the darker it gets, but we’re still fucking counting doors. we’re two doors away and the lights are nearly gone and civ v is beginning to worry. we arrive to this set of double doors with like. windows in them? so i look out and see like.. tiled floors, mahogany veneer, natural sunlight, other people. and we step out and the door SLAMS behind us and auto-locks. we turn around and see a sign like “RESTRICTED ACCESS, DO NOT ENTER” and a weird fuckin giggle coming from the side we just left

and that’s how we almost committed an expellable offense within 48 hours of arriving on campus

Planning a Family

James and I came back from Christmas and I couldn’t stand to be away from him. We had 4 months of school left before summer break. James’s mom and dad came up to visit us several times. We were planning a wedding and the arrival of the baby. We decided that when James finished his freshman year he would move in with me. James and I were so excited. I found a dress that would show off my curves and baby bump. We planned our wedding for The first weekend in June. I was 7 months pregnant and felt as big as a house. Despite this feeling I was absolutely in love with my life. We were expecting a baby boy. The day came and I was so happy to have so many people come together for our wedding. James’s father gave me away. He pulled me in tight and walked me down the aisle. When giving me away he pulled James and I together expressing his love for both of us. We were wed and danced and ate with all of James’s friends and family. That evening we left for our honeymoon. We went to the Biltmore. James kept saying a king and a queen need a castle. It was a beautiful weekend and returned home. The next couple of weeks were nice. We both worked but I was home with James every night. Despite being as big as a house I still made sure to keep James’s needs taken care of. Mid July I was ready to drop at any time. We would walk every night. This particular night we made our way to the soft serve shop we ate our ice cream and as we were leaving a man came up to James to bum money. James reached into his front pocket for change. When he pulled out the change the man pulls out a gun and demanded James’s wallet. James pushed me behind him and as he did the man shot James 3 times in the chest and stomach. James hit the ground and I immediately started screaming and dropped to him. In the next few seconds I heard 4 more gun shots. Three of those shots hit me. 1 in the right shoulder and 2 just to the right of my spine. The last one had hit James in his left shoulder. I remember hearing James gasp and say no before I was shot. I passed out on top of James and 6 days later I came to in the hospital. I remember it like it was yesterday. I looked down and my stomach was gone. I was all alone and started screaming. The nurses came running in trying to calm me and I just kept asking where my baby was. The nurses ended up sedating me to calm me down. I awoke several hours later this time with James’s mom in the room. When I awoke I could see the pain in her eyes. I started crying and shaking my head no. About that time James’s father walked in. He grabbed my hand and kept saying I’m sorry baby girl. In one senseless act of violence I lost my husband and child. James died on the operating table. The two shots in my back had killed my child. When I awoke in the hospital I didn’t go back to sleep. I left with James’s parents and headed to there home. I was received with open arms but felt so alone. James’s parents had made funeral arrangements and we buried James with our son. I had never felt so empty and alone. I received notice that I would not qualify for school assistance and that my apartment needed to be vacated immediately. James’s parents helped me pack our belongings and invited me to stay with them for awhile. I had nowhere else to go so I stayed TTFN.

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Advice for a college freshman tryna move out to L.A.? Schools that are good for law at a somewhat reasonable price?

Don’t come to LA….we already packed asf…traffic sucks….everything you see on social media a lie. Leave LA for the true OG residents. That’s my advice. Stay in school doe, rent is most likely 2000+ here :)

I MADE MY SCHOOL’S JV BASKETBALL TEAM AS A FRESHMAN!!!!!!!!! this is kind of a big deal, because only 2 freshman moved up from Freshman tryouts, and I WAS ONE OF THEM! i am absolutely grateful, but some of the girls on the freshman team have been saying bad things about me, saying how i suck and shouldn’t of made it. :/ it hurts at first, but thanks to you, i know that i just got to shake it off, and not let it get to me! i made the team for a reason, right? thanks for helping me through these leasons in life, and for being there for me! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AHDOWKFLAKXKA
Love your JV basketball player, Julia xoxo @taylorswift

Creepypasta #639: My Friend’s Cousin, Dave

Story length: Long

There’s nothing scarier than an empty house. When I was just a kid and my parents would leave me alone, I’d often end the night curled up on the couch in tears, paralyzed by the thought that the creaking I had heard from above might be an intruder with eyes to kill. 

I never told my parents how scared I would get because I certainly didn’t want them to bring back the babysitter. After all, if I was old enough for them to trust me on my own I didn’t need someone to look after me like a baby. I still had my pride.

I never liked the idea of moving into a place of my own so I have always had roommates. In college I shared a dorm room as a freshman then moved into a house off campus with three friends through senior year. When I moved to the city I found a pair of roommates on craigslist, which was still more comforting to me than living alone, believe it or not. The idea of having someone else around is just reassuring, you know?

It wasn’t until I moved out of that apartment and into my last place that this story really begins. A friend of mine had a cousin who was moving to the city and looking for someone to live with. I thought I’d be a perfect match - I was ready to get a nicer place after a promotion and didn’t want to have to find roommates on craigslist again. Once is enough. So, Dave and I signed a lease for a two bedroom, one bath apartment in a five-story walk-up building that may or may not have met code, but this place was incredible. 

Our bedrooms were bigger than most of my friends living rooms in the city, and our living room was twice the size of that! The kitchen had all brand new appliances and countertops, but best of all was the size. So much room for cooking activities. Sure, the windows were a bit drafty and the insulation was nonexistent come winter, but this place was beautiful. Plus, we lived on the first floor so walking up five stories multiple times a day was not quite the concern for us as it was for our neighbors.

I think under different circumstances, Dave and I would’ve gotten along great. He really was a nice guy. An absolute slob, but a nice guy.

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I’m at a party and I’m eavesdropping on these two “artsy” white boys chatting and the convo started with “I’ve been reading a lot of Nietzsche lately… have you ever ready any Nietzsche?” “not really, except for a few of his short stories.”

a news update: they have recently followed up with “yeah, my favorite genre right now is absurdism!” “what’s absurdism?” “you know… just like… really absurd.” also, they just ended the convo with “ya I mean my literary exploits focus around nihilism… it’s just the only thing that makes sense to me.” “agreed. I love nihilism.”