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Help Me Get The Girl (Grayson Dolan Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,419

Warnings: Language

A/N: I used to write all of the time and now I’m getting back into it, so if I’m a bit rusty I apologize.  I hope you enjoy it!

Your POV:

Sat at the usual lunch table, I was entertained by the scene unfolding before my eyes.  It’s a scene that I see almost every day, but it never fails to amuse me.  Across the table sat my friend Grace, next to her Grayson Dolan, using every move in his book in attempt to woo her.  He was charming I’d give him that and his looks were a bonus too.  What he didn’t realize was… with each cheesy, cliché move he was making, the more she drifted toward moving him into the friend zone permanently.

I brought my apple to my mouth with a loud crunch as I bit into it.  The sound distracted Grayson for a moment, his eyes drifting in my direction.  A smirk slowly formed at the corner of my mouth as I chewed the bits of apple in the most obnoxious way, wiping the juice with the back of my hand.  Grayson sneered in my direction, knowing that I was enjoying every moment of his miserable failure in the making.  Ethan was next to Grayson sending me a knowing smile—obviously thinking the whole thing was as funny as I did.

It was only within the past year that Grayson and Ethan had started hanging around me and Grace.  We had become pretty good friends—the four of us—but Grayson had always taken a liking to Grace which in turn caused me and Ethan to become extremely close. Somehow, even with all of Grayson’s flirting, Grace never let it ruin her friendship with him.  She simply took it as he threw it her way.  The thing is… she didn’t even realize that all his advances were purposely flirtatious, she was under the impression that it was all a joke.

But it wasn’t.

It clearly wasn’t.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ethan beginning to pack his things up so I checked the time to find that lunch was almost over.  I mimicked his actions, shoving my cellphone in the outer pocket of my bag and making sure that I had my math book in the main pouch.  Tossing all my trash onto my tray I stood up in unison with Ethan.

               “Walk me to class?” I asked Ethan, hoping he would know that I wanted to talk to him about the Grace/Grayson situation.

               “Are you incapable of walking yourself to class?” Ethan asked, confused by my request.

               My mouth tightened into a straight line, my eyes narrowing in on him, “Walk. Me. To. Class.” I demanded before flashing him a sarcastic smile.

               His mouth formed into an O before he nodded in agreement.  He met me at the end of the table to receive a mouthed, “Seriously?” from me.  He shrugged, throwing his hands up at me, his face shriveling up into a boyish scowl.

               Once we exited the cafeteria, my hand swung at Ethan, catching his shoulder with a quick strike.  “Could you be any more oblivious?”

               “How was I supposed to know that you decided to turn walking to class into a mini gossip session.” His hand rubbed his shoulder, “That hurt.”

               “Good.” I spat.  “And I didn’t turn it into a gossip session, I wanted to tell you something.”

               “Ok.” He muttered as we started to walk.

               “You need to tell Gray to man up and just ask her out already!  As funny as it is to watch, I’m starting to feel bad for him.”

               Ethan chuckled, “Gray hasn’t always been the best with girls.  Neither of us have, really.  I just don’t think he really knows how to ask her.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a whole year and he hasn’t managed to get past ‘We should go together sometime’ as his attempt to spend some alone time with her.”

               We walked in sync towards my math class, stopping only a few feet away from the door.  I huffed, folding my arms.  Instantly, Ethan’s eyes flashed down to where my arms pressed against my chest, the cleavage becoming more noticeable.  He stared at my boobs without any shame before smiling back up at me again.

               “My best friend is so hot.” He said, staring me straight in the eyes.

               “And my best friend is an asshole.” I growled.

               He brought his index finger up to where my arms were, poking the top of my right breast, “No”, he poked the left, “He’s”, then his poked the tip of my nose, “Not.”

               My hand went up and smacked his way from my face. “Ethan don’t test my patience.” I sneered.

               “DOLAN. Y/L/N.  Get to class before I send you both to the office for inappropriate contact.” My math teacher Mr. Stephens scolded.

               Ethan winked at me before sarcastically nodding at Mr. Stephens.  He turned and made his way in the direction of his own class.  As I started to enter the classroom I heard Mr. Stephens mutter ‘Poking boobs… that’s a new one’ to himself.  I rolled my eyes, continuing past him to my seat.

               Somehow… Ethan always managed to give me a bad reputation with the teachers because he did stupid shit like that all the time.

               At the end of the school day, I drifted through the halls, searching for Grace to get a ride home.  My car was in the shop for the next couple of days and I wouldn’t put it past her to forget that, leaving me stranded at the school.  Since I hadn’t seen her, I decided to go find my brother, Theo, first.  The original game plan was to grab Grace before she could leave and then grab Theo, but she had disappeared so I might as well find him first.

               I weaved my way past the squirrely freshman, some of the males giving me eyes as I passed them.  Each person I met eyes with was not my brother.  Once I reached his locker I found that there was no one around it.  My eyebrows knitted together as I scanned the hall around me.

               “Theo?” I yelled.

               My feet carried me further down the hall to the next corner.  Once I rounded it I saw something that shocked me.  There stood a circle of sophomore boys surrounding my brother who was in the center being shoved around like he was nothing.  Not far from them stood a few bystanders who had their phones out, recording every moment of the assault.

               “Hey!” I shouted.  “HEY!” I tried to push my way through the testosterone wall to my brother. Without even looking at me they shoved me back and away from the circle.  My feet stumbled beneath me, almost causing me to lose my balance.

               “Don’t touch him!” I screamed.  “Theo fight back!” I tried to push through them again.

               My brother brought his fist up and managed to get one of them in the jaw, but received a harder blow in return.  My fists pounded against their backs though it was no use.  My small frame had nothing against them.  As I was about to kick one of them, arms wrapped around my torso, pulling me away from them all.  

               “I got this.” The voice whispered into my ear.

               Ethan easily shoved his way through the group, right to my brother.  He grabbed him by the arm, bringing him to me before turning back to them.  “If I ever see you messing with him again, I will break your hands.  Do you understand me?”

               They all quickly nodded their heads and dispersed into different directions.  But there was one who just glared at Ethan before stomping past the three of us.  My hands immediately went to Theo’s face, examining every inch of it.  He kept whipping his head back and forth, insisting that he was fine.

               “What happened, Theo?  It’s only the second week of high school for you.” I questioned.

               “Y/N, I’m fine.  Those pricks just wanted me to do their homework and I said no.  I may be weak but I’m not going to give them what they want.” He scowled.

               “We have to tell someone, Theo.  They can’t continue to do this all year.”

               Ethan agreed, “Yeah, man.  I can’t be here all the time.  I can’t always protect you.”

               “I don’t need protection.  I’ll be fine.” Theo insisted.

               “But-” I started.

               “Y/N! I said I don’t need protection!” he yelled. His hand ran through his hair, a sigh escaping his lips, “I- just- please let me do this on my own.  If I hide behind someone now, I’ll hid behind someone forever.  Ethan I appreciate the help, I really do, but this is my battle.  Let me fight it.”

               Ethan countered, “I’m going to let you fight it, but if you need help I’m going to give it to you. Got it?”

               Theo smiled, “Got it.” Then a flash of confusion crossed his face.  “What are you two doing over in the freshman hall anyways?”

               “I was trying to find you to go home.” I explained.

               “And I was trying to find Y/N to inform her that Grace went home already.”

               As predicted, Grace forgot.  My head dropped back as I let out a growl of frustration. My eyes shifted to Ethan, pleading for him to help us.  He raised an eyebrow, acting as if he didn’t know what I wanted even though he really did.

               “I have detention.” He stated.  “As usual.  But, Grayson is outside waiting to give you two a ride.”

               I smiled with relief, clapping my hands together. “Thank you!” I cheered, giving him a quick hug.  And with that we were off to the parking lot to meet Grayson.

               Grayson was parked right outside the front doors of the school, his head bobbing to the music he had playing in his car.  Even from the main doors, I could see his dangly earing moving along with him, shining as the sun reflected off it.  When he noticed us walking up to the car, he leaned across the passenger seat and opened the door for me.  

               “Thank you so much, Grayson.” I said as I sat down, Theo getting into the back seat.

               “No problem.” He said, his hand turning the music down.  “What took you two so long?  I’ve been waiting for a while now.”

               I looked at Theo through the rearview mirror.   He met my eyes and then quickly looked back down.  I knew he didn’t want me to say a thing, so I obliged his silent request.

               “I was looking for Grace, who had left and ended up in the freshman hall trying to find Theo who was also looking for me. It was like walking through one big maze.” I rambled with a fake smile.

               “My locker is in the freshman hall since I’m a mentor.  If I would have known I would have grabbed Theo for you.” He replied.

               “It’s okay.  No biggie.  We figured it out.”

               Grayson’s eyes narrowed in question but he didn’t push it.  He obviously knew something wasn’t right, but I was thankful he didn’t ask about it with Theo in the car.

               The ride home consisted of conversations about how much we hated homework, wishing it was still summer, and singing out of tune to songs in the top 50 on the radio.  We pulled up to the house and Theo immediately got out, mumbling a quick ‘thank you’ before walking straight into the house with his head down.

               “Thanks again, Gray.” I said, my hand on the door handle.

               He gently grabbed onto my arm.  My head snapped back in his direction, my eyes searching his.

               “What’s going on?  You’re not telling me something.” He stated.  His tone of voice told me that there was no way I was getting out of it.

               I sighed, “Theo’s already being bullied by older kids.  That’s why we were late.” My eyes started to water.  “I couldn’t help him.  I wasn’t strong enough.  Luckily Ethan was there to help.  If he wouldn’t have been there… it would have been much worse.”

               “Don’t cry, Y/N.  Don’t cry.  He’s okay now.” He tried to reassure me.

               “He’s okay now, but will he be tomorrow?  Or the next day?” my hands trembled as I tried to wipe my tears away.

               “Hey,” he whispered, bring my hand down and into his, “You tried your best to help him.  We’ll find a way to help him.”

               “That’s the problem!  He doesn’t want help.  He thinks he can do this on his own!” I complained.

               “If he doesn’t want help then maybe you should go to the administration and just inform them of what’s going on.  Then they can monitor it without him knowing.” Grayson suggested.

               “They’ll pull those boys into the office so quickly, then those boys will retaliate, then Theo will hate me.” I cried, shaking my head at his suggestion.

               “Wait!” his voice shocked me, causing me to jump a little.  “Duh! My locker is in the freshman hall! I can keep an eye on him throughout the day and linger in the hall a little longer at the end of each day to make sure that nothing happens to him.  He won’t think a thing of it because that’s the location of my locker!” he beamed at me, his hand still holding mine.

               “It’s perfect!  Oh, Grayson,” I said, throwing my arms around his neck, “Thank you so much! I own you one!”

               He laughed, “You owe me nothing.” He said, pulling back.

               “I do.  I really do.  Anything, you name it.”


               “Grayson.  I’m sure there’s something…”

               He thought for a second, his finger tapping against his chin.  After a few seconds his eyes lit up, “Grace.”

               “Grace?” I asked, clearly confused.

               “You know I like Grace and don’t deny it.  I saw you laughing at me this morning.” He glared knowingly.

               I gasped, “I would never…” I said, pretending to be offended.

               “You would and you do.  But, anyways.  That’s my request.”

               I leaned forward a bit, “What is your request exactly?”

               He rolled his eyes, annoyed at how oblivious I was, “I protect Theo and you…” he paused waiting to make sure I was still with him.  He continued after I gave him a small nod, “You help me get the girl.”

               And without thinking the word flew out of my mouth, “Deal.”

               He held his hand out and I took it in mine.  We shook to seal the deal.  Little did I know… that deal would lead to a lot more trouble than anticipated.


Part 2

So, uh, wanna be my boyfriend?

@miserylovestheinternet | AO3I really hope you guys enjoy because it was so awesome to write this fic and I really love it so I hope you’ll love it too!

by @yetanothersterekblog

Derek didn’t want to say that he was panicking, but, he was totally panicking. He has no idea how to get out of this situation without having to tell Kate that he, in fact, didn’t have a boyfriend.

Kate was already skeptical about him having a boyfriend, hence why she demanded that they went on a double date.She thought it would ‘establish that he truly moved on and didn’t have any more feelings for her’ despite the fact that she was the one getting all up in his business when he lied about having a boyfriend.

The werewolf doesn’t know how he thought that Kate loved him. It took him seeing her having sex with another guy during a frat party to finally get it in his thick head that she didn’t actually care about him.

And even after he plainly saw her cheating on him Derek summed it all up to her being drunk. Everyone does stupid shit like that when they’re drunk right?

It wasn’t until he met up with her only an hour later while the party was in full swing that he realized she didn’t smell like she had a drop of alcohol in her system and she was completely sober, unlike the guy she had sex with.

That’s when everything set into place in Derek’s head. Kate wasn’t in a relationship with him because she liked him, she was in a relationship with him because she liked having power.

What’s better for a power hungry sociopath than being in a relationship with an Alpha werewolf?

Keep reading

Percy Jackson Musical Theatre Au

Annabeth is the stage manager, enough said

Nico is the brooding head crew techie and actually does ~everyone’s job~ but gets pulled into the cast last minute and steals the show

Percy and Jason always trying to get male lead, one is always the understudy
Until frank gets the lead and everyone is :O

Frank and Piper have to kiss and Jason and Hazel backstage being totally not jealous because we’re all professionals here (a little jelly who are we kidding)

Leo as lights and he loves getting to design the lights and set the mood and work spot light during the show

Hazel being an amazing supporting character and really carries the shows until her senior year when she’s cast as the lead

Leo’s toolbelt being the most coveted item during tech and he’s running around answering people’s prayers when really he’s just accidentally hoarding all the tools b/c he’s so used to just putting his tools there at home anyway

Hazel blushing furiously during the kissing scenes and romantic dialogue

People not in theatre always ship the leads when really everyone knows Percy is Annabeth’s and they’re the most perfect couple

Annabeth and Percy not dating until junior year but everyone knew they totally loved each other since freshman

Percy got male lead his sophomore year and Jason got male lead his junior year when Jason was The New Kid

Will Solace other wise getting lead when he really was just doing it for fun and nothing serious but falling in love with theatre (and the head crew techie)

Apollos children being in the pit

Apollo and Aphrodite children making up the whole rest of the ensemble save for a few Hephaestus children in tech

Annabeth and Reyna are bffs and joke about ROTC vs Theatre being more important extra curriculars but are actually v supportive of the other

Thalia can’t go on the cat walk and made a big impression her first year but had to switch schools but just moved back and everyone’s anxious but exited

Jason’s just glad his sister is back and they kill the best friend roles

I wish the writers could stop making every freshman male be on the same fight level that Jaune just because they think that if they make a competent male character equal to Pyrrha, Nora or Yang their female-attracted fanbase could murder them.

‘’Nah lets shit on Ren, Neptune, Sage, Scarlet, Bolin, Nadir and the BRNZ boys. Lets make them jokes, weak and useless.’‘

That is not feminism, dear writters.

Scott Fitzgerald · 15 · Freshman · FC: Josh Hutcherson · OPEN

Scott is the youngest between his siblings. That means his parents always expected him to be as good as them. If his older brother got straight A’s, he had to do it too. If his older sister played the main role at the school’s play, he had to do it too. So, coming to Waverly Prep was a great change to Scott. He was finally able to do what he wanted to without his parents saying he wasn’t good enough.


Scott has just arrived the school so he isn’t friends with almost anyone just yet. Sometimes, he hangs out with Seth and Mark, but you couldn’t say they’re friends.

gunsandgames  asked:

Somewhere in Beacon academy, there was a male freshman who always got into crazy situations. This was no exception. "WHY ARE THERE RAPIER WASPS!?!" Ryan wailed as he ran straight across campus, his smoke dust depleted. He turned the corner with a good hundred meter distance only to see Ruby out in the distance. "OI!!! RUN!!! GET INSIDE RAPIER WASPS AFTER ANYTHING ALIIIIIVE!!!"

Meanwhile, Ruby  was outside at the courtyard of Beacon Academy just finishing off a light snack, totally unaware of the situation that was about to occur. Soon enough, the dark haired girl perked her head up after hearing shouting from someone. It was then she noticed Ryan running towards her. “Rapier wasps?! Why are they out here near the school?” Ruby yelped a little as she got off of her seat after noticing small figures in the background that resembled the wasps. Quickly as she could, the small girl began to run towards the school.