freshman mistakes

Freshman Mistakes!

These are mistakes that people make all throughout high school, not just freshman! But to keep the title concise I just called it that  Also, long post coming up! 

In Class

  1. Not asking questions in class. At lot of students are shy and embarrassed about asking questions in class, But, there are always people who have the same question as you and it isn’t worth not knowing stuff on the test than feeling awkward for two seconds. Also, I’ve had teachers majorly bump up my marks because they say me asking for extra help and putting in effort.
  2. Not doing homework when it gets assigned. I will admit, sometimes there are times when you are 100% confident you already know how to do what was taught in class. But, mostly, doing a bit of extra practice can help you a lot even if it seems like a waste of time. When you are in upper grades and harder classes, doing homework every night is not optional, so get into the habit now. 
  3. Not taking notes in class. This can be hard when your teacher gives you handouts or just has you copy from a powerpoint. But what you should work on doing is listening to the teacher and write down extra information on your page from what they say, not just the bare minimum from the PPT. This is such a useful skill in upper years… I have some classes where the teacher just stands at the front of the room and talks and you have to create your own notes. 
  4. Not reading rubrics/instructions. I have so many examples of getting marks taken off even though my project was good, just because I didn’t read the instructions. Make sure you go through the rubric and/or the assignment sheets and check off that you have all of the components.
  5. Trying too hard to impress teachers. The best way to impress a teacher is to come get extra help, raise your hand in class, do all of the assignments as best you can and ask when you don’t understand something. Basically, show that you care about their class and are willing to work hard. Don’t bother sucking up to them about things outside of class or trying to prove yourself by writing an essay twice as long as recommended. Just try hard and your work will speak for itself. 

At School

  1. Not joining any activities at school. Activities boost up your resume, are a great way to meet new friends, and can be a really good way to stay involved throughout high school, because you can stay in the same club for all four years if you want. Pick one or two activities that really interest you and try them out!
  2. Joining too many activities at school. I know, I just said to join something at school… but the key words are one to two! I have been the leader of many clubs and groups inside and outside of school and there is nothing more frustrating than having people say they are interested and then backing out. Don’t sign up for everything you think sounds cool and then leave the cub a few weeks later. Find a few things you are actually passionate about and do those instead of doing 10 different things! 
  3. Not using class time/spares to your advantage. If you have work periods in class or you have a study hall or spare during school hours, use it! Its way better than having to work on something after school, especially if its a partner project. Way easier to organize when you guys are both at school.
  4. Worrying about who you sit with at lunch. I promise, no one will notice if you sit alone in the cafeteria for a few days. If you feel self conscious, just take out a notebook and people will assume you’re studying and want to be alone. 
  5. Not taking gym! I don’t know if this is the same way at every school, but usually you need at least one gym credit to graduate. Take it in grade 9!! It is easy, fun, and literally everyone takes it , so you aren’t going to be the worst at sports. I waited and ended up being forced to take online health just to be able to graduate.  


  1. Worrying about boys and crushes. Having a crush on someone seems like the be all end all of your existence when you’re 14, but its almost always useless. If you like someone and they like you too, that’s great and you should pursue it if you want. But if you like someone and they don’t notice you, try as hard as you can to move on. It is not a useful way to spend time and focus! 
  2. Hanging out with people who don’t like you. I did this so much in earlier grades! I tried so hard to force my way into groups that didn’t like me and didn’t want to hang out with me. Let go of the people who don’t accept you and try to find friends who actually love spending time with you. You are amazing and don’t deserve to have to fight for someone’s attention. 
  3. Trying too hard to hang onto friends from elementary school. This isn’t to say that you can’t keep being friends with someone if you go to different schools. But sometimes, a friendship just fades when you guys go off to different places. For me, I had friends that all went to private school together and I spent so much time worrying about being friends with them even though we only hung out like every 6 weeks. Let friends go if you grow apart. It’s only natural. 
  4. Not thinking about the consequences of your actions when partying. If you go out and get super, fall down on your face wasted, you might a) get in trouble from your parents, b) embarrass yourself in front of people or c) just feel like absolute shit the next morning. If you want to try drugs remember that you might a) get caught and get in legal trouble or b) have a really bad experience. I’m not saying to absolutely never go out and party, but think about what might happen and decide from there. 

Hopefully this post is helpful to freshman and others! Feel free to reblog and add your own advice. :) 

stupid rant

But what kind of business woman who claims to have graduated from Baruch would say things like

“Ohh, that school became bad because of the bad people going there now, yah???”

Up yours, deceitful liars! But then again, it was my fault for having too much faith in such a thing. I can’t believe I’m still mad about Tuesday. I guess I’ll vent about it for a little. I didn’t want to say much because before I thought it was really embarrassing.

So you know that letter you get after you graduate from high school, infamously known as that “vector” job? It was just like it… only the greeting came to me in human-form, and I was so delighted to be presented with such an “opportunity.” Yeah, an opportunity to get smacked in the face with the stupid lesson that good paying jobs don’t come to you, you come to them. So I go to the location the lady told me it was at: building 300 in Times Square. First sketchy thing? They had the interview in a Starbucks. They didn’t even use their own quarters. If they’re so proud of their company they should welcome people into where they do business. When I’m called up for the interview by the “director” of the company Zoivi he starts off with some really great interview questions. (I use quote-marks because they’re not real. I don’t perceive them to be real positions BECAUSE THEIR COMPANY IS A BIG FAT FRAUD.) Then, he starts talking about the products. When he started explaining them, I went through two hours thinking that this was some type of hypothetical situation where he’d ask me how I’d handle it, etcetc, because it sounded like a big joke!!! “This magical powder changed people’s lives” I couldn’t believe it!! One of the ingredients on the nutrition facts read as: halal. I kid you not. I asked if it was really halal and the lady was like yeah, because it was blessed by a rabbi. LOL WTF. Then you know what else??? He expected me to pay $1,170 on the spot RIGHT THERE. Then you know what else? He told me to give him my high school ID card for the night to “hold my spot for the job.” Son of a bitch! AND WHY DID I GIVE HIM MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. I SUCH A DITZ. I’m so fucked for pensions, my 401k, health care, I might not even be able to be on this planet anymore!!! (overreacting.) Then, this lady put us through “basic training” (whatfuckingever) and I said “can we see the products?” She brought over this horribly crumpled bag with nutritional supplements that looked like they were illegally made in Asia. Cheap designs, not even approved by the FDA! (but approved by the CGMP, so they say.), it was all horrible. I told them that I had a curfew to be home at 5pm, not even considering that humiliating fact that I’m 18 with a pretend curfew. 

At least I learned how to do a good, firm handshake.